• Show Date: 16/06/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Veronica Hull Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Border Union Agricultural Society

Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

My sincere thanks to the Committee who made me feel so welcome at this warm and friendly show. My Stewards John & Brenda kept everything flowing and were a pleasure to spend time with. I was thrilled with the quality of my entry, and excited to see some outstanding Cavaliers in all of the age groups, but win or not the exhibitors were in great spirits, and the atmosphere was fabulous.

Minor Puppy Dog

1st Smith’s: Beaudale Storm In A Teacup

A self assured 6 month old Black & Tan who moved and showed so well. He is balanced with good angulations to his front and rear, and held a firm topline throughout. I loved his happy personality, head type, and neat shape. This is a very promising baby.

2nd MacAlpine’s: Trirayne Kez with Annatika

The quality here is undeniable. He has plenty of bone, a good spring of rib, and well angulated quarters. His silky coat is attractively marked, but today I just preferred the more refined head type of the class winner.

3rd Leach’s: Melrose Dalton


1st Campbell’s: Kinvaar’s Cloud Burst over Avaleric

This is such a smart looking 11 month old Blenheim. His head and facial features are copy-book for the breed, as is his make and shape. He moved effortlessly in both directions, driving from strong hind quarters while keeping a firm topline, and his attractive natural head carriage is enabled by his correct front assembly. He has a good neck which flows into well laid back shoulders, and all this is topped with a classically marked, silky textured coat. I seriously considered this outstanding puppy for higher honours, but today at his tender age I was pleased to award him Best Puppy in Breed.

2nd Lovel’s: Pascavale Hudson at Lovetrac

Another top quality puppy who I’m sure has a bright future ahead of him. His head is very pleasing as is his size, and well marked coat. Today he couldn’t match the level topline or overall balance of the class winner.

3rd Fox’s: Lynmily Mister Blue Sky


1st Hughes’: Granasil Lovelace Loranka

What an attractive picture this Ruby makes with his glossy coat, neat body shape, and happy, showy personality. His head and kindly expression are endearing, and he looked lovely going round keeping a good profile at all times.

2nd Hindle’s : Spindlepoint Donovan with Ellisiana

Beautifully presented Blenheim shown in lovely coat which is well marked and in gleaming conditioned. He moved with drive going away from me and looked good in side profile. His head still has some maturing to do but overall this is a very nice youngster.

3rd Nichol’s: Chantismere Choir Boy


1st Levy & Sedgwick’s: Pascavale Tommy

I loved the breed type and showmanship of this is a well constructed Blenheim. His size, shape and angles are pleasing, and he moved with purpose keeping a steady topline which flows into a good tail set. His head and expression are so typical, with a soft but masculine outlook, lovely eyes, and dense black nose leather. He never put a foot wrong today and I was pleased to award him the Res.CC

2nd Hindle’s : Spindlepoint Donovan with Ellisiana

(See 2nd in Junior)

3rd Nichol’s: Chantismere Choir Boy


1st Hughes’: Loranka’s Glory Days

Well constructed, nicely balanced Blenheim with a good topline and correct tail carriage. I liked the size and substance of this shapely male, and his generous head has a pleasing kindly expression, pretty eyes and good pigment. Today he was shown in good coat which was very well presented, and he moved very soundly.

2nd Fraser’s: Lewis’s Leonardo

Nicely presented Black & Tan shown in full glossy coat. His head is framed by long full ears and his Tans are clear and bright. He moved happily keeping a good outline and covered the ground well.

3rd Kynaston’s: Granasil Von Trap JW

Post Graduate

1st Bell’s: Chistabella Picasso ShCM

This striking Blenheim was full of character and showed so well. His size, shape and attitude all fit the Standard, and he was presented in lovely condition. His head is pleasing with dark eyes, good nose pigment, and a gentle expression.

2nd Fraser’s: Tingewood Tam O’Shanter

A richly coloured Ruby catches the eye with his shapely outline, good spring of rib and firm topline. He moved well and has an attractive head, but today his pigment was a little light.

3rd Linton’s: Thekop’s Hugo A Go Go


1st Leach’s: Ouzlewell’s Leonardo

I really liked this fully mature, well marked, Blenheim. His head is masculine, but still retains the gentle expression we covet, with lovely eyes, and the blackest of nose leather which contrasts against his clean white muzzle. He is super sound in both directions, moving with accuracy and drive from his well angulated quarters to win this strongly contested class, a win he richly deserved today.

2nd Whitman & Tarabad’s: Khatibi Bark Obama JW

This was another quality exhibit, but of a completely different type to the class winner. I loved his cheeky exuberant personality, his size, and appealing expression. His movement was very positive, and his Black & Tan coat gleaming with health. This exhibiters Cavaliers were a pleasure to judge.

3rd Levy & Sedgwick’s: Pascavale Gino


1st O’Brien’s: Ch. Valentyne The Irish Tenor

I couldn’t see past this stunning boy today. He’s a true toy spaniel, with substance, elegance and style, and his well broken rich chestnut coat was presented in pristine condition. His head ticks all the boxes, for expression, lovely dark eyes, good pigment, and his well set ears frame his classic good looks. He’s very stylish on the move, looking good from all angles. I was pleased to award this very worthy Champion male the CC, and BOB.

2nd Sedgbeer’s: Ch Castlewytch Rave On with Russmic JW

This smart upstanding stallion of a dog pulled out all the stops today and looked fantastic. He’s a very masculine, well put together Blenheim boy who was shown in lovely condition with his classically marked coat in gleaming condition.

3rd Gibb-Stuart’s: Ch Chantismere Push My Button JW ShCM


1st Mangham’s: Maibee Perfect Touch of Charnavale JW

A great favourite of mine, and an asset to the breed. At 10 years of age this lovely boy moves round the ring like a youngster, with style, and drive from his well made quarters. His head is delightful, and his presentation first class. As always he was at one with his owner/handler, and their teamwork is second to none. This is a truly lovely boy who has done so much for our breed.

2nd Fraser’s : Costara Ruadh at Lyncraeg

At almost 10 years of age this Ruby boy is a powerful mover who gaited with ease around the ring. He has very true front and rear movement and impressive pigment, but today he couldn’t match the overall condition of class winner.

Minor Puppy Bitch.

1st Brown’s: Peakdowns Gabriella

Sweet little Blenheim girl who is animated and soundly constructed. She went so well today using her good front and rear angulation to full advantage when on the move. Her well broken coat is attractive, and she responded well to her handler.

2nd Smith’s: Beaudale Sealed With A Kiss

This 6 month old Ruby is litter sister to the winner of Minor Puppy Dog. She’s a real baby but looks just right for her age. Her head has work to do but her shape and angles are good, and she moved well.

3rd Gow’s: Lyncraeg Marnie


1st Sedgbeer’s: Russmic Jasmine Rose

Lovely rich coloured Ruby with a very pretty head, dark eyes, a correct bite and dense nose pigment. She has well angulated quarters and keeps a level top line when on the move. A happy little girl who showed well throughout.

2nd Renaud’s: Toraylac Venetia for Ellenaud

Dear little well marked Tricolour who has the ‘ahh’ factor. She has the prettiest eyes, bright tans in all the right places, and put in a good performance once she realised what was expected of her.

3rd Conneally’s: Coedgwylum Hot Duchess


1st Lovel’s: Lovetrac Boogie Wonderland

What a pretty little Cavalier this is. Her adorable expression, sound movement and animated performance really tempted me when it came to consideration for top honours. She has so much going for her, from her well marked coat to her good angles which she uses to full advantage, and with a little more maturity I predict a high flying future for this dainty, ultra feminine Cavalier.

2nd Fox-Shone’s: Pamedna Eternity

A different type, but the quality of this Blenheim cannot be denied. I loved her substantial bone, well angulated front and rear, and her breed type. A happy, pretty headed show girl who was presented in good coat.

3rd Chapman & Ireland’s: Ellemich Creme De La Crème


1st Hughes’: Loranka’s So Scrumptious

This is a well put together Blenheim with a very attractive head, lovely eyes and a sweet expression. Her size, shape and balance all please the eye, and she moves well in both directions. She has a prettily marked coat of the correct texture and she showed happily.

2nd Callaghan & Todd’s Callyspride Little Minx

Very attractive, well bodied 19 month old Blenheim shown in beautiful coat and condition. I liked her breed type and substance, she moved well and has a happy disposition.

3rd O’Grady’s Culverhill Coralie


1st Lovel’s: Lovetrac Boogie Wonderland

(See Junior Bitch)

2nd Bloice’s: Scotlass Paper Rainbow

This is a pretty headed Tricolour with lovely eyes and a clean, well filled muzzle. She’s a nice size and has a good quality body coat which is well marked, but she needs her petticoats to grow back which will complete the picture.


1st MacAlpine’s: Delhaze Dolly Daydream with Annatika JW

I judged this pretty headed girl as a young puppy and she has matured beautifully. The lovely eyes and well filled muzzle have always been her fortune, and in maturity her movement and outline are just as eye catching. She makes a very attractive picture with her good angles, pretty coat and overall elegance.

2nd Callaghan & Todd’s: Ellemich Parisienne at Callyspride JW

A very well presented Blenheim shown in full flowing coat. She’s well made and moved with style. Today I preferred the head type of the class winner, but the quality here cannot be overlooked..

3rd Byrne’s Chantismere Chanson D’Amour

Post Graduate

1st Hughes’: Loranka’s Rainbow Dreams

I found this pretty little girl very attractive indeed. She has the sweetest head and expression, long well fringed ears, a good neck with well laid back shoulders and a firm level topline. Her angulations both to the front and rear are good, and she moves well. Her full coat is beautifully marked, and she showed happily to win the Res.CC.

2nd Conneally’s: Coedgwylum Hot Sapphire

Another delightful, pretty headed Blenheim who was shown in full silky textured coat. She has excellent conformation, a firm level topline, and moved well,

3rd Maclaine’s: Lochbuie Taken For Granted


1st Levy & Sedgwick’s: Pascavale Patrice

This 2 year old bitch has the most stunning profile, and she excels in her sound conformation which is evident from the moment she enters the ring. She has the reach and drive that comes from a good front assembly that’s perfectly matched with a well angulated rear, and her free easy gait can’t fail to impress. Today this pretty girl was beautifully presented in flowing well marked coat, complete with lozenge. I loved her size, breed type and exuberant personality, so she received what she fully deserved... her 3rd CC and her Championship title.

2nd Miller & Ryan’s: Cavalli Beautiful Life JW ShCM

Another very attractive Cavalier who oozes breed type. She carries a lovely coat, is dainty but has good substance, and gives 100% when in the ring which is so pleasing to the eye. Today she moved with style and purpose.

3rd Fox-Shone’s: Pamedna Cherie Amour


1st Chapman & Ireland’s Ch. Ellemich I’m A Celebrity JW

I’ve always admired the crisp outline of this well marked Blenheim. Her front and rear angulations are good, and she has a lovely neck which flows into well laid back shoulders giving her an elegant, clean cut profile. She moved gracefully and was shown today in full body coat, but just needs the return of her tail feathering to complete the picture.

2nd Inglis’: Ch. Craigowl Touche JW

Another very worthy champion shown in her prime. This lovely bitch was presented in beautiful coat and condition. She has a divine head, with lustrous large dark eyes, the blackest of pigment and the sweetest expression. Her size is perfect, she’s soundly put together and is outstanding for breed type.

3rd Vella’s: Cinderaic Taboo


This is an 8.1/2 year old well marked, full coated Blenheim. Her head is attractive with a gentle expression and today she showed in a happy carefree way for her owner.

Mrs Veronica Hull (Telvara)