• Show Date: 31/08/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Vanessa Cox Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

City Of Birmingham Canine Association

Breed: Griffon Bruxellois

City of Birmingham Ch show 2018 Griffons

PD (3,1abs)

1. Roberts’ Blacktsar Baroque. Smart B/t pup with a nicely balanced square outline. Attractive head which is still developing, dark eyes, good nose placement, chin and turn up all aiding his expression. Good substance, very good topline and set tail. Harsh jacket which is well marked with rich tans. Moved out confidently with good drive from behind. Pleased to award him BPIB.

2. Cassidy’s Roterr Griff Veliant Nait At Chinaskys. B/t rough built on slightly heavier lines than the winner and still lots of developing to do but still has a nice square shape. Attractive head with dark eyes, good chin and turn up. Straight front with good bone for age, level topline with well set on tail. Well-presented coat of good colour and harsh texture. Moved well, just needs a bit more maturity which will come with time.

JD (1)

1. Donnellan & Roberts’ Brus Konfident Step Vonici (Imp). Lovely red rough youngster with a pleasing square outline and sporting a harsh jacket. Large attractive head and monkey like expression, high set ears, round eyes, good nose placement and chin. Straight front with good bone, medium neck, well laid shoulders and firm level topline. Good rear assembly. Needs to fill out and develop his ribcage a little more to give a more cobby shape. Moved out smartly, just a touch wide in front. Best junior.

PGD (2,1abs)

1. Suggitt’s Aptrick Time For Elevenses. Typy red rough, with a square outline and good for size too. Lovely head which is large with round dark eyes, well placed nose with open nostrils and good turn up all aiding his expression. Well angulated in front with straight legs of good bone. Well ribbed and short level back, well angulated hindquarters, topped off with a harsh jacket. Moved out confidently and with purpose, could just tighten a little at elbows coming on. A quality boy.

LD (3,1abs)

1. Swinge’s Harpersband Case In Point At Balthazar (Imp) JW. Lovely red rough, masculine boy, built on bigger lines with a well-balanced outline. Most appealing headpiece, large head, dark eyes, good nose pad and chin. Good bone and legs, deep chest with a good spring of ribs and good rear assembly. Moved out with ease with good drive from behind all topped off with a well-presented coat of harsh texture.

2. Carpenter’s Sabai Flax. Lovely red smooth full of breed type with a cobby square appearance. Pleasing head with large round eyes, short muzzle with good turn up. Cobby body, deep ribs and short level topline with well set on tail. Very richly coloured close fitting jacket. Whilst he is sound, he needs to be moved at a faster pace to enable him to be seen at best advantage and for his character to shine through.

OD (8,3abs)

1. Gruninger’s Darkle Roger the Cabin Boy. Black and tan rough built on slightly bigger lines, although still square and cobby giving a well-balanced picture. He stood out for me in this class, scoring highly for his sound free movement. Attractive masculine head, dark eyes, very good nose and chin sporting a decent beard which enhances his monkey like expression. He is well bodied with a medium neck and well laid back shoulders, short back and very good rear assembly. Shown in hard muscular condition topped off with a nicely marked harsh jacket. Pleased to award him the DCC. Told later this was his second.

2. Hughes & Crawford’s Ch Beauview Check Me Over. Eye catching and very typy red rough with such a pleasing square cobby outline. Nice straight front, well laid shoulders, good spring of ribs and well-made rear assembly. Large masculine head with dark eyes, neat ears, wide muzzle with a good turn up all aiding his expression. I did prefer his size to winner, but he wasn’t putting his all in on the move and would like a little more oomph. He is of lovely breed type with a harsh well-presented jacket, had to settle for the RDCC today.

3. Swinge’s Balthazar Johnny Angel

VB (2)

1. Barney’s Ch Cilleine Another Day. Red rough, top quality girl and still fit as a fiddle at 10 ½ years. Delightful feminine head with monkey like expression, small neat ears, dark eyes and good nose placement. Good front assembly, deep chest and firm topline which she retained at all times. Shown in super coat and condition and her movement is excellent both front and behind. A very typy bitch. Considered for Res CC. Best veteran in breed.

2. White’s Sankofu Eugenie of Wistleyhill. Red smooth also 10 ½ years old, just carrying a bit too much weight. Lovely overall size with a square cobby outline. Pretty face, large round dark eyes with good chin and turn up giving a monkey like expression. Good bone and legs, well ribbed and short level back. Dense close fitting jacket. Moved out steadily.

JB (3,2abs)

1. Swinge’s Balthazar Shakira. Red rough, not long out of puppy with lots of developing to do but still well balanced and needing a bit more substance which will come in time. Very attractive head and expression, dark round eyes, good nose placement, and wide muzzle with a very good chin and turn up. Not so confident today on the move and didn’t always use her tail to best advantage. Needs to fill out and develop her ribcage. Well placed shoulders, good rear assembly. Body coat coming along. Has all the essentials to make a super exhibit.

PGB (2)

1. Hughes & Crawford’s Beauborne Cassandra. Well-balanced black and tan smooth with much to like. She has a well-marked close fitting jacket. Has a pleasing cobby body, well balanced outline, and good spring of rib. Pleasing head with monkey like expression, round dark eyes and good turn up. Straight front and legs. Really cobby body, well sprung ribs, short level back, and well angulated hind quarters with a good tail set. Moved out confidently and soundly with good drive from behind.

2. Cooper & Seymour’s Manticorns Fedora over Settrenda (Imp). Lovely red rough girl of pleasing breed type, just got spooked before entering the ring. Attractive head with dark round eyes, good nose placement, very good chin and turn up. Well off for bone with deep cobby body topped off with a harsh jacket. Sound on the move, not using her tail to best advantage. I liked her, she is a lovely typy girl, just needs to get her confidence back.

LB (4)

1. Swinge’s Balthazar Tainted Love. Smart red rough of very good breed type. Lovely feminine headpiece with dark round eyes, neat ears, nose placement and good chin all giving a pleasing expression. Good neck, well laid shoulders, well developed ribs and short level back. Shown in a harsh richly coloured jacket. Scored highly for her easy sound movement, thought she looked really good particularly in profile. Pleased to award her the RBCC.

2. Hughes & Crawford’s Cobblehill Gucci with Beauborne. Slightly smaller b/t rough, again scored highly on the move with her free and easy action. Lovely head, dark round eyes, well placed nose and good chin and turn up. Well off for bone neck, deep chest, well sprung ribs, short level back and well set on tail. Cobby body, harsh jacket and sound on the move. Shown in super body and coat condition and sporting a harsh well-marked jacket.

3. Barney’s Lindfreys Red Rose of Cilleine

OB (2,1abs)

1. Guy’s Jet's Une Rose Rouge. Super red rough who catches the eye with her well-balanced square and cobby outline. Gorgeous head and expression, dark eyes, good nose placement, very good chin and turn up. Good front and legs, well laid shoulders, short level back, good deep body with well sprung ribs, strong topline and good tail set. Good rear assembly which showed in her free and easy movement. Presented in fit condition and excellent harsh jacket, happy temperament too. Pleased to award her the CC and BOB.

GCB (1)

1. Carpenter’s Sabai London Pride. Appealing red smooth of lovely breed type. Feminine head, large dark eyes and good turn up giving a pleasing expression. Liked her size and shape, cobby and compact with a good spring of rib. Close fitting, richly coloured jacket and shown in fit condition. Moved out positively.

Vanessa Cox (Judge)