• Show Date: 25/08/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Vanessa Cox Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Scottish Kennel Club

Breed: Pekingese

SKC (Aug) 2018 - Pekes

PD (3,1abs) 2 lovely puppies at completely different stages of development.

1. Easdon & Martin’s Yakee The Aristocrat. Top quality youngster with a charming personality. Gorgeous head which is wide and shallow, large clear lustrous eyes, open nostrils and good breadth of underjaw all giving him the most appealing expression. Good forechest, strong bone, well ribbed with a pear shaped body with a distinct waist. Picks up heavy. Shown in super coat and body condition. Scores highly on the move with a typical dignified carriage. Pleased to award him the DCC, BOB and BP. Delighted to see him placed 3rd in the adult toy group and 4th in the toy puppy groups. I’m sure he has a bright future ahead.

2. Paradise’s Rickenny's George Ezra With Shardlow. Cracking baby of just 6 months, he has lots of developing to do but shows much early promise. Delightful temperament, attractive head and expression set off by large dark eyes and open nostrils. Compact, shapely body with strong bone for age, picks up heavy too. Well ribbed, short back and very good hindquarters. Nicely presented coat with fringing developing well. Carried himself nicely with sound and typical movement. Another one to watch.

PGD (4,1abs)

1. Murray & Patterson’s Bratilda Starboy. Quality boy of really pleasing breed type and ideal size. Beautiful head yet still masculine with open face, round dark eyes, open nostrils, and nicely finished muzzle and underjaw, nothing exaggerated here. Wide chest, strong bone and picks up heavy. Well-developed body with good ribbing and distinct waist. Well-made hindquarters. Shown in lovely coat of correct texture with good fringing. Moved out very well with typical gait. Pleased to award him the RDCC.

2. Cassie’s Palacegarden Caliph At Winann. Attractive head with flat skull, lovely open face, dark eyes and good finish to muzzle and underjaw all aiding his expression. Slightly heavier wrinkle over nose than winner, but not exaggerated. Good front and strong legs. Shapely body with a clear waist, level back and high set tail. Moved smoothly and soundly with typical gait. Shown in good coat and condition.

3. Harbron’s Bratilda Starman

LD (2,1abs)

1. Easdon & Martin’s Klerkshof Desert Star At Yakee. Gorgeous head and expression, flat skull, large clear eyes, well cushioned muzzle and strong underjaw. Good front, heavy bone, compactly built and a lovely shapely outline. Not exaggerated in any way. Heavy to pick up. Very good topline and hindquarters. Moved soundly with typical rolling gait, was a bit reluctant to use his tail today. Quality coat and great body condition.

OD (1)

1. Easdon & Martin’s Yakee Lost Legend. Mature quality male in full coat which did not impeded him in any way. Super head, yet still masculine with a pleasing expression. Clear round dark eyes, very good underjaw. Compact with classic outline and distinct waist, and heavy to pick up. Good front with broad chest and strong bone, level back and high set tail topped off with a well-presented coat of good texture. Sound on the move with the desired rolling gait.

PB (3) what a lovely class of promising puppies, must bode well for the breed.

1. Easdon & Martin’s Yakee The Debutante. Another top quality bitch with the sweetest head and expression, with her black mask, clear round eyes, wide shallow skull, open nostrils and strong underjaw. Wide front and strong bone. Compact and low slung with distinct waist, well-made hindquarters and high set tail. Picks up very heavy and shown in super coat and condition. Moved out soundly with dignified rolling gait. Pleased to award her the RBCC.

2. Murray & Patterson’s Bratilda Maddison. Very pretty bitch with a lovely expression, wide and shallow head, dark eyes, open nostrils and well cushioned muzzle nothing excessive here. Good front and bone, picks up heavy with lovely body shape which is low slung and compact and correct tail set. Moved positively with a self-assured air and with typical roll. Well coated and a lovely temperament

3. Blakeway’s Bellablake One And Only.

PGB (3,1abs)

1. Easdon & Martin’s Yakee Mary Poppins. Top quality girl very typy and an ideal size. Pleasing shapely outline, compact with distinct waist. Scored highly on her lovely head properties, wide shallow skull, large clear eyes, open nostrils and well cushioned muzzle. Good front and strong bone, well sprung ribs, level back and well set on tail. Presented in super coat nothing exaggerated and moves out so soundly with typical roll.

2. Kane’s Floating Into Eternity. Pretty girl, not quite in such full coat as winner but it is of good texture with good fringing. Sweet head and expression with dark clear eyes and good muzzle. Heavy to pick up with good bone. Level topline, touch longer cast than winner, good waist and tail set on correctly with well-developed hindquarters. Moves out soundly with typical rolling gait.

OB (2)

1. Easdon & Martin’s Yakee Stood In Snow. Aptly named quality black girl with white tips to her toes. She has such a beautiful face, round dark eyes, open nostrils and strong underjaw. Broad chest, strong bone, well ribbed, correct pear shaped body with a clear waist and picks up heavy too. Well-made hindquarters which was reflected in her sound and accurate movement with a typical dignified roll. Shown in super coat of correct texture and such a delightful temperament. Pleased to award her the BCC.

2. Cassie’s Palacegarden Emma At Winann. Pretty bitch of a pleasing size and shape. Clear eyes, wrinkle over nose a touch heavier than winner but nothing exaggerated. Good front with strong bone, nicely slung body with waist, heavy to pick up. Coat well presented and of correct texture. Moved with typical gait with slight roll, just a touch reluctant to put her tail up at times.

Vanessa Cox (Judge)