• Show Date: 15/12/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Valerie O Foss Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Ladies Kennel Association

Breed: Portuguese Water Dog

MPD (3/1)

1st: JOHNS Mrs J Aquafortis Serendipidy At Gemson. Well balanced. Good outline. Masculine. Good head and eye. Moved steadily and true. More finish than second.

2nd: MCGILL Miss S Winterkloud Rocket Man. Very much at the legs and wings stage but has good overall balance. Correct depth and width of chest. Robust and sound. Needs to settle on the move.

PD (1)

1st: GREEN, Mrs C A & JOHNS Mrs J B Grandways River Rambler By Gemson. Well balanced. Good head shape and eye. Correct dentition. Moved soundly.


PGD (2/2) 

LD (1)

1st: PIKE, Mrs J & PIKE Miss A Breezelyn Blue Topaz. Very like his sire to whom I gave a CC. Robust and well balanced. Correct head and eye. Good neck and forequarters. Chest of correct width and depth. Well sprung rib with short, strong loin. Hindquarters are well muscled. Strong hocks. Correct tail set and carriage. In good coat and condition. Sound athletic mover - true fore and aft and when viewed in profile. CC & BOB

OD (6/3) 

1st: THOMPSON-MORGAN, Mrs C & MORGAN Mr E Hooligan Sing To Finland From Belleville (Fin Imp). Well balanced. Correct head, neck and shoulder. Deep front with well sprung ribcage. Good coat. Sound free mover. Not quite the masculinity of the CC winner. RCC

2nd: BONGIOVANNI, Mr A J & HEARD Mr J L Ankors Badaboum. Well balanced and strong. Good head, eye and expression. Short strong loin leading to well muscled hindquarters. Moved well.

3rd: TWEEDIE Miss S Multi Ch Fame Da Pedra Da Anixa (Imp) 

VD (2)

1st: BARTON, Mr J & Mrs D & JOHNS Mrs J Ch & Ir Sh Ch Auldhelm Absolutely. Well balanced. Correct head. Chest wide and deep. Strongly muscled hindquarters. Correct feet. Coat of good texture. Sound, free movement. Worthy titleholder who is still capable of taking top honours. BV

2nd: MAINLAND Mr R Multi Ch Dragonbank Sea Spider. Correct overall balance. Good head. Correct shoulder and depth of chest. Moved soundly.


MPB (3/1)

1st: SAMUELSON Mrs A & Mr D Aquafortis Semper Fidelis (Imp Nor). Well made with strong hindquarters. Good coat texture. Moved freely. More finish than second.

2nd: MCGILL Miss S Winterkloud Mad Hatter. Well made all through. Not as settled as winner on the move.

PB (1) 

1st: WILLIAMS, Mr B & CARTER Mrs A Rarjo Red Hot Mama. Well balanced with correct proportions. Good head and eye. Correct neck, shoulder and forequarters. Good topline. Strong hindquarters. Correct coat texture. Moved soundly. BP. 

JB (1/1)

PGB (9/3) 

1st: ARMSTRONG Mr D Rowanbridge Ailsa Bay. Good head and eye. Chest deep and wide. Ribs well sprung. Strong topline and hindquarters. Moved well.

2nd: JOHNS Mrs J Gemson Paloma. Feminine. Good head and eye. Correct neck. Strong topline. Good coat texture. Moved well.

3rd: RANDALL Mr D R & Mrs B A Rusara Belle Elisabete 

LB (10/5) 

1st: BISS Miss L A Ankors Primavera. Well balanced and strongly made. I gave her dam the CC and she has the same breed attributes. True head and expression. Good neck and shoulder. Ribs well sprung. Strong hindquarters. Good coat texture. Moved freely. RCC

2nd: WOODCOCK Mrs T M Belleville Olhos De Anjo. Close up. Well balanced with good breed type. Good head, neck and shoulder. Correct rib cage. Not in full coat. Moved well.

3rd: ARMSTRONG Mr D Elsa Mar Da Casa Da Buba 

OB (5) 

1st: SMITH Mr & Mrs W J & N M Auldhelm Xquisite Sh.CM. Well balanced. Very typical. Good head and eye. Deep, wide chest. Correct ribcage with strong loin. Well muscled hindquarters. Balanced angulation all through. Correct coat texture. Moved well with good reach and drive. CC

2nd: PIKE, Mrs J & PIKE Miss A Ch Breezelyn Amber. Well balanced. Similar in type to winner. Correct outline. Good head, neck and shoulder. Strong hindquarters. Moved well.

3rd: HOBBS, Mrs A & CREFFIELD Mrs J Melfield Elusive Emerald 


GCB (1) 

1st: SMITH Mr & Mrs W J & N M Auldhelm Clementina. Well balanced. Good overall construction. Correct coat. Moved freely.

Valerie Foss