• Show Date: 05/10/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Tricia Grime Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

South Wales Kennel Association

Breed: Brittany

MPD (2 0)

1st     HIGHCLARE ONLY ONE AVEC TAILLISIDE (AI) (MISS F COOK) very promising puppy, alert expression, moderate neck into good sloping shoulder, strong short body, good bone, feet just need to tighten, showed and moved well when he settled but gave his handler a challenge! BP & RCC

2nd     TARWARD OUR JOE (MRS J ROBINSON) another promising puppy but not the depth of body or bone of the winner, nice head but need time to mature and tighten on the move.

PD (1 0)

1st     ROCHUS NOBLE (MR J & MRS B A ANDERSON) a nice young tri colour, good head, neck and body, good bone and feet, just need to strengthen behind and he will be more positive on the move, a lot to like.

JD (2 0)

1st     CHALLOWMOON NOAH (MRS D M MOONEY) nice young dog, good head and expression, good body and just starting to mature, moved well to win the class but still needs to tighten up in front.

2nd     SANBOSIER NIRU (MR & MRS L BROWN) a rangy young dog at the moment he needs to mature in head and body, he needs to tighten in front which showed when he moved, he is only young and has time on his side.

LD (1 0)

1st     PATOUCHE LAMBERT (MR & MRS M SAMARDZIJA) liked this dogs head and expression, good neck, shoulders and strong topline, good body and moderate angulation, correct bone but a little loose in pastern and feet which showed in his movement.

OD (3 0)

1st     BONAPARTIST LANCELOT (MRS B J HARGREAVES) was thrilled to hear this was his 3rd and crowning CC, not the flashiest of show dogs but everything correct and in its place, liked his head and expression, correct neck, shoulders and body, shown in good hard condition, he moved effortlessly yet with the correct short brisk stride, well handled.

2nd     BONAPARTIST LIEUTENANT (MR D J & MRS K M WILLIAMS) another lovely mature dog shown in good condition and similar remarks apply, just not as settled on the move as his brother.


MPB (1 0)

1st     HIGHCLARE OOS THE DADDY (MISS TULLY) very promising young bitch, nice head and expression, good neck and body, still needs to mature and drop in brisket and tighten up in front, but moved well for her age.

PB (2 0)

1st     BONAPARTIST ORCHID OF LYNDFIL (MS L, MR M & MR G GRAHAM & DENWOOD)promising young bitch, nice head and neck, good shoulders and body, correct bone and feet, carrying a bit too much condition and not moving the best today.

2nd     ROCHUS NELKE (MRS K SOUTHORN) loved her head and expression but at that very rangy stage, needs to mature and tighten up, especially on the move but a lot to like for the future.

LB (4 0)

1st     BONAPARTIST LINNET (MR PA & MRS J A YARROW) loved this bitches head and expression, good strong muzzle without being course, lovely flowing lines correct bone and feet, good depth and moderate angulation which made this bitch a joy to watch as she moved around the ring, pleased to award her the CC and BOB, she represented the breed well in the group.

2nd     TARWARD LAURA AT JAYRICNBRITS (MRS M J CUTLER) another lovely bitch, good head and neck into short compact body, good depth and bone, compact feet, thought she would have been my winner but didn’t move well on the concrete.


OB (6 1)

1st     ROCHUS HAZEL TO TARWARD (MRS J ROBINSON) lovely bitch that never stopped showing, lovely clean outline, correct bone, feet, moved the best in the class, well handled.

2nd     SH CH BONAPARTIST IRYSSA (MR P & MRS J & MISS M YARROW & NUNN) a worthy champion, loved her dark expressive eyes, mature throughout with a lovely clean outline but gave her handler a hard time today and was not very settled on the move


VB (1 0)

1st     SH CH HIGHCLARE FLAMING NORA (MISS TULLY) loved her head and expression, shows like a dream, lovely short compact body, good depth with good bone and compact feet, moves like a train when she goes, RCC