• Show Date: 05/10/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Tricia Grime Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

South Wales Kennel Association

Breed: Hungarian Wire Haired Vizsla

PD (1 0)

1st     TETRAO TETRIX (MR WR JENKINS) a very raw baby, he has a nice head and expression, good clean neck and body, at the moment he is all legs and needs to drop into his angulation, he has a good coat and his beard is coming, needs to tighten up all over as he moves very weak at the moment

PGD (2 1)

1st     ZOLDMALI MISI (MRS D BELASSIE-PAGE) promising young dog, liked his size, clean head and neck, good shoulders and body, well off for bone, good tight feet, good topline and moderate angulation behind, moved well but still needs to tighten on the move RBD

OD (2 0)

1st     BELATARR NORTH BY NORTHWEST SHCM (MS I E COLLIER) very pleasing to the eye, loved his flowing outline, masculine head and expression, well made body with moderate angulation, good bone and feet, shown in good coat and condition, moved effortlessly around the ring to take BD and BOB

2nd     THE BRIGADIER OF BLAMTRINEVER (MRS P A TURTON)nice head and dark eye, not as clean in neck but good shoulders and body,  correct bone but feet need to tighten, he showed a bit tense which made him look straight behind with his tail too high, good coat and condition but didn’t move well on the concrete.

PB (2 0)

1st     BARDANTOP TREACLE TART (MRS D BELASSIE-PAGE)  lovely feminine head and expression, good pigment, clean neck and shoulders, good body and depth, moderate rear angulation, nice bone and feet moved well for a baby but still needs to tighten up.

2nd     ASIO OTUS (MR WR JENKINS) a very raw baby, head ok nice clean neck and shoulders, good length of body and harsh coat, needs to tighten up on the move.

JB (1 0)

1st     ALDOZOVOLGYI-DROTOS NYUZSGO AT ENRYB (IMP HUN) (MRS J BYRNE)lovely head and expression on this bitch, clean neck and shoulders, good depth and body, moderate rear angulation and one of the best coats, good bone and feet and covered the ground well on the move BB

PGB (4 1)


2nd     GWAITHMAES AOIFE (MS Y L ALDRIDGE) smaller and finer bitch, feminine head and expression, clean lines and moderate throughout just needs to mature on and tighten on the move.


OB (2 0)

1st     SH CH BELATARR MAHALIA JACKSON SHCM (MS I E COLLIER) really liked this bitch, lovely head and expression, clean lines, good depth and length of body, good coat covered the ground well on the move but didn’t look happy on the concrete. RBB