• Show Date: 07/06/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Tracey Harrison Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Three Counties Agricultural Society

Breed: Dogue de Bordeaux

Three Counties Championship Dog show 7th June 2018 Dogue de Bordeaux I would like to thank the Committee for inviting me to judge at the beautiful Malvern showground. It was a privilege and an honour to be asked to judge my breed. We had a good sized out door ring with enthusiastic supporters and the weather was perfect. The hospitality shown was fantastic and the organisation of the classes was outstanding – Huge well done to the committee for all their hard work. The appointment was at short notice, but I was happy to stand in for the lovely Pat Mosely as she was not feeling well “get well soon Pat”. Thank you to the supporters and exhibitors that entered under me, on a week day. I felt that the standard was high in Open Dog and and I had some nicely presented correct Dogues, leading to a very enjoyable day.

PD 1st - 365 McCoy Mr S & Mrs T - Loggerheads Star Man at Bullshola He was just 7 months old and was a little playful at first whilst I was trying to go over him, but he settled once he had been moved around the ring. Nice head and expression, strong neck with good shoulder placement. Strong top line which he held whilst on the move.

JD – Absent

PGD 1st – 366 McCoy Mr S & Mrs T Bellamiabam Just the Two of Us. At 19 months he was just into post Grad. A mature Dog for his age with a good head to body proportion. Broad skull with correct ear set – nice wide nostrils. Good solid neck and top line which he maintained whilst on the move, he covered the ground well with good rear angulation. He was well up on his toes despite his size. 2nd – 377 Turner Mr L Belsara’s Heir of Vinzam. A pleasing young male of just 18 months of age. Well placed ear carriage, strong jaw with correct undershot and good dentition. Solid neck leading to well laid shoulders and a correct top line which he maintained whilst on the move. Overall a well put together boy for his age and I feel that there is more to come. He was just pipped at the post for first in his class on the day as the other dog moved a little better.

OD 1st– (Best Dog) 376 Tibbs Mr & Mrs P & J Int Ch Rozeldogue Im Bulletproof Sh.CM. Excellent quality dog who is very well put together. His head to body proportions are in harmony, with a front assembly that looked powerful - accentuated by his strong bone and well-muscled legs. Good solid neck leading to a harmonious top line which - he demonstrated perfectly whilst standing and on the move. He moved out well with drive and ambition. He has that typical masculine Dogue expression with his broad skull accentuated by correct placed ear carriage, mobile wrinkle and pronounced stop – creating that perfect forbidding Dogue expression. An excellent quality Dogue who showed his heart out for his handler, and in my opinion “just had that little bit more” to deserve his Best of Breed placement. 2nd - 355 Bamforth Mrs L Redlouis Semtex Avec Bellamiabam Well-presented excellent quality dog in perfect condition his coat was positively gleaming. Good broad skull, lovely mobile wrinkle, well placed ear carriage, good strong jaw with correct undershot and good dentition, nice wide nostrils. He has a deep wide chest with an excellent fore chest and well sprung ribs. His body and head are in perfect proportion with well-defined muscled rear quarters and good rear angulation. Top line was maintained whilst standing and on the move. He moved out well with good drive from the rear and covered the ground with drive and purpose. A very difficult decision between my first and second placing but a worthy Reserve best Dog.

PB 372 Tart, Mr M & Ranger & Mr M Loggerheads Sansa Pleasing young female at just 8 months of age – Her head was correct for her size, clear eyes and good bite and muzzle. Strong neck leading to well laid shoulders. Correct front assembly - she moved out well for one so young and took it all in her stride - a well presented young bitch who won her first place on her good top line. (Best Puppy in Breed) 2nd 375 Tibbs Mr & Mrs P & J Zeleski Cuba Salsa Pretty young female with good head to body proportions. Clear oval shaped eyes she had good bite and dentition lovely muzzle with a well-marked chin. She moved well for a young one.

JB 1st 369 Moran Mrs L & Burnikell Mr N Emberez Laney At 16 months she was a little unsettled but calmed after moving out. Feminine head and expression good head to body proportion. Solid neck and top line which she maintained whilst on the move. She covered the ground well with good rear angulation.

PGB 1st 378 Van Der Vliet Mrs N Dutchymoon live a little Very well presented 22 months old Black mask female who was in tip top condition her coat was shining. She caught my eye as soon as she entered the ring. Broad skull with correct set ears and nice oval shaped clear eyes, which were the correct colour complimenting her coat and Mask. Her head and body were of correct proportions , well laid shoulders, with her withers well defined. Strongly constructed body with a good top line that she maintained whilst on the move. She moved with power, reach and purpose and had a real spark about her whilst on the move around the ring. A worthy Reserve best Bitch 2nd – 362 Greenway Mrs G & Mr D Imperatrix Purpurisso At Regalrouge JW Sh CM. What a sweet natured girl who really loved her time in the ring. Very feminine well-proportioned head with a gorgeous feminine expression. Strongly constructed but still retaining a femininity about her. Good top line that she maintained on standing and on the move. There was nothing not to like about this beautiful girl.

OB 1st 363 (Best Bitch ) Grice Mr T & Mrs A D Ir Ch Lux Ch Banzai Betty Boop JW Sh CM Ir J Ch CW At just over 2 and a half years old. this well presented quality bitch moved using the full ring to show off her good top line that and she maintained whilst on the move. Clear oval eyes, very feminine well-proportioned head with a lovely sour expression. Strongly constructed body with correct shoulder placement her withers were well defined. She had a good deep chest falling just below the elbow. Her ribs were well sprung and she had a solid, broad muscular back. Well-muscled rear quarters with just enough angulation which made her the best bitch on the day 2nd - Van Der Vliet Mrs N Dutchymoon Blue Hawi Well what a little sweet heart she was. What a well presented quality bitch her coat was gleaming down to her nice tight feet and manicured nails. I loved her feminine head and expression with good clear eyes, she had good dentition and a wide muzzle with a correctly pronounced stop. Good strong but feminine front assembly her bone and muscle were just right for her size. She moved with drive reach and ambition showing off a perfect top line. She didn’t put a paw wrong. Her handler really got the best out of her.