• Show Date: 07/04/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Tony Allcock Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Chihuahua Club Of Scotland

Breed: Chihuahua (Long Coat)

The Chihuahua Club of Scotland

Championship Show

Saturday April 7th 2018

Longcoat Chihuahuas

Firstly, I would like to express my grateful thanks to the Club Officers and Committee for the honour of judging this superbly organised Championship show and to the exhibitors for such a lovely entry with very few absentees. The Lawrie and Symington Centre is a fabulous venue and the rings were large with an excellent floor and all winners received such beautiful cards, rosettes and prizes.

On the whole the breed is in a good place. Open fontanels were evident but not excessive. Sadly however, dentition was not great overall and with the breed being listed on the KC’s ‘Breed Watch’ for this, I feel that everyone should make every possible effort to address this in order that it be removed from the list as soon as possible. Heads were super; the number of secure patella’s was impressive. Presentation was excellent and the exhibitors were extremely sporting to each other all enhancing the wonderful atmosphere of this lovely show.

Veteran Dog 5,1

1. Lynch’s Coltham Kola with Garnox JW. Cream. A great showman who clearly loved every minute of his time in the class. Beautifully balanced in profile. Compact body, well ribbed. Appealing eyes, upright well set ears. Neat lips. Moved steadily. BVD.

2. Sangster & Eilidh’s Tidos Christmas Gift. This impressive red dog scores in head qualities. Beautiful expression from gorgeous dark eyes, flowing neck. Body with broad ribcage. Overall a touch longer than 1. Moved with style with a lovely tail carriage. Close call.

3. Gilling’s Karelee Jack Daniels of Talocan

Minor Puppy Dog 6

1. Hunter’s Jotolemar Quality Time. I thought this stunning red sable youngster something quite special. Beautifully balanced in profile, making full use of his beautiful neck, secure top line and super high tail set. He has a most impressive front. Extremely appealing head qualities. He moved superbly with such attitude. I predict that this cheeky character will have a promising future. BPD, BPIB & later awarded BPIS. Congratulations!

2. Green’s Ellochi Chasing Stars. Sweet 6 month old raw baby. Cr/w. Loveliest of heads and expression. Round dark appealing eyes enhanced with complimentary pigmentation. Lovely body. Topline a touch soft but this will settle. Moved so well; sympathetically handled and clearly understands the Welsh language!

3. Cragg’s Reynoldco Sweet William

Puppy Dog 6

1. Hunter’s Jotolemar Quality Time

2. Waterworth & Obringer’s Barwater Golden Delight. This cr/w is another very nice youngster. Presented in beautiful condition. Despite playing his handler up he displayed a balanced outline enhanced by a super neck. Best of heads and eyes. Lovely pigmentation. On the move he was a touch erratic in front but eventually this settled.

3. Robson’s Tidos Doctor Doctor

Junior Dog 9,1

1. Hornby & Bird’s Ch Bramerita Mr Holmes. Black & Cream. I first saw him as a puppy and thought him quite breath taking. He is now developing into an impressive mature dog. He has a text book head having a rounded skull, ideal length and width of muzzle, ok mouth. Super round lark expressive eyes. Deep chest and well ribbed. Super tail held perfectly. Moves with such style. Great reach of forehand and strong rear drive. A very worthy champion.

2. Rooney’s Yorone All That Glitters. Absolutely stunning head which has a super finish. Gorgeous eyes and expression. Fabulous ears which complete the picture. Well-built body. Balanced and of a lovely size. Just preferred neck and shoulders of 1.

3. Newberry’s Ismirelle’s The Mad Hatter at Hermosoangel

Novice Dog 2

1. Newberry’s Ismirelle’s The Mad Hatter at Hermosoangel. Third in a strongly contested Junior Class. Cream with white with dark pigmentation, well set eyes. Sometimes stands with his front a touch untidy. Well bodied having broad deep ribcage. Tail set well and held correctly on the move which was brisk and confident.

2. Lee’s Chilier Skylark of Ridgehawk. Extremely attractive head qualities. Well rounded, marked stop and nicely developed cheeks under expressive eyes. Lovely pigmentation. It was such a pity that he was reluctant to move and use his tail as he certainly has a lot of many lovely attributes.

Graduate Dog 3

1. Lee’s Chirouxe Lazarus of Ridgehawk. So well balanced all through. Appealing head set on a fair neck, beautifully rounded dark eyes. Large well shaped ears. Mouth OK. Super pigmentation throughout. Level back, correctly set tail. When settled moved extremely accurately.

2. Robson’s Tidos Rock Dude. Another very nice dog with such a beautiful headpiece. Produced a text book profile on the stand. Well laid shoulders, good chest with deep brisket. Touch longer cast than 1. Beautifully soft textured coat and sufficient furnishings. Moved OK.

3. Gray’s Bratilda Special Edition

Post Graduate 8

1. Jones’s Mariatia Ready Teddy Go Pepeetolynn. Extremely impressive to handle. This honest B/T has a balanced head, lovely front assembly, especially the lay of shoulders. Tail of correct length set high and carried correctly. Showed extremely well.

2. Farrugia & Fathers Okajems Thinking Out Loud with Cholas. Started the class most impressively and it was always going to be a hard decision between 1 and 2. Another lovely example of an attractive balanced head with super eyes. Correct ears. Secure level back and excellent body. Just lost interest at the end of the class which made the difference.

3. Ogilvie’s Chirouxe Worth The Wait for Pakov

Limit Dog 13,1

1. Humphrey’s Amarantos Tobin. I have admired this beautifully constructed young dog from the ringside since the day that Julie Sparrow gave him the CC from puppy. Today, this admiration from a distance was endorsed upon examination. His glorious headpiece is just so exquisite in overall expression and colour coupled with masculine overtones. Fabulous eyes are enhanced by the darkest of pigmentation. Well furnished ideally shaped ears. Super neck. His body shape conforms to the requirement of being slightly longer than high and his high set tail carried perfectly is complimentary. Coat quality is smooth and silky along with furnishings which are not overdone. His movement and deportment is as arrogant as it is precise. He clearly feels he owns the ring which can, at times, be to his disadvantage – but not today. His brisk, energetic forehand reach and strong rear drive covered every inch of the ring with ease and determination. A superb performance and a well-deserved CC (his third) and Best Longcoat.

2. Hill’s Lynpix The Mexican with Becanna. Another top quality dog. Cr sable/white. Gorgeous expression in a well-balanced head. Mouth OK. Produces the text book Chihuahua profile on the stand. Another precise mover with the ideal amount of coat and furnishings. All beautifully presented. Super coat texture. This totally honest beautifully constructed dog cannot fail to impress. Called back for consideration of the RCC.

3. Lee’s Ridgehawk Freds Legacy

Open Dog 11,2

A Class packed with Champion quality

1. Heap & Palmer’s Penapettit Platinum. Not only has this super dog blessed with a most beautiful head and expression he has the most fabulous mouth! He is constructed so beautifully. He has just the right amount of coat and furnishings. Presented in great order and moved impressively. Delighted to award him RCC.

2. Rooneys Ch Zoya’s Kingdom Golden Boy at Yorone. Pretty headed but not overdone and there is no mistaking that this small but well-built boy is all male. Just a tad shorter in leg than 1. Beautifully constructed throughout. Excels in body qualities. Super coat texture and ideal amount of furnishings.

3. Sangster & Eilidh’s Tidos Charlie He’s My Darling

Veteran Bitch 7

1. Ison’s Ch Lynpix Little Gem. This 8 year old cream bitch is such a sweetheart. Her expression is melting. Gorgeous dark round eyes that cannot fail to capture. Beautiful coat texture and furnishings. Moved supberbly.

2. Parker and Bowen-Parker’s Murella Try Harder for Mum TAF. This red lady might be 10 years old but doesn’t show it! A smart package, beautifully balanced. Impressive on the move holding a spirit level topline and ideal tail carriage. Well handled.

3. Humphrey’s Amarantos Poeme

Minor Puppy Bitch 7,1

1. Robson’s Rushwarden’s Ultraviolet of Tidos. This well grown puppy is extremely well put together whose maturity belies her age. Super dentition. Beautifully balanced and constructed front and rear, so no surprises then that her movement up and back was both decidedly accurate and secure. Already a beauty and maturity will bring more. BPB and pushed hard for BPIB.

2. Lynch’s Garnox Picture This. Loved her head qualities having such lovely dark round expressive eyes and well placed ears. Foreface with correct finish. Deep chest, level back and high set tail. Moved extremely well. Giving away a lot in maturity to 1 but she is most promising.

3. Hunter’s Jotolemar Best of Time

Puppy Bitch 8

1. Robson’s Rushwarden’s Ultraviolet of Tidos.

2. Sangster & Sangster’s Kirlasidh Taste of Honey. Another little beauty. I loved her head qualities – fabulous expression. Ultra-feminine with a lovely finish to foreface, gorgeous eyes and well placed ears which were attentive at all times. Super width of body and ribbing; a touch longer in body length than 1. Super high set tail. Moved with some style and accurate with it too!

3. Green’s Cwtchi Pride Ellochi

Junior Bitch 8,2

1. Lynch’s Tidos New Flame at Garnox. B/T just out of puppy. Dainty but nicely but together. Appealing head and expression. Far neck Super body and topline. Well held tail. Correct front and rear angulations. Moved strongly behind.

2. Ison’s Lynpix Skye’s The Limit. This 14 month old cr/w scores in head qualities; she is so feminine. Just tended to lose concentration and dropped her tail. Not a lot to choose between these two youngsters as on the move she was more confident. Super coat qualities.

3. O’Neils Chirolin Easter Road

Novice Bitch

1. Robson’s Rushwarden’s Ultraviolet of Tidos

2. Lee’s Ridgehawk Sally Ann. This well balanced r/s and white bitch was from out of a smaller mould than 1 and beautifully put together. Very pretty head, appealing eyes and ears. Super compact body. Backline firm. Has a lot of breed type attributes to admire. Moved steadily.

3. Sangster & Eilidh Sangster’s Kirlasidh Angel on a Roll

Graduate Bitch 5

1. Cragg’s Reynoldoco Sweet Dreams JW. A truly beautiful bitch with the most gorgeous eyes. Super reach of neck and on the stand she proves a most beautiful outline. When she is attentive she is extremely eye catching. She moves with a positive air and is accurate. Just loses concentration occasionally and today this was at the wrong time during the challenge. Enough coat which was presented in fabulous condition.

2. Green’s Ellochi Audacity. This cream ‘wild child’ is impressive to examine. Well coated tail. Nicely balanced throughout. Best of fronts and strong hindquarters. Loved her overall head proportions and enhanced with dark round expressive eyes and super ears. Super body. Just needs to settle.

3. Newbery’s Hermosoangel Shine For Me

Post Graduate Bitch8

1. Jones’s Pepeetolynn Ella Enchanted. A very honest and straightforward red/s bitch who produces such a balanced profile when standing. Appealing head, good lay of shoulders and clean front assembly. Strong rear. Enough coat. Best mover in the class.

2. Morley’s Loroso Bernadette. Ultra-feminine, fine and dainty cr/w. Presented in wonderful condition. Loved her eyes and finish of foreface. OK for neck. Well bodied. Not quite the animation as 1 on the move.

3. Smith and Smith’s Gabrielbelle Last Dane

Limit 15, 3

1. Todd-McCoid’s Tinasjoy Georgia with Rubyanlo JW. This young bitch is so beautifully balanced. She optimises the requirement of being slightly longer than high. She has a sweet expression given by those beautiful eyes and finish of muzzle. Slightly arched neck above an excellent lay of shoulder and neat correct front legs. Her body is compact and well built. Tail is set on high and carries it extremely well. Hindlegs vertical and parallel to each other and all in harmony with the required angulation. Super oval shaped feet. Ideal amount of furnishings and body coat. I was delighted to award her a first CC after 2 RCC’s and trust that she will go on to gain her title. She is certainly champion quality.

2. Emmerson’s Ismirelle’s Love Heart. This beautifully headed bitch is another that I found super to examine. Totally balanced throughout - everything is in the right place. She is unexaggerated and totally honest and produces the required outline when standing. Moved true and accurate and considered her for the RCC.

3. Russell’s Chirouxe Cherry Cherry

Open 9,1

1. Rooney’s Ch Donami Limelight. The ultimate showgirl! Unexaggerated in coat qualities as required she produces a most impressive picture on the stand. Gives 100%. Beautifully constructed and balanced. Absolutely text book front assembly and on the move has a most impressive forehand reach. Appealing head with such attractive eyes. Deep brisket, well bodied and perfect tailset. Presented in fabulous condition. RCC

2. Robson’s Ch Go My Way JP’s Black Cherry (Imp Jpn). I simply loved the head and expression of this highly successful B/T girl. Plenty of furnishings and body coat of super texture. She appeared to be carrying a touch more weight than ideal which rather loaded her shoulders. Super topline, tail setting, rear angulation and tail set. An exemplary showgirl and a very worthy champion. Extremely close call with 1.

3. Lee’s Ch Lykaths Rosielee of Ridgehawk

Tony Allcock MBE