• Show Date: 27/04/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Tony Allcock Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

West Of England Ladies Kennel Society

Breed: Papillon

West of England Ladies’ Kennal Society (WELKS)

27th – 29th April 2018


A really quality entry. Congratulations to all exhibitors on the excellent dentition and presentation of the dogs today.

Veteran - Dog

Entries: 6 Absentees: 1

1st Stanbury’s Inixia Delightful Dan JW Shcm. This R/W is now 8 years old and moved as well as he did when I watched him being awarded a CC several years ago. This easy class winner has a well-proportioned head with ears correctly set and furnished. Excellent body, level back and high set tail. Moved superbly and presented in fit healthy condition. Best Veteran.

2nd Letch’s Conysluck Master Pip. R/W Heavier coated than 1 and beautifully presented. Correctly rounded skull, heavily fringed ears, Ok neck, level back and well furnished tail held over a level topline. Sound and accurate on the move but when viewed in profile did not have the daintiness of 1. Super condition.

3rd Austin & Thompson’s Jhanakia Highland Destiny

Minor Puppy - Dog

Entries: 7 Absentees: 3

1st Robb’s Gleniren Moonlight Magic. Very attractive B/W having a well proportioned head, gorgeous eyes which were dark, rounded, and expressive. Medium length neck, level backline, deep chest of ideal width. Shoulders well sloped. Presented in fabulous coat and condition. Whilst he was a little unsure of himself at times, his movement was a touch hesitant but accurate.

2nd Maskell & Waller’s Kazkell A Million Dreams With Lilnrose NAF TAF. Whilst slightly rangier than 1 at present and not as mature I liked his overall balance and fine bone. Well proportioned head with finely pointed finish. Lovely large correctly shaped ears. Just needs to settle in topline. With time he will come into his own.

3rd Langdon’s Skyvana Wipe Out NAF

Puppy - Dog

Entries: 5 Absentees: 0

1st Stanbury’s Inixia Ever Ready Eddie. R/W just out of Minor Puppy classes. He is beautifully balanced so naturally produces a pleasing outline. Coat and furnishings coming through nicely. His movement is sound, light and effortless. Outgoing personality.

2nd Olof’s Tarnock Rock N Roll Rene. This R/W is a lovely overall size and just the right balance of bone. Super head qualities, fine muzzle and well furnished ears. In excellent coat for age. At present just a touch narrower through the body than 1. Excellent mover.

3rd Griffith’s Manawyddan Victor Hugo

Junior - Dog

Entries: 3 Absentees: 0

1st Waller’s Lilnrose I'm A Lovebug. Such a sweet little R/W chap. Certainly fine and dainty. Perhaps a tad short in leg length. Beautiful head with correct stop and fine muzzle. Alert eyes; ears well set. He moved elegantly with accuracy and determination.

2nd Slater’s Baillion Black Obsidian This B/W was very impressive on the go around as he moved with such style. Appealing head qualities, ideal coat and lovely furnishings. Occasionally he stood a little untidily in front. Presented in lovely condition

3rd Whitehill & Urwin’s Paparottsie Talk The Talk

Yearling - Dog

Entries: 2 Absentees: 0

1st Munn’s Ringland Timeless Gift. This beautiful dog will always capture the eye. He might at first appear a touch large but in fact he is not and within the standard. Gorgeous R/W coat and furnishings. Skull slightly rounded; alert sparkling eyes; enough stop, finely pointed muzzle and excellent dentition. Excelled in neck length and top line. High set tail. Moved beautifully. I feel he is of champion quality.

2nd Morley & Hitchcock’s Elfuego Bombastic. This smaller package contains a spirited character. Fine boned structure but not weedy. Head with correct ratios, dark rounded sparkling eyes. OK neck. Quick, energetic mover and does it allwith style.

Novice - Dog

Entries: 1 Absentees: 0

1st Stanbury’s Inixia Fully Charged. Attractive head with keen eyes and large well placed ears. In super coat. I just would prefer him a little finer and daintier all through. He is beautifully constructed as demonstrated in his movement which was most impressive.

Post Graduate - Dog

Entries: 7 Absentees: 0

1st Malcolm’s Feorlig It Must've Been Love. Just out of Junior. I really admired this youngster for shape and balance. Super pigmentation, lovely ears set correctly and used to advantage, secure top line, high set tail. Movement was fabulous. He is still developing so when his coat has completed he will always be a strong contender. In the challenge, he was foot perfect on the move and stood like a statue in attention. RCC

2nd Geary’s Taliesyn Black Walnut. Another nice one being also tricolour. Coat coming through. Heavily fringed well shaped ears, well sprung ribs and correct front and rear angulations. Super feet. Sound, free mover.

3rd Morrell’s Serenglade Leap of Faith For Temelora

Limit - Dog

Entries: 9 Absentees: 1

1st Christensen’s Tresor's Kings Valiant Lancelot [ATC A02331USA]. This B/W was so appealing. Skull slightly rounded with excellent stop and fine muzzle. Dark deeply attractive eyes all contributing to a fabulous headpiece. Fine boned but not without substance. Super feet. Lovely body. Great topline. Exemplary presentation. Great mover.

2nd Morrell’s Temelora Let It Be Magic JW. A totally honest dog to examine. Everything is in the right place. Super expression and ear placement. Well developed hindquarters. Well set tail of optimum length. Free flowing on the move covering the ground with ease. Close call here.

3rd Wilkinson’s Lafford Inspector Morse In Poppywood JW

Open - Dog

Entries: 13 Absentees: 3

A truly stunning class

1st Caton’s Never Let Me Go Forussi At Henrix (Imp Pol). This most eye catching, fine boned dog produces such a balanced silhouette. Skull is gently rounded between those fine but firm well shaped ears, being set high and garnished with long fringing. Those intelligent dark eyes have such an appeal. Finely pointed muzzle, correct stop and excellent dentition to complete. Elegant neck leading to super lay of shoulders, level backline and arched high set tail with feathering cascading downwards. The height of tail worked in such harmony with those beautiful ears. His presentation was exemplary. His movement was fresh, light, alert and accurate and he could turn on a sixpence. Coat was the texture of fine spun silk. CC & BOB (his first) and then later selected as one of seven dogs to form the shortlist from a strong Toy Group.

2nd Miller & Ryan’s Feorlig Smarty Pants JW ShCM. He is smart indeed! Head well balanced with a very expressive dark eye. Super fringing to ears. Correct hare shaped feet. Excellent chest, level topline. Moves so well in profile. I have judged this lovely dog before awarding him first at the Club Championship show a few years ago. Today, maturity has been kind. Sadly, he seemed a touch distracted in the class and even more so when I called him in for consideration of the RCC. I note that he has recently gained his crown and I am delighted.

3rd Sharp-Dixon, Reyes and Lyn’s Afterglow Adonis For Queenslake

Special Beginners - Dog

Entries: 2 Absentees: 0

1st Waller’s Lilnrose I'm A Lovebug

2nd Hobson’s Grinsdales Gigalo At Rosenjon. This R/W was presented in excellent coat and condition. Balanced head giving an appealing expression, extremely well furnished ears which, when used complimented. Not quite the lightness of foot as 1.

Special Beginners - Bitch

Entries: 3 Absentees: 2

1st Olof’s Tarnock Runaway Ruby I really loved the sweet expression of this endearing R/W youngster – it is quite exquisite. Fine and dainty throughout but with substance and supporting excellent body proportions. Correctly placed well fringed ears forming a gilded frame. Super neck and shoulder placement. Secure level topline and high set tail held on the move. Movement excelled in forehand reach and strong rear drive aiding her accurate dainty gait. BPB & BPIB & Best Special Beginners.

Minor Puppy - Bitch

Entries: 11 Absentees: 2

1st Stanbury’s Inixia Luscious Lucy NAF. A most attractive baby. Raw but full of promise. Super balance having a spirit level topline high set tail with an ideal arch. Body of correct length, well formed with excellent ribbing. Prettiest of expression, lovely reach of neck. Straight front legs and strong rear angulation developing. Should have a very promising future.

2nd Maskell’s Kazkell Milo's Dream NAF. Tri and already ‘treading the boards’ nicely. Slightly more mature in coat than 1. Well proportioned head, well shaped ears, fringing coming through nicely. Super hare shaped feet. Moved OK.

3rd Orchard’s Ablazzor Angel Of The North At Panspayon

Puppy - Bitch

Entries: 5 Absentees: 2

1st Olof’s Tarnock Rumour N Riddles. Fine bone throughout, if not a touch narrow throughout at present but still plenty of time. Correct head shape and length of muzzle. Large ears. Dark rounded eyes. Super hare shaped feet. Movement to settle.

2nd Geary’s Taliesyn White Camellia. B/W Attractive balanced head, fair neck, level topline. Touch more bone than 1. Liked her overall balance profile when viewed on the stand. Moved OK but clearly needs more time.

3rd Morton’s Ablazzor Queen Of Hearts

Junior - Bitch

Entries: 4 Absentees: 1

1st Kirk’s Iotastar's Forever Autumn At Kirkchase. Impressive R/W junior and already well coated. Impressive overall proportions. Head well shaped with excellent pigmentation. Beautiful neck and shoulders. Body supporting depth of chest and length of loin as required. Beautifully presented. Moved well.

2nd Maskell’s Lilnrose Too Vain To Dream Kazkell. Fine a dainty. Excellent front having straight legs, super slender feet. Correct level back of good length, high set tail. Expressive eyes in a well shaped head. Not quite the finish of coat as 1 but of a lovely silky texture. Full of herself!

3rd Borg’s Elendil Ariella

Yearling - Bitch

Entries: 3 Absentees: 1

1st Isherwood & Scovell’s Stagedoor Barbie. This 18 month old balanced bitch is extremely eye catching. Super head ratios, gorgeous round mischievous eyes, excellent dentition and fine finish of muzzle. Sloping shoulders above a well placed neck. Fine straight front legs, longish slender feet. In super coat. On the move she really came into her own on the move but certainly has a mind of her own! I thought her of champion quality. RCC

2nd Maskell’s Lilnrose Too Vain To Dream Kazkell.

Novice - Bitch

Entries: 3 Absentees: 0

1st Cox’s Denemore Juniper Berrie At Tricianbri (IKC). Won an interesting class and one which I found challenging. I just thought that 1 had the edge on overall balance. Glamorous, well built and of sufficient substance. Super shaped feet. In excellent coat and presented in good condition. Despite rather leaning on the lead coming back to me I saw enough to determine that her forehand was sufficiently accurate. Strong rear. Needs time.

2nd Morrell’s Temelora Adele. b/w Phalene maturing nicely. Correct head proportions and ears set so well with that required lift at the base. Good depth of body if perhaps a touch longer overall. Sound accurate mover and well conditioned.

3rd Stanbury’s Inixia Glamour Girl NAF

Post Graduate - Bitch

Entries: 6 Absentees: 0

1st Miller & Ryan’s Feorlig Wake Up Maggie JW – Has a certain presence. Portrays ideal head proportions, ear set and has dark appealing eyes. Excellent R/W coat (wouldn’t need anymore) elbows well into ideal body proportions consisting of a good depth of chest and well sprung ribs, elbows well placed. Fabulous showgirl and a great mover.

2nd Walsh’s Jorgealin Moonstar At Purepixie. I particularly liked her balance of head and expression. Super eyes. Ok for neck length. Secure level back. Beautifully presented. Just lost out in movement to 1.

3rd Sparkes’s Pinkmead Delightful Eve

Limit – Bitch

This really was a super class containing an abundance of quality.

Entries: 11 Absentees: 0

1st Cox’s Tricianbri Tuppence A Kiss JW. I do feel that the concept of this breed is not just the size and mobility of ears although I accept that they are a vital component in respect of identification. In addition, balance, size shape, bone and substance along with conformation must also be taken very seriously. This ultra feminine bitch beautifully demonstrates this. Super head qualities, having gorgeous ears which are large, fringed and directional on the move with an ideal length of neck on which to carry this. Well laid shoulders. She has a certain lightness of footfall and deportment combined with accuracy. I gave her a RCC as a puppy and felt that now with maturity she deserved the larger green card today. CC

2nd Munn’s Ringland Treasure Sunshine. Good honest well made dual purpose bitch that took my eye as soon as she entered the ring. There is a definite likeness between these two very beautiful bitches and afterwards I learnt that they were related. Beautiful head and expression, secure topline. Coat presented in fabulous order. Whilst she moved soundly, the loudspeaker (which was on the wall adjacent to the ring) started to crackle which completely spooked her. Despite her handlers most sympathetic approach she did, in some measure, mange to console her. This was such a pity as it was always going to be a hard decision to separate the placing of these two lovely bitches.

3rd Lees’s Lafford Penny Black

Open - Bitch

Entries: 4 Absentees: 1

1st Lee-Slater & Banfield’s Ch Jorgealin Cast A Spell For Kingshaven. A very impressive bitch to examine. I found her to be totally honest and straightforward. Very appealing in head qualities. Her ideal length of leg and body proportions exemplified her super overall balance, which was a deciding factor here. Fine boned but strong. Super textured coat which was superbly presented. On the move she floated. A very worthy champion.

2nd Robb & Roosen’s Ch Miss Martini Royal De Costalina Suniren (Imp Fr). Another glamorous lady, beautifully presented. Slightly smaller in statue than 1. Such impressive head qualities – balanced muzzle, slight stop, sparkling dark eyes all framed by such wonderful ears. Quick in movement and used her ears so effectively. Another lovely example of the breed.

3rd Borg’s Ch Petress Dark And Daring

Tony Allcock MBE