• Show Date: 07/07/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Tony Allcock Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Italian Greyhound Club

Breed: Italian Greyhound

The Italian Greyhound Club

Championship Show - 7th July 2018

Having been elected by club members to judge the Club Championship some 3 years ago, I was naturally very excited when the day arrived. I had been so looking forward to the occasion. The entry of 93 was fantastic for which I thank all of those that entered. The day was blistering hot so toplines and tails were often not ‘at their best’ and this was acknowledged. The health and welfare of the dogs was paramount, so as the temperature soared in the afternoon we made full use of the indoor facilities as a collecting ring and movement was kept to a minimum. I felt that the overall standard was extremely high and there was a collection of exciting youngsters present which all bodes well for a breed which I have owned and love. It was lovely surprise to sit with Cecilia Boyle and Tom during lunch. Cecilia has been a mentor as she introduced me to the breed over 20 years ago. Before leaving, she commented ‘I enjoyed watching and was not disappointed’!

Veteran Dog 2

1. Rutter & Allsop’s Chrisford Bogey Man. Well balanced head, good for neck and shoulders, super rear angulation. Excellent balance. Movement was accurate but would just have preferred a touch more lift to the forehand reach. Strong rear drive.

2. Palmer’s Chrisford Rocket Pack. Lovely size and in beautiful condition. Preferred the slightly longer head of 1. Deep chest. Excellent forehand reach.

Minor Puppy Dog 2

1. Tiley-Davies’s Toerag Little Scamp. This exciting f/white boy is beautifully elegant with masculine overtones. Gorgeous for shape and balance. Long correct head with fine muzzle. Elegant neck, deep narrow chest, clean front and straight legs and super feet. Great topline. Moved with style having an excellent forehand reach and a determined push from behind. One to watch!

2. Mellis’s Petoski First Edition For Lamoye Super black coat of lovely texture which glistened.

Slender throughout and of good proportions. Chest and body naturally to mature and for it to neatly drop into his frame which. This has plenty of time to do so. Moved extremely well.

Puppy Dog 3,1

1. Rutter & Bryan’s Chrisford Trumpet Trousers. This eye catching f/w dog produces such an attractive picture. Super to examine – Head of lovely proportions, tapering to nose with slight stop. Super dentition, Dark bright eyes, great pigmentation, fairly narrow deep chest, elbows close in. Well-muscled thighs, well arched toes. Impressive mover. Thought him something quite special. RCC & Reserve BPIS to his litter sister!

2. Brick’s Laborghini Divin Envy. Impressive for head balance and length of neck. Not quite the overall body length as 1. I felt he was a little flat on the move which naturally may have been due to the heat.

Junior Dog 5,1

1. Palmer’s Rockiggy A Bigger Bang. This young blue boy is elegant and refined, has a fair depth of chest. Good for head and expression. Impressive ribbing and strong loin although a touch more body weight would enhance. Moved Ok

2. Hubble’s Rockiggy Jumping Jack Flash. Cream. Refined head but not quite the length of 1. Super neck, body and rear angulations. Felt he could have done a little more on the move. Lovely skin and coat.

3. Carr’s Willakyme Oberon

Novice Dog 8,2

1. Hubble’s Rockiggy Light The Fuse. Cream. 12 months old and perhaps at the ‘awkward’ stage. Body of good length but just tends to hunch up a touch. Sufficiently curvy throughout. Good reach of neck. Prefer smaller ears. Excellent on the move.

2. Mellis’s Petoski First Edition For Lamoye. 2nd in MPD

3. Fryett’s Crystaldrift Leonidid at Silhouttig

Post Graduate Dog 5,1

1. Righton’s Ace of Aces Nomad Soul. Cr/w Impressive head qualities, neat ears, super eyes. Ok for neck. Shapely throughout and bone and substance is well balanced. Moved soundly.

2. Carr’s Willakyme Oberon. I really liked the overall shape of this attractive cream dog. Super neck and curves. Just untidy on the move today. Super skin and coat and very fit and conditioned. Close call between 1 & 2.

3. Marsedn’s Sumobi Little Star

Minor Limit Dog 1

1. Vincent’s Tamiskene Last Tango in Chelanis. A very balanced, well-proportioned mature looking dog. Best of heads on an elegant lengthy neck. Super curves. Neat front and excellent feet. Whether he was feeling the heat but he lacked animation on the move, particularly in the challenge. Notwithstanding this he is of champion quality.

Limit Dog 3

1. Powell’s Sumobi Little Snowflake at Turinger. Cream and white. Ok for head and expression, sufficient neck. Fine bone but not without substance. Preferred his curves and overall elegance over 2. Moved well.

2. Green & Lister’s Florita Promessa. Impressive head qualities, skin and body. Good length of body but would just would prefer a touch more elegance and lightness of footfall on the move. Strong rear angulations.

3. Taylor’s Mostahbull Lucky Lexus

Open Dog 9,1

1. Bird’s Ch Tamiskene Rhumba JW. This beautifully balanced cream dog I judged as a raw baby at a large Open show and gave him Reserve BPIS amongst great company. I haven’t seen him since and today he had exceeded my expectations of him. I note that he is now titled. He is extremely impressive to examine. Gorgeous head and eyes, neat ears of fine leather. Super front assembly, deep of chest sufficiently narrow throughout. On the move he beautifully demonstrates that slight forehand lift with ultimate reach coupled with strong rear drive. At the end of a long hot day his performance during the final adjudication was stunning and I was delighted to award him another CC and in addition, BIS! Congratulations.

2. Lister’s Ch Florita Tallento. Another super dog with an outstanding head and body proportions, a true accurate mover both coming and going. Well-muscled, super coat and skin and in fit condition with hard muscle. A very worthy Champion. Seriously considered for the RCC.

3. Henley’s Ch Turinger Thunderbolt JW

Special Progeny Dog 3

1. Axenborg’s Ch Ravilais Othello’s Moth. My CC & BOB winner a few years back. He has certainly made his mark on UK soil in more ways than one! Results show that today he sired the BCC, RBIS & BPIS - the Dog RCC & Reserve BPIS. What a collection!

2. Henley’s Ch Turinger Thunderbolt JW. It is not surprising that this beautifully constructed dog with the best of heads and overall proportions is honest as the day is long. It is evident that has passed these qualities on to his offspring. I note that his progeny, mainly fawn, predominantly featured amongst the cards today.

3. Vincent’s Ch Anjuskar Fashioned in Chelanis

Veteran Bitch 2

1. Doherty’s Ch Littlebriton Crimson Kiss. A few years ago I was delighted to give this beautifully constructed ultra-feminine r/w bitch a CC. She has lost none of her charms and today she was presented in fabulous condition. I had no hesitation in awarding her BVIS.

2. Doherty’s Ch Rilloby Miss Sunshine JW. Another lovely one. Presented in fabulous coat and condition. Gorgeous head and ears, best of necks and super front assembly. Moved superbly. Another worthy champion.

Minor Puppy Bitch 7,2

1. Tiley-Davies’s Toerag Little Sunbeam. Her feminine charms really appealed. Loved her overall proportions. Head with such elegant planes, super eyes, slendour neck. Super rear angulations. I think she has a bright future ahead and today she won a qality class containing future stars.

2. Fryett’s Silhourttig Follow My Lead. Another promising baby, not quite as forward as 1 but a lot to like in respect of make and shape, head qualities, neck and balanced angulations.

3. Palmer’s Rockiggy Midnight Rambler

Puppy Bitch 7

1. Rutter & Wheeler’s Chrisford Golden Showers. Gorgeous for type and make. Balanced in bone, ideal for body proportions, gorgeous head ratios, especially the cleanness of muzzle and finish of jaw. Long elegant neck, great length of body, strong loin. Balanced front and rear angulations produces impressive forehand reach and strong propulsion from behind. Amongst a fabulous bitch entry she stood away. CC, RBIS, BPIS.

2. Tiley-Davies’s Toerag Love & Joy. Elegant throughout, not quite as mature as 1 so giving a lot away in that respect. Fine boned throughout with excellent body proportions. Front movement to settle. Excellent fine textured coat and overall in great condition.

3. Bricks Laborghini French Tart

Junior Bitch 9,2

1. Willcock’s Newill As Good AS Gold JW. This bitch impressed me the more I saw of her. Beautifully conditioned and extremely impressive to go over. Unexaggerated and totally honest. Best of neck length and shoulders, strong muscled hindquarters. Moved soundly with style and this was even more impressive in the challenge when she moved up a gear to capture the RCC.

2. Lister’s Florita Favianna. Beautifully feminine and produces such a lovely profile on the stand. Sound honest mover in all directions. Close call between two beautiful bitches.

3. Brick’s N’Rose Golden Wings Du Zephyr De Bizance

Novice Bitch 5,1

1. Palmer’s Rockiggy Midnight Rambler. Very impressive on the move. OK for body shape, super-size. Impressive lay of shoulders and straight front legs, secure pasterns. Sturdy loins and well held tail.

2. Walker’s Cresties Too Hot To Handle For Ionadiva. Her head is balanced being elegant and refined, dark attractive eyes, fair length of neck. Touch longer in body than 1 and not quite as composed when on the move or standing.

3. Tate’s Ansanda Scarlet Nights

Post Graduate 7,3

1. Chau’s Littlebritoon Ice & Fire. Genuine and nicely put together. Her predominantly white colour can deceive in respect of make and shape but it is definitely all there. Attractive head, super eyes with dark pigmentation to enhance. Ideal depth of chest and being sufficiently narrow. Strong rear angulations. Comes together nicely on the move producing a great forehand reach.

2. Henshall’s Gemolli Antique Tapestry. Appeared slightly immature compared to 1. Lovely shape when she came together. Ultra-feminine, fine boned throughout. Good for neck and shoulders. Movement a touch unsettled today.

3. Mellis’s My Funny Valentine at Lamoye (Imp IT)

Minor Limit Bitch 4

1. Doherty’s Littlebritoon Kissed by Fire. Loved her elegance and curves. Reserve in a very strong Junior class. Balanced head with extremely appealing expression. Super ribbing and loins; impressive underline. Good curves. Hare feet well arched. Moved better here than in the previous class but not with the lightness of footfall; I appreciate it could be attributed to the heat.

2. Bird’s Tamiskene Viennese Waltz. Nicely put together; not quite the head proportions or neck of 1. Moved soundly.

3. Knight’s Shadedmoon La Belle Epoque at Aelaro

Limit Bitch 6,1

1. Lister’s Revillo Amorosso. I loved the overall type of this beautifully constructed glamorous girl. Head long and narrow but perfectly balanced, super eyes and ears, lengthy neck and well laid shoulders. Super curves and angulations. Moved OK.

2. Amsel’s Artmeis Me Myself And I. Well proportioned, OK for neck. Lovely deep chest. Gentle rise over strong loins. Well set tapering tail. Correct hare feet with well arched toes. Excellent rear angulations. Close up on 1.

3. Doherty’s Littlebriton Shades Of Blue

Open Bitch 7,1

1. Rutter’s Chrisford Hello. Beautifully made bitch. Gorgeous head, eyes and ears. Produces a stunning outline on the stand. Plenty of curves in the right places, balanced throughout. Moved well but not quite as clean coming back to me in the hotly contested bitch challenge.

2. Rishworth’s Artmeis Anastaysia Fawn/white. I admired the elegance and refinement of this well-proportioned bitch. Super head qualities. Fabulous skin and fine textured coat. Super for neck and rear angulations. Moved OK in front. Held a lovely shape on the move and pressed class winner all the way.

3. Doherty’s Jaros A Dance With Dragons

Special Progeny Bitch 3,2

1. Tiley-Davies’s Ibisco One Summer Forever at Toerag. She has certainly passed on her many attributes to her progeny. All were very much of the same type and with similar traits. I was later reminded that I had awarded a Toerag dog BIS a number of years ago and informed that he is behind all of them!