• Show Date: 11/11/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Toni Jackson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Samoyed Breeders & Owners League

Breed: Samoyed

It was an honour to be invited to judge a Club show, and I thoroughly enjoyed my day among friendly dogs and their friendly, sporting owners. Generally I found the depth of quality of the bitches to far exceed that of the dogs, and decisions were much harder in the bitches as a result. It is certainly a healthy situation to have so many quality bitches in the breed. Overall presentation was fabulous, though there were some exceptions, but I was somewhat shocked to see the state of the teeth on many of the males and some bitches, with reddened gums, missing teeth and poor overall oral hygiene, and these were not elderly dogs! Interestingly confirmation was better on the whole for the bitches, with good angulation and neck length. I found a number of males too stuffy and totally devoid of angulation, remember your breed standard calls for “stifles well angulated”. 

As a judge I find it fascinating to read the catalogue and see how the dogs I admired are bred, so was pleased to see that the delightful Nikara Secret Dreamer is a daughter of the bitch to who I awarded a CC when I last judged in 2014, and both BB & BP (Novaskaya Xander Lefay) are grand kids of BD on their dam's side and they share same sire.

MPD – no entries. PD (3,0) 1. Moody & Haffenden’s Novaskaya Xander Lefay, super chunky pup, well developed in body, strong broad back and excellent angulation front and rear showing true bend of stifle, correct length of neck. Lovely masculine head, dark brown oval eye thick well finished ears set well apart. Move true in all directions and covered ground easily, considered for higher honours. BPD & BPIS. 2. Jones & Kirkwood’s Vandreem Imperial Kazhiya, good size, in excellent coat and with super presentation and ring training. Strong medium back, firm, and broad over rump. Lovely neck and good angulation. Head is promising but not as developed as the winner, needs to broaden – but very good for a pup. Moved ok but not quite the drive of winner. 3. Kerry’s Rayawna’s White Saphire at Corbeara.

JD (2,1) 1. Woodhead’s Nikara Secret Wish with Pashka, good size, well boned, and coated. Found him somewhat reluctant to show himself off to full advantage. Moderate for angulation, and doesn’t quite have reach therefore, but is light on his feet and true coming and going. Well developed in head, flat skull, wedge shape, good eye, ears set a little close.

YD (1,0) 1. Cross’ Tiksi Moonglow, good size male with excellent angulation, firm broad back and good loin, correct reach of neck. Stands on correct flat long feet. Attractive masculine wedge head, good oval dark brown eye, neat ears on flat broad skull, correct expression. Free flowing movement in profile, just a shade close behind.

ND (1,0) 1. Willcock’s Noble Knight Boshi Vecchi Con Dynar, good size and well boned, but a shade longer cast affecting overall balance. Rather in awe of surroundings which meant he was reluctant to use ears to his advantage – but when persuaded they were well set, slightly soft at tip, with attractive biscuit edging. Found his muzzle is a shade long which just unbalances the proportions of the head. Would prefer a little more hind angulation and drive, moves well in profile.

GD – no entries

PGD (5,0) A difficult class, with an easy winner, felt some of the dogs entered were far too straight in angulation and coats were in very poor quality. 1. Mann’s Nikara Dream Maker, good outline, medium firm back, not the biggest of dogs but is well balanced. Very good angulation front and rear with correct arched neck, lovely long tail well set on. Attractive wedge head, eye of dark brown but slightly rounded, well pigmented. Easily the best mover in the class but close behind. 2. Smurthwaite’s Samnouska Spirit in the Sky, bigger male, and longer cast being a little long in loin. Angulation is moderate and has good neck. Broad head with flat skull, correct eye and expression. Was a little too broad in chest. Needs a little more confidence in the ring to show himself off better. 3. Atkins’ Rosnorske White Lightening of Santika.

MLD (2,1) 1. Hurrell & King’s Zeelukzak Diamond Czar, broad skull with good eye and well set ears. Muzzle a little conical which affected overall wedge shape of head. Excellent bone and coat, shade long in back and I would prefer slightly more hind angulation. Tail set could be higher. Rather noisy which causes stress to handler and means not easy to get the best out of him. Moved well in profile but shade close behind.

LD (8,2) 1. Wood’s Vandreem Imperial Frankel, attractive biscuit of good size and well coated. Very good angulation and length of neck, firm strong back to well set tail. Good width to chest. Head piece is attractive but I would prefer more width to skull for overall expression, excellent eye shape and colour. Rather erratic on the move at times, which cost him when considering for higher awards, lovely type. 2. Dudek’s Easy to Love Carpathian White Smile for Blossomrain, attractive in outline, with enough angulation but not the neck of the winner. At two years old not yet carrying mature coat – which would help complete the picture. Lovely head and expression from flat skull, wedge head/muzzle and lovely almond eye, ears set wide and are neat, head well framed by mane. Moved a shade close behind. 3. Mapletoft’s Samitoft Iced Polar Bear.

OD (4,1) 1. Garry’s C/Int Ch Blueagean Oracle of Apollo, just short of his 8th birthday and looking great. Lovely balanced outline, well boned, and in excellent coat beautifully presented. Well-schooled to show himself off to best advantage, standing four square at all times. Good angles and enough neck to give proud carriage. Excellent wedge head, flat skull wide set neat ears well-furnished and rounded at tips, lovely dark eye and expression Good chest, fluid movement sound in all directions, RCC. 2. Collinson’s ChTaronakits Kenko with Norjack, a shade longer than the winner but has excellent angulation, and neck which show on move, as has free easy stride with plenty of rear drive. Stand on well boned legs and correct long feet. Another in super coat and beautifully presented. Attractive head, if being picky ears could be set wider to complete picture, lovely dark brown eye of good shape. Firm topline. 3. Johnson’s Ch Nikara Iced Diamond JW.

VD (3,1) 1. Smith & Freer’s Ch Nikara Diamond Dancer JW, at 8 ½ he is in excellent condition with hard muscles not seen on younger exhibits. Lovely compact outline, presented in excellent coat and condition, attentive to handler. Well boned, firm broad back/rump, high set tail which has a fabulous plume. Excellent angulation and neck, a free easy mover, who covers the ground effortlessly and is very positive from both front and rear. Well-developed chest, firm in loin. Attractive wedge head, almond eye of dark brown and broad skull, lovely ear set and size, with rounded tips, smiling expression. Could not be denied the CC & BIS. 2. Rolfe’s Samnouska King of the Ice, in good coat and well boned, stands on correct long well feathered feet. Would prefer more hind angulation. Skull has good width, but is a shade long in muzzle, and rounded in eye which affects the expression. Sound but lacks drive and energy on the move.

MPB no entries PB (2,0) 1. Morris’ Snowtsar Lara’s Song, lovely promising pup, compact and well coated and well matured for 9 months. Good angles and neck. Pretty head with exquisite almond eye of dark brown, broad skull and neat wide set ears. Well boned but feminine, sound mover. BPB. 2. Willcock’s Dynar First Love, less mature than winner, good angles and neck. Slightly longer cast, head is immature, needs to broaden throughout, has lovely eye but ears are a little long, would benefit from more neck furnishings. Moved ok but shade close behind.

JB (1,0) 1. Mann’s Nikara Secret Dreamer, wow, stood alone in the class but truly stood out for me, I just adored her. Very mature, lovely coat and bone, excellent angles and neck, high set tail in full bloom. Exquisite wedge shaped head and smiling expression from a perfect almond eye of dark brown and rimmed with ex pigment. Broad skull, wide set, neat ears, a cheeky character who epitomised the breed’s temperament. Moved freely and soundly in all directions, with great drive from rear, in final challenge for BIS her age was just starting to tell as she lost concentration on hander, but one to watch. BCC & RBIS/BOS

YB (4,1) 1. South’s Reach for the Stars with Aleski, heading a trio of lovely bitches, good size and super angles and neck, which give rise to the free easy gait and so true from both directions. In excellent coat and presentation. Firm broad back, to high set tail, never stood wrong all the time she was in the ring. Stands on correct long feet, not seen a lot today. Head is feminine, dark almond eye, correct wedge from broad flat skull, and well placed furry ears, RCC. 2. Brandenberg’s Taronakits It’s Karmen, another super bitch, not quite neck of winner, but is well angulated front and rear and has super bone, but smaller rounder feet. Excellent coat and well set tail. Lovely head, super eye, best ears. Another who is super on move though not quite the reach of winner. 3. Farrington’s Amarige J’Adore.

NB no entries, GB (3,2) 1. Talman’s Zeelukzak Diamond Lady, Nice outline of good proportions, not yet in full coat, but outer coat is of correct harsh quality. Good angles and bone, ok for neck. Feminine head, found her eye a shade round, and ears little long. Tendency to pace, moved well in profile when gaiting correctly but needs to tighten in front.

PGB (6,2) 1. Robinson’s Taronakits it’s Kora, Attractive compact bitch, lovely angles and good neck well coated and super bone. High set tail, lovely expression, eyes a little round but good colour and head is correct wedge with flat skull and neat wide set ears, excellent movement. 2. Smith’s Nikitta Everything Changes at Sharla, taller more elegant bitch, in good coat, well angulated and firm broad back, high set tail, correct long flat feet. Pretty head, ears set shade close and longer than winner, good pigment, moved well, though handler tends to rush which can throw her front. Good reach in profile. 3. Vidak’s Samnouska Spirit of Dreams for Lacewood.

MLB (2,0) 1. Dent’s Whitespirit Madam Mischief, heavier bitch, who has a tendency to stand a shade long, like rocking horse but when she puts feet underneath her she presents a balanced picture. Good angulation, well coated. Stands on well boned legs with good feet. Broad skull with well-placed ears, lovely almond eye. Moved sound though could be firmer behind. 2. Talman’s Miakra Lady Solitaire, biscuit who is not in full coat and appears rangier. Good angles, but tail set is low. Head less developed and does not present the classic wedge as appears longer throughout. Ears look shade long and high without full furnishing. Was rather erratic on move.

LB (10,5) 1. Freer’s NIkara Kall Me Kreative, Attractive in profile, good bone and excellent coat, high set tail, well angulated front & rear with good neck. Feet little round. Attractive head, flat broad skull, wide ear, eyes shade round but good colour and pigment, moves very well, with plenty of reach and drive. 2. Howlett’s Tiksi Snowstorm, not in full coat, but what she had was good texture and well presented, not hiding anything as they say, good angles, firm back, well set tail. Still needs to mature a little in head. Correct flat long feet with the hair between toes, rarely seen today. Moved freely, if little close behind. 3. Rogers Ward’s Vandreem Imperial Mercedes at Shellover.

OB (6,0) 1.Brandenberg’s Ch Taronakits It’s Keeta, smaller bitch but balanced with lovely outline in prolife. Excellent coat lovely bone rather rounded feet. Love her expression from correct eye and skull, and ear. Good chest, short firm strong back, high set tail. Well angulated front and rear, moved so soundly and lots of drive very positive going away, strong contender for higher awards. 2. Farrington’s Ch Amarige Givenchy, lovely outline, compact ad well balanced. Excellent hind angulation, would just like a little more reach of neck. Shown in excellent coat and well handled. Another with very typical expression, broad flat skull, real smiley face from fab eyes. Moved well but not quite the reach of winner. 3. O’Dwyer’s Kalinski Dushka Maia.

VB (9,3) 1. Cross’ Tiksi Frosted Flame AW(S), Seven years and very fit and not acting like veteran at all. Lovely biscuit, taller bitch but well balanced, excellent angles and neck, super hind muscles. Excellent coat and presentation. Firm back to high tail, used to show off her happy nature. Feminine head with good eye, broad flat skull, ears could be wider set. Excels on move with reach and drive, sound in all direction, contender for higher awards. 2. O’Dwyer’s Ch Blueaegean Aphrodite by Kalinski JW, nearly 8, compact bitch, ex coat and bone, correct hairy feet. More moderate angulation, and not quite neck of winner, tail set ok. Lovely expression, excellent almond eye, ears well-padded and set wide. Moved well though tendency to crab at speed. 3. Howlett’s Tiksi Snowfire ShCM.

Brace, 1. Howlett’s. 2.Willcock’s, two very well matched pairs, I preferred head shape and development on winners, but both teams moved well and together

Judge Toni Jackson