• Show Date: 25/08/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Tom Mather Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Scottish Kennel Club

Breed: Japanese Chin

Scottish Kennel Club August 2018  

Japanese Chin  

Minor Puppy - Dog  

1st. LIZAMELA MARCHELLO (MISS P MARTIN). Very pleasing for both size and balance, pretty face with good eyes and nicely finished muzzle. Good coat for age. Fine bone with typical hare feet, some breadth of chest. Level topline and well set and carried tail. Moved out well with some elevation in the front.  

Puppy - Dog  

1st. CHOYA TADASHI (MRS R BANKS). Best Puppy. Shapely with decent length of leg and presents a good outline. Attractive head and expression with good cushioning and fairly broad, nicely marked skull. Well bodied for age with some breadth and depth of chest. True both out and back and presents a most pleasing picture in profile. Very promising.  

2nd. RUBYRANIAN YOSHI'S ISLAND TAF (MISS L K OLSON). Typey and well balanced but there is just a shade too much of him for the show ring. Good sized skull, pleasing eyes, large open nostrils and well cushioned muzzle. Good body and carries himself well on the move. A lovely character.  

Junior - Dog  

1st. LINJATO ISSEY MIYAKE (MRS L A FLYNN). Very appealing as he is dainty and presented in sparkling condition. Lovely shape with short, straight topline and well set tail. Expressive, fairly large, dark eyes. Well bodied with good rib and fins strong bone.  

2nd. GLENDYKE WOT A GUY (MRS J & MISS L MCFARLANE). He has a lovely head and expression with unexaggerated look of astonishment and nicely padded muzzle. Fine and dainty but with good body. Sound. Silky coat but not the confidence of the winner today.  

Post Graduate - Dog  

1st. PAMOJILL POP STAR (MRS G M SWANSTON). I though he was ideal for both size and balance, cobby and compactly built with a silky, well presented coat. Good size skull and lovely eye. Very impressive on the move.  

2nd. VOUGES ROIYARU SHOUKEI (IMP SWE) (MRS L M & MR P GILLHESPY & VAN BAAREN). Sable and white with a good sized head, well placed nose with open nostrils and well cushioned, broad muzzle. Firm, level topline, good body. Very good hind action gave him the advantage today.  


Limit - Dog  

1st. RAKUCHIN THE PUZZLER OF PAMOJILL (MRS G M SWANSTON). Stood alone here today but he could easily withstand some competition. Good skull, well placed nose and nicely cushioned muzzle. Good neck and shoulders, sturdy, well ribbed body with some breadth of chest. In excellent coat and body condition. Shows and moves to advantage.  

Open - Dog  

1st. CH RAKUCHIN KENJI NA (MS T & MS S PEARCE & HANN). CC & BOB. I was extremely impressed with this lovely dog. His good quality silky coat is beautifully presented and he shows to great advantage but he also bears close inspection as there is so much to admire about him. Decent breadth of skull, good nose pad and good breadth of muzzle which is well cushioned. Cobby and compact with fine bone, good ribs and excellent topline and tailset. A very classy Chin.  

2nd. LIZAMELA PROVOCATEUR AT SHARLARNA (MISS P MARTIN). Reserve CC. Another with much to like about him and he too has a real air of quality. Lovely cushioned face, good sized skull, typical feet and bone. Good breadth of chest and compact well ribbed body. Moved out well with some lift in the front and with good hind action. His silky coat was presented immaculately. He really does deserve to win his title.  


Veteran - Dog  

1st. TILLASHBY MICHI AT BELLFLOWS CW16 (MRS G BLAIR). A good quality dog of really pleasing type and balance. Heavily coated and presented in beautiful condition. Most attractive head and expression, clear dark eye, good muzzle. Cobby with good body and excellent topline and tailset. Sound and free moving.  

Puppy - Bitch  

1st. CHOYA TOMOMI (MRS R BANKS). Pleasing to handle as she is well made with a pretty head and expression. High set, well carried tail. Some breadth of chest and sound body. Good both up and down and stylish in profile.  

2nd. CRANVARL TRULY SCRUMPTIOUS (MRS L CRANE). Most appealing head and expression with lovely eyes, well cushioned muzzle. Quite cobby in build with a good topline and high set tail. Moved soundly and shown in good coat, not quite the confidence of the winner as yet.  

Junior - Bitch  

1st. GODHEIM STAR SPANGLE BANNER AT FOCHAI (MISS J MATCHES). A confident happy girl who was shown in very good muscle tone. Decent skull and eyes, good breadth and depth of chest and sturdy, well ribbed body. Fine bone and typical feet. Well carried tail.  

2nd. LINJATO MIMIKO (MRS L A FLYNN). Dainty, very pretty face and feminine, well balanced with short back and good topline. Nicely angulated quarters and moved soundly. Like the others from the kennel is sparkling coat and condition,  


Post Graduate - Bitch  

1st. SWIFTHOCKS PAWS FOR THOUGHT (MR S J, MR & MRS J & A ROONEY & GREEN). Dainty and well balanced with a cobby, well ribbed body. Feminine head with a nicely cushioned muzzle and largish dark, eyes. Good forehand with fine bone and decent feet. Stylish and sound on the move. Good coat.  

2nd. LINJATO MIYAMI (MRS L A FLYNN). Not quite the cushioning of the winner but she too is very pretty and feminine. Lovely eyes. Good body for age and compact and square in outline. Well-marked silky coat. Shows and moves well.  


Limit – Bitch  

A good class.  

1st. ANJULI BERYL JW (MISS L LINDSAY). Has a lot of quality. Fine bone with typical hare feet. Good breadth of skull, lovely eyes and well cushioned muzzle. Cobby with some breadth of chest and excellent topline and tailset. Has good muscle tone and this was reflected in her good movement which had some elevation from the front. Well presented, silky coat. Reserve CC.  

2nd. CRANVARL LE MISTRALL JW (MRS L CRANE). Close up to winner and she too is very pretty, well balanced with good rib and body. Attractive face with good cushioning, good breadth of chest and hare feet. Moved out well with typical action and good tail carriage.  


Open - Bitch  

1st. SHARDLOW KNICKERBOKA GLORY SHCM (MRS J L PARADISE). Soundly made with good body, level topline and high set tail. Generous open face with good cushioning and dark, expressive eyes with typical look of astonishment. Lively and sound on the move. Shown in good order with a silky coat.  

2nd. SLEEPYHOLLOW MAVIS AT ANJULI JW (MISS L LINDSAY). Beautifully balanced and completely typical. Lovely hare feet. Good skull, well cushioned muzzle. Good body and rib with high set, well carried tail.  


Veteran - Bitch  

1st. CH STEPHETER WANNA SHOUT FOR RAKUCHIN (MS T & MS S PEARCE & HANN). I never thought I would give a CC to a bitch of nearly ten years of age but she looked lovely today and I couldn’t deny her. So well balanced and a sensible size with good body, breadth of chest and excellent topline and tailset. Good sized head with clear, bright dark eyes, well cushioned muzzle and open nostrils. Her movement was exemplary and she was in spotless coat and condition.  

2nd. CH SLEEPYHOLLOW SAPPHIRE DIVA AT ANJULI SHCM (MISS L LINDSAY). Another lovely quality bitch, shown in full coat and it is a fine silky texture. Very pretty head and expression with good eyes, and nice cushioning. Gay and lively she too moved out with some style. A very worthy champion.  

Judge: Tom Mather