• Show Date: 28/06/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Tom Mather Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Windsor Dog Show Society

Breed: Stakes

Windsor Championship Dog Show 2018 Across all four days I was spoilt for choice in both lots of Stakes classes. I would have been happy to award a CC to any of the class winners - a lovely position for any judge to be in! The KC Sponsored Good Citizen Dog Scheme Stakes Day 1 1st: 1079 MITCHELL Miss S Denmanwood Decision Sh.CM. Fawn/white trim Whippet bitch who oozes with quality. Very attractive head and expression, neat ears which she uses to advantage. Long elegant neck, good depth of brisket, good forehand. Well angulated with low set hocks. Moved out well and she presents a lovely flowing outline. 2nd: 2065 WELBOURN, DOWSETT & TYLER Ir Ch Zumarnik Hot Pursuit CW12 Sh.CM. this lovely Maltese is an old favourite of mine and it is hard to believe that he is over 9 years of age. A great testament to the love and care lavished upon him by his talented handler. He has many qualities not least his sturdy, well ribbed body, strong well angulated hindquarters and a very pretty head and expression which is enhanced by his good pigmentation. Excellent dentition. Beautiful silky coat presented to perfection. Moved soundly. 3rd: 891 HODGE Mrs K Colkeririn Face To The Sun JW Sh.CM Day 2 1st: 3066 CURTIS Mrs J Ch Brakemill Barnum Sh.CM. Skye Terrier. Masculine head with well set, beautifully fringed ears. His good head carriage show of his long, slightly arched neck and good shoulders. Well ribbed with strong loin and perfect topline. His heavy double coat is perfectly presented. Moved well with a fluid, easy action. 2nd: 2737 KETTLE Ms A Equifox Perfect Pickle. Smooth Fox Terrier. Pleasing head with neat ears, smallish dark eye with a really keen expression. Clean neck of good length, good depth of chest. Pleasing balance with strong, short back and good tailset and carriage. Moved soundly. 3rd: 4473 SHORT Mrs T J Araki Turn Back Time At Parkmist Sh.CM Day 3 1st: 6152 BASTIANI & JOHN Mmes Ch Hawk Blue Eye Des Romarins De Mayerling Joins Auberswell. A very classy Shetland Sheepdog. Masculine yet with a sweet expression and he has some elegance. Beautifully balanced with an excellent forehand. I though he was a lovely colour and his good coat was presented to perfection. Light footed and very sound on the move. Shows to best advantage. 2nd: 5076 BALL Ms D Ch Newgradens Llori Nanya JW Sh.CM. Brown Newfoundland of lovely type and balance. Good size, well proprtioed hdead, clean dark eye. Kind expression. Excellent bone and substance. Good breadth and depth of chest. Ribbed well back. Coped admirably with the heat as she was sound, lively and active on the move. 3rd: 5939 NOLCINI Miss C Broadmaynes Eclipse To Nolmacdon Sh.CM JW Day 4 1st: 7845 RAY Miss J Annilann Mister Blue Sky. A smart blue roan Cocker Spaniel. Typical and unexaggerated with a lovely head and expression, tight eye rims, kind intelligent expression, Good bone, decent well-padded feet, pleasing body with great spring of rib. Good quarters with low set hocks and some drive from the rear on the move. A true, honest, merry Cocker who should finish at the top. 2nd: 6668 POYNTER, Mr L E & POYNTER Mr & Mrs E N Hernwood Thunderstorm. A handsome Gordon Setter, not over done in any respect, pleasing masculine head. Flattish bone and good feet. Good depth of brisket. Well ribbed. Good quarters and moved out well with some drive. 3rd: 6721 HARRIS Mrs S Szajani Szeder The Terry Thorn Memorial Open Stakes Day 1 1st: 92 LEGGET Mrs I Ch Swanwite Karaleigh. Basenji. She presents a most attractive outline with good length of leg, nicely arched neck and high-set, well carried tail. Flat skull, fine wrinkles. Good pasterns. Moved well with a stride of good length. 2nd: 924 STOREY, Mr P M & Mrs E P & PIEHL Mrs L Kiromol Kendi JW Sh.CM. A most impressive, free moving Rhodesian Ridgeback. Lovely head and dignified expression. Good depth of chest, strong loin. Good ridge and crowns. 3rd: 1313 TOWERS Mrs J Enjanicka Midnight Blue Day 2 1st: 2707 DEACON, Mrs B & HILL Mrs J Ch & Am Gr Ch Pennywise On The Road Again (Imp USA). Mustard Dandie Dinmont. My CC & BOB winner a few weeks ago and I haven’t changed my opinion of him. He is shapely and presents a lovely typical, curvy outline. Excellent bone, chest well let down. Strong, well muscled hindquarters gave him a very good impulsive action. Expertly presented. 2nd: 3882 HARRIS Mrs M Ch Neradmik All About The Boy For Watchkees Sh.CM. Keeshond. Masculine, well proportioned head with dark, well set ears. Good neck and shoulders, good depth of brisket. Excellent tailset and carriage. Impressed on the move and he was shown in excellent coat and condition. 3rd: 4038 BRUCE Mrs F Donaska I Dare Say Day 3 1st: 5968 MILLS Miss A Ch Tyngeli Elf Queen At Daugava. Hungarian Puli. On eof several impressive Veterans I judged over the four days (the Maltese and American Cocker spring to mind immediately)! Really excellent type and balance. Relatively fine skull, excellent pigmentation. Light bone, square in outline. Good cords. Moved with a light, easy short step. 2nd: 5174 ALLEN Mr & Mrs J & D Jodipas Time JW Sh.CM. Rottweiler. A bitch I’ve admired before. Good head and expression. Good bone, straight legs and good feet. Good body proportions with broad, deep chest. Strong back. Well muscled quarters. Very pleasing on the move. Excellent temperament. 3rd: 5936 MARSDEN, Miss C & ROBINSON Mr M Avanti Uno Day 4 1st: 7058 HAZELTINE, Miss C & WELCH Mrs S Just Wilburt By Hookwood JW Sh.CM. A good headed Pointer who really fills the eye. Lovely clean outline, long arched neck and good depth of chest. Strong loin, short coupled. Well-muscled hindquarters, short from hock to ground. Moved very well with an easy, fluid action. 2nd: 6579 PITMAN Miss S Pitwit Noble Opal. GSP. Typical and well balanced. Clean head with gentle, noble expression. Deep chest, well ribbed with strong loin. Good breadth across the hips. Shown in hard muscle tone and this was reflected in his good movement. 3rd: 6524 WHITTINGTON Mrs & Miss W & K Juldeane Excalibur Sh.CM Judge: Tom Mather « Previous