• Show Date: 17/08/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Tina Watkins Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Welsh Kennel Club

Breed: Basset Hound


My entry although not the largest was I’m pleased to say, full of quality and out of the top draw. Thank you to all my exhibitors for making the journey. Its 3 years since my last appointment and what an improvement. All hounds, in my opinion, were fit for function. All had good breed type with ample ground clearance, none showed excessive exaggerations. All were well presented, mouths have improved although one or two were tighter than I would like, with only a couple being penalised for carrying too much weight.

VETERAN DOG (1, Abs 0) 

1st: Hirst’s DIHEATH BOB DYLAN AY KEJANA Sh.CM. Stylish tri who belies his 7 years, Classic head with good planes pleasing expression, eye in keeping with colour, showing a reasonable depth of lip with a well-defined occiput. Leathers soft and curling of correct length. Well arched neck, shoulders well laid. Front fitting into crook and with even movement. Topline strong and almost level, ribbing carried well back. Strong hindquarters used to effect with good tailset. Well off for bone and good muscling throughout, moved out with ease and at one with his handler. BVD, BV


PD (1 Abs 1)  

JD (2 Abs 0)

1st: Blevins BLEVWILS SPECIAL EFFECT B/B What a promising youngster this is, who has a balanced outline. Lovely calm expression, dark eye. Correct head planes with prominent occiput and lovely depth to lip. Leathers of length soft and curling and good dentition. Shoulders well-laid elbows close to ribbing of good length. Fore chest still developing but fitting well into crook front even and sound. Long level topline and underline with good tail set and carriage. Has good angulation fore and aft. Excellent bone throughout with well bunched tight feet and good ground clearance. Good muscling throughout and hardening off, moves parallel, covering the ground easily both going away and coming back. One I will watch!

2nd: Melbourne, Hirst & Walker DIHEATH REALLY COSMIC AT KEJANA Tri, Super youngster well balanced with nice outline and type. Pleasing head qualities, expression a little harder than that of winner, well-defined occiput, leathers low set and curling. Strong arched neck clean shoulders, ribs of good length topline and underline level showing good ground clearance. Well angulated with good bone and well-muscled up. Tight feet. Moves out with purpose. 

ND (1 Abs 0)

1st: Melbourne Hirst & Walker DIHEALTH REALLY COMIC AT KEJANA

PGD (2 Abs 1) 

1st: Melbourne & Murray DIHEATH BALDRICK Just 1-year old, Impressive r/w good head qualities dark eye, square deep lip, Leathers low set, prominent occiput. Strong arched neck, clean shoulders with well-developed sternum and well-angulated front for age. Closely fitting elbows strong topline ribbing well rounded, nitpicking I would prefer a lower tailset, carriage a little high. Moved out freely with drive when settled, standing on good feet, well-muscled throughout.

LD (1 Abs 0)  

1st: Seddon’s SEDONIA’S COSWORTH R/W, is balanced and has a nice outline. Pleasing head, calm expression, lovely dark eyes, square lip of good depth, head planes almost parallel with pronounced occiput. Supple low set, curling leathers. Good arch to neck. Well laid shoulders. Forechest well developed and fitting into crook. Ribs of good length, giving strong topline and level underline. Good tailset carried sabre fashion. Nicely angulated with good muscle fore and aft. Well bunched feet he moves out well covering the ground with ease and almost parallel. Good bone throughout just would prefer him just a size bigger.

OD (4 Abs 0) 

1st: Armstrong’s Ch. LAURALEE CODE RED. B/B. A true stallion hound shown in hard condition, who is seriously hard to fault, full of quality and balanced throughout, well off for bone and muscled giving true substance with a superb outline. Well-proportioned masculine head, planes almost parallel lovely deep lip, kind expression, eye dark and of good shape. Well defined occiput, leathers well set, soft and curling. Neck well-arched and lengthy. Well laid shoulder and correct front angulation. Well-developed sternum, his forechest fitting well into crook. Elbows fit nicely. Super ribbing well sprung and rounded, with good depth, carried well back, Strong level topline and underline with ample ground clearance. Correct rear angulation used to advantage. Standing on tight well-knuckled feet with well let down hocks. Good tailset carriage sabre fashion. His movement is parallel, true and effortless both fore and aft going away and on return, reaching in front and driving from behind. Today he pulled out all the stops and pleased to award him this much deserved CC & BOB and so pleased to see him shortlisted in a strong Group.

2nd: Williams BROMP BRIAN SMART R/W So much to like about this boy as he improves with age and another who is hard to fault in lovely hard condition and so unfortunate to meet 1 today. Balanced with a good outline, masculine head with depth of lip. Dark eye and well-shaped. Not the head planes of 1. Low set leathers. Neck nicely arched. Front well-constructed with good keel and even front fitting into crook. Elbow fitting well, ribbing of good length and nicely sprung. Strong level topline and underline. Hindquarters well-muscled with good angulation front and back with ample clearance. Feet tight and well padded, good tailset and carriage. Moves parallel showing both reach and drive, sadly not as animated today as I know he can be. RCC 



VB (1 Abs 0) 

 1st: Ledward DRAWDELL’S LADY DE WINTER R/W. Pleasing head with well-developed occiput, leathers soft, curling and well set. Ample forechest with lovely well-rounded ribbing reaching back. Has good angulation front and rear and moves out. Sadly, carrying a little too much weight for me. A grand old lady who enjoyed her day out.

MPB (2 Abs 1)  

1st: Thexton BARRENGER CADENCE B/B Tri, Stood alone but worthy of the class. What a little sweetie, just 6 months and a little apprehensive. Lots to like about her appealing feminine head, good head planes and eye colour. Soft low set curling leathers, neck of good length. Level topline and underline ribs long tail carried well. Front developing well and needs time to drop into crook. Nicely placed elbows, has good angulation fore and aft. Nice bone and moves true.

PB (2 Abs 0)

1st: Seddon SEDONIA’S INFINITI C/tri another lovely youngster almost out of puppy. Feminine head with good planes, dark eye of correct shape, well-defined occiput low well-set leathers both soft and curling. Good arch to neck. Front angulation developing nicely with keel almost fitting into crook. Elbows fitting neatly against ribs of good length level topline and underline with good tailset. Feet tight and well padded with good bone throughout. Showing a balanced outline and, muscling up nicely which shows on the move covering the ground with easily using her quarters to advantage, almost parallel out and back. BP

2nd: William’s BROMP LOLA BROWN B/B tri. Another super youngster with so much to like many of the same attributes as 1. Beautiful feminine head qualities, with good leathers, prominent occiput. Lovely dark eye. Well-developed front, super angulation fore and aft. Good ribbing with strong top and underlines with correct tailset. Well knuckled feet Moves soundly away and back, would just prefer her one size bigger.

JB (2 Abs 0)

1st: Blevins BLEVWILS RAVISHING RITA C/tri. What a little superstar this is. Well balanced with quality and ample bone. Feminine head qualities beautiful well shaped dark eye with lovely expression. Prominent occiput, leathers soft, velvety and curling. Well arched neck with good forward angulation, shoulder well laid, sternum pronounced and fitting into crook elbows fitting neatly to ribs, which are carried well back. Strong level topline and underline, correct tailset with good carriage. Stifles well bent. Standing on well knuckled up feet, with good bone throughout. Muscled up and movement hard to fault, parallel going away and on return covers the ground with ease showing reaching in front and driving from behind. RCC

2nd: Price WELLSBAYVIEW ROCK ON RUBY C/tri, from a larger mould than winner with deeper body, with time on her side, still not quite finished or as mature as 1. Classic feminine head nicely chiselled with prominent occiput, dark eye of good shape, would prefer a little more stop. Leathers curling, velvety of good length and well set. Lengthy neck with arch, shoulders well laid but front not as developed as winner. Closely fitting elbows, strong level topline. Tail carriage good. Well off for bone with tight feet. Moved well enough but hard to assess as she was not cooperating with her handler today, will benefit from a little more muscling and toning up to harder condition.  

NB (1 Abs 0)


PGB (4 Abs 0) 

1st: Freer SWITHERLAND IMAGINATION R/W Well balanced, full of quality. A little apprehensive but once I got my hands on her was hard to fault. Feminine head with good planes, dark eye of correct shape, nice depth to lip. Prominent occiput with low set, soft curling leathers. Front confirmation good throughout shoulders laidback with sternum fitting into crook, elbows fitting closely to ribs of good length giving strong topline and nice underline. Has well-angulated rear which she uses to advantage tailset good with correct carriage. True movement fore and aft, out and on return. Tight feet and good bone throughout.

2nd: Blevins BLEVWILS RIGHT IMPRESSION C/tri, another quality youngster from this kennel, with many of the same attributes as 1, very feminine, her forechest not quite as developed as winner, elbows fit closely to ribs of good length, has strong level topline and underline. Tailset and carriage good. super bone throughout with tight feet. Movement clean covering the ground effortlessly. 



LB (4 Abs 0) 

1st: Melbourne & Hudson DIHEATH BOB R/W litter sister to winner of postgraduate dog just barely 1 yr. Has many of the same attributes. A little more settled than her brother but just as impressive. Super to go over with a well-developed front and forechest which fits neatly into her crook. Closely fitting elbows strong topline ribbing well rounded, good tailset and carriage. Clean outline. She has free movement reaching with front and driving from behind with well knuckled up feet. She has a promising future.

 2nd: Cartwright & Williams BROMP MISS VELVET AT LONGMYND C/Tri. One I have admired from ringside and not disappointed to go over. Feminine throughout, pleasing head with good eye colour and shape, low set leathers, soft and curling. Define occiput, reachy neck front angulation and forechest good and well fitting. Elbows tucked into long ribbing with good body shape. Tailset and carriage good. Tight feet. Not moving as well today as I have seen her.


4th: Hirst, Melbourne, & Storton DIHEATH MARMITE AT KEJANA

OB (4 Abs 0)  

1st: Freer SWITHERLAND LAURALEE PAINT THE TOWN RED C/Tri. This girl is so impressive, balanced and oozes femininity. Super outline without exaggeration, shown in lovely condition. Litter sister to my DCC winner and what a pair they are. Beautiful head with correct planes, nice depth of lip with beautiful soft melting expression, dark eyes of good shape, long well-set curling leathers. Pronounced occiput with arched neck of good length, well laid shoulders and a well-defined sternum sits in nicely into her crook, sound even front assembly. Ribs rounded, well sprung and carried well back with strong back and level topline and underline showing ample ground clearance, good tailset and sabre like carriage. Muscled quarters with lovely bend of stifle, tightly knuckled up feet and good bone throughout. Moved out soundly showing good reach to front and a lovely driving action from behind, parallel covering the ground effortlessly, true both fore and aft. Pleased to award her, her crowning CC

2nd: Freer Ch. SWITHERLAND SMART ALICE C/tri. One I have watched for some time and so unlucky to have met the winner today. Delightful to go over with many of the same qualities as her kennel mate. Shows both quality and balance. Feminine head, nice depth to lip with clean dark eye, prominent occiput well set supple leathers well curled. Well-fitting elbows ribs sprung and of length, strong level top and underline tailset and carriage good. Well-muscled throughout feet tight and padded up. Movement free and easy covering the ground well both out and back.



Judge Tina (CM) Watkins