• Show Date: 25/05/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Terry Wood Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Bath Canine Society

Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier

         Bath Canine Society Championship Show 25.5.2018

Firstly i would like to thank the Bath Committee for inviting me to judge Staffordshire Bull Terriers at their Champ Show, it was a great honour to accept their kind invitation, Secondly I would like to thank all those who brought their Staffords for my assessment that day and took all my decisions in a sporting manner. I would also like to thank my two ring stewards who did a super job organizing the ring and making things run so smoothly on the day. Overall the quality was excellent with some Staffords unfortunately going home cardless, I did view a couple of mouth faults also what i did find was that some were carrying a little too much weight on the day and could be a lot harder and fitter but that can come with more exercise, that can be the difference between winning and losing and today that was the case in some of today's classes. Having said that overall the quality was very good. I thoroughly enjoyed my day and I was pleased with my main winners and placings on the day of the Show.

M.P.D ( 9,3 )


Passeernomen Blancus Omen. B/Bl, Stunning Young Puppy That Was Well Balanced With A Super Head And Expression, Dark Eye, Neat Ears, Excellent Front, Enough Rib for age, Good Strong Backend, Stood Four Square, Moved and Handled Well, Look Forward To Watching This Boy In The Future, Best Puppy Dog.

2nd RHODES,Mr L & PRITCHARD Mr A, Taraiel Reaper at Teracota. B/Bl, Another Top Class Puppy, Excellent Head & Expression, Super Front & Feet, Good Rib, Short Coupled, Good Backend, Turned out in Excellent Condition, Moved & Handled Well I Am Sure This Boy Will Also Have A Bright Future.

3rd THOMAS Mr S, Sikaistaff Stranger Things.

P.D ( 6,0 )

1st GEE Mr A, 

Biggleswick Born To Be Wild. R, Lovely Head & Expression, Neat Ears, Good Clean For Face, Correct Bit, Good Front & Feet, Excellent Spring Of Rib & Short Coupled, Excellent Rear End & Hard As Nails, His Condition Is A Real Credit To His Owner.

2nd JOHNSON Mr & Mrs M & K,

Tillcarr Fire Coanda, B/Bl, Super Head and Expression, Broad Deep Skull, Well Placed Eye, Correct Bit, Excellent Front & Feet, Good Topline Standing & Moving, Good Backend, Moved and Handled Well, shown in Good Condition. I Just Preferred The Harder Condition Of First Place Winner.

3rd LEE Mrs B P, Leebee’s Marbooza.

J.D ( 10,1 )

1st LEE Miss K, 

Molru Throwing Shapes, D/Bl, Lovely Clean Well Shaped Head, Dark Eye, Correct Scissor Bite, Excellent Front & Feet, Good Deep Brisket, Short Compact Body, Well Cut In The Loin, Strong Well Angulated Backend, Turned out in Very Hard Condition A Credit To His Lady Owner, Moved & Handled Well. 

2nd DESMOND Mrs D L & Mr A J,

Elitebull Challenger, B/Bl, Another lovely Young Dog, Beautiful Head & Expression, Dark Piercing Eye, Lovely Neat Ears, Good Clean Front, Well Of For Rib With A Deep Brisket, Good Topline Standing & Moving, Moved & Handled Well, I am Sure These Two Well Change Places In Time, Another Young Dog With A Bright Future Ahead Of Him.

3rd O’CONNOR Mr M, Santan Crime Fighter By Chezatree.

N.D ( 4,0 )


Rohirrin Of Rohan Moravia Lord, Bl/W Pied, Standard Size Boy, Lovely Clean Head, Dark Eye, Neat Rose Ears, Super Front with Good Tight Feet, Short Compact Well Defined Body Turned Out in Excellent Condition, Moved & Handled Well.

2nd LEE Mrs B P, 

Leebee’s Marbooza, R/W, Another Nice Dog with a nice expression, Good Dark Eye, Nice Rose Ear, Good Depth & Width Of Brisket; Good Front Well Padded Feet, Nice Top Line, Good Backend, Moved and Handled Well. 

3rd THISBY Mr & Mrs K B & F,

Taurinstaff Fist Of Fury.

P.G.D ( 9,1 )


1st Because I’m Happy Terrystaff, B/Bl, Lovely Balanced Stafford With A Lovely Clean Well Shaped Head, Neat Rose Ears, Dark Well Placed Eye, Good Length of Muzzle Housing A Correct Scissor Bite, Well Layed Shoulders Leading Into An Excellent Front, With Very Good Feet, Stood Four Square, Excellent Rear End and Turned Out In Very Hard Condition a Real Credit To Her Owner, I Considered This Boy For The Res.C.C But He Give His Handler A Very Hard Time On The Move And He Wouldn't Settle, Which Cost Him The Res.C.C Which Is A Shame.

2nd REE’S Mr J M & Mrs B A,

Edgeworth Arturo, Bl/W, Another Good Quality Stafford Well put together, Lovely Shaped Head with good Ear Carriage good width of Muzzle and Under Jaw, Correct Bite, Very Good Front & Feet, Short Coupled with a Good Top Line,Strong Rear Quarters, Showed and Moved Very Well.


Poem’s World Lord Kossity. 

L.D ( 11,2 )

1st DARBY Mr & Mrs R & J,

Manark Guns N Roses, Bl/B, Excellent Strong Well Shaped Headpiece, Broad Deep Skull, Very Good Stop with Big Check Muscles and Strong Under Jaw with A Good Bite, Strong Neck Leading In To Excellent Front With Good Width To It, Massive Spring Of Rib, Well Cut In The Loin With A Good Tuck Up, Excellent Backend and in Super Hard Condition, Covered the Ground with essie as he moved Up and Down The Ring. A Real Credit To His Owner.

2nd JORDAN Mrs R S J,

Dazmarnic Know Wot I Mean, Red, Another Top Class Stafford With A Beautiful Head Shape Given An Excellent Expression,Lovely Round Well Placed Eye, Nice Small Ears, Good Chiseled Stop, Perfect Scissor Bite, Super Front & Feet, Well Of For Rib, Very Good Backend, Showed In Very Good Condition As Well. Moved And Handled Real Well.


Fergustaff Jack Frost Sh.CM.

O.D ( 11, 2 )

Now This Class Had A Lot Top Class Staffords With Some Of Them Going Home Cardless And On A Different Day Many Of Them Well Change Places I Am Sure Of This Without a Doubt My Class Winner Was,

1st HIGHAM Mr M,

CH.Callastaff Lakeland Lad, Bl/B, My “STAR” Of The Day This Boy Is Straight Out Off The Top Drawer. His Head & Expression Is To Die For He Has The Most Beautiful Well Shaped Head with A Broad Deep Skull with Super Check Muscle’s, Chiselled Stop, Dark Round Eye, Lovely Clean Foreface Housing A Correct Scissor Bite, Excellent Well Boned Front With Excellent Feet, Well Sprung Rib with a Deep Brisket, Level Top and Nice Defined Body With A Good Backend Stood Four Square, Moved Well & He Was Handled To Perfection. Pleased To Award Him The Dog C.C & Best Of Breed He Then Went On To Win TERRIER GROUP 4.

2nd STANWAY Mrs E A & Mr P T,

Waystaff What A Cracker, Bl/W, Another Quality Stafford Of Standard Size With A Beautiful Clean Well Shaped Head, Dark Piercing Eye, Neat Rose Ears, Excellent Front & Feet, Short Compact Body Well Cut In The Loin With A Good Tuck Up, Strong Rear Quarter, He Stood Like A Statue And Was Turned Out As Hard As Nails, Moved & Handled Well, Dog Res.C.C.

V.D ( 1 )

1st DAVIES Mr & Mrs M,

CH.Eclypstaff Cuz I Can, Bl/B, What Can I Say About at His Dog That Has Not Already Been Said, A Top Class Stafford & A Top Class Producer, Beautiful Head and Expression, Neat Rose Ears, Dark Eye, Cleans Front With Excellent Feet, Nice Body Shape and Shown In Excellent Condition Moved & Handled Well. He Is A Real Credit To His Breeders / Owners and Also To Our Beloved Breed For Producing Such Good Quality Staffords.

S.B.D/B ( 5.1 )


1st lllori Believe In me J.W, Bl/B, Athletic Type Stafford, Lovely feminine bitch, Good Head Shape, Neat Ears, Dark Eyes, Correct Bite. Well developed Body With Level Topline, Good Bend of Stifle, Shown In Super Condition. Showed & Moved Very Well, A Real Credit to Her Owner.


Blooming Lovely, Another Nice Stafford, Well Shaped Head, Nice Ears, Good Bite & Under Jaw, Good Clean Front, Nice Make & Shape, Good Backend, Moved & Handled Well, Turned out in Good Condition.


Biggleswick Billy No Mates.

M.P.B ( 6 )

1st HUGHES Mr S,

Taurinstaff Molly’s Choice, Bl/B, Beautiful Well Balanced Puppy, Lovely Well Shaped Head, Neat Ears, Dark Eye, Clean Lips, Lovely Front & Feet, Nice Body For Age, Good Backend, Showed & Moved Well For One So Young.


Lackyle Banrion Uasal At Jewelstaff, Bl/B, Lovely Feminine Bitch, With Nice Clean Lines, Lovely Front With Tight Feet, Nice Rib For Age, Well Angulated Backend, Turn Out In Nice Condition, Handler Got The Best Out Of Her.


Powerpack Alura Finvarra.

P.B ( 9,1 )

1st JOHNSON Mr M & Mrs K,

Tillcar Baptism Of Fire Bl/B, Now This Girl Is Straight Out Of The Top Drawer.This Young Bitch Puppy Is Absolutely Outstanding Quality, Her Head & Expression Is To Die For, Beautiful Shaped Head Clean As A Whistle, Smallest Of Ears, Dark Well Placed Eye’s, Good Strong Muzzle, Correct Scissor Bite, Beautiful Front & Lovely Tight Feet, Her Body Well Developed For Her Age, Super Top Line Standing & Moving, Lovely Backend, Stood Four Square & Showed Her Socks Off, Moved Well For Her Handler, I Know This Girl Has A Very Bright Future Ahead Of Her a CHAMPION In The Making. I Give Me Great Pleasure to award her The Bitch Res.C.C & Best Puppy In Breed.


Call Me Maybe Fergustaff, Bl/B, Another Top Class Puppy Bitch of Super Quality, She Is Slightly Bigger all Over, Beautiful Head & Expression, Super Clean Front & Feet, Nicely Put Together With Plenty Of Leg, Stood Well And Turned Out In Excellent condition, Her Handler Got The Best Out Of Her . Another To Watch Out For.


Catstaffs Fact Or Fiction.

J.B ( 9,2 )

1st LEE Mrs L A & Mr D A & Coleman Mr,

Berrystock Enigma Black, Bl/B, Standard Size Bitch of Lovely Quality, Lovely Clean Well Shaped Headpiece, Small Rose Ears, Lovely Dark Eye, Good Strong Muzzle, Lovely Clean Front With Nice Tight Feet, Lovely Over All Body Shape, Short & Compact With A Strong Well Muscled Backend, Turned Out In Excellent Condition, Moved & Handled Well Her Handler Done An Excellent Job.

2nd HOUWAART, Mrs S & SUCIC Mr V, 

Jecanibo’s The Jean Genie, D/Bl, Strong Clean Head, Dark Eye, Lovely Ears, Good Under Jaw, Broad Well Boned Front With Good Feet, Nice Spring Of Rib, Nicely Tucked In At The Loin, Strong Rear Quarters, Moved & Showed Well.

3rd BROWN Mr & Mrs J & G,

Esprimo Love From Down Under.

N.B ( 2,1 )

1st ROBBINS Mrs T,

Jakataffs Lakota, R, Nice Shape Head, Good Length of Muzzle, Correct Scissor Bite, Clean Front, Nice Feet, Well Bodied Bitch of Nice Substance, Moved and Showed Well For Her Handler.

P.G.B ( 13, 2 )


Monroe Res Guerriers Felted, Bl/B, Lovely Clean Well Shaped Head, Nice Ear Carriage, Dark Well Placed Eyes, Correct Length Of Muzzle, Good Bite and Strength Under Jaw, Excellent Front With Nice Bone, Very Good Spring Of Rib, Strong Rear Quarters, Showed to Perfection, Really Covered the Ground When She Moved.


Cwmcalon Armani Code, Bl/B, A Very Nice Looking bitch From All Angles With A Lovely Clean Outline Good Bone & Well Balanced Throughout, Good Spring Of Rib With Excellent Pigmentation, Very Good Rear Quarters and Tuned Out In Hard Condition.

3rd SIMPSON Mr & Mrs S & J,

Briganah Body Soul.

L.B ( 13 )


Jecanibo’s From Down Under, Bl/B, This Bitch Caught My Eye On Entering The Ring, Beautiful Clean Well Shaped Head, Lovely Small Ears, Dark Eye Well Placed, Good Length of Muzzle Housing A Correct Scissor Bite, Excellent Forequarters, Front Legs With Nice Round Bone Leading In To Good Tight Feet Slightly Turned Out, Deep Brisket & Well Sprung Ribs, Level Topline, Excellent Rear Quarters Stood Four Square, Moved With Purpose Across The Ring, Showed & Moved Very Well.


Loyalstaff The Star Of Edens, Bl/ B, Strong Powerful Bitch Well Put Together, Excellent Head & Expression, Broad Deep Through Skull, 

Deep Chiseled Stop, Powerful Cheek Bumps, Strong Under Jaw, Correct Bite, Strong Neck Leading Into A Very Good Front, Massive Rib, Good Strong Back-end, Turned Out In Excellent Condition, Moved & Handled Well, 

3rd MANN Mrs V R & Mr S E,

Nerotoro Cosmic Girl.

O.B ( 7 )


CH.Carandstaff Moondance J.W, Bl/B, 

A Cracking Bitch With A Superb Head Shape, With A Beautiful Expression, Correct bite, Well Pronounced Cheek Muscles and Good Strength Of Under Jaw, Excellent pigmentation, Neat Ear Carriage Which She Used Constantly As If To Say Have Look at me, Excellent Well Boned forequarters Leading To Her Lovely Front, Perfect depth of brisket, Level topline & Well Sprung Rib Cage, Well Muscled Hindquarters & Well Let Down at The Hocks, She Moves Out Well Covering The Ground With Ease, A Well Deserved Champion Full Of Breed Type, I Was Pleased To award Her Bitch C.C This Girl I Would Have Loved To Have Taken Her Home With Me. 

2nd YATES Mr J & TUNE, Miss M & CUND MISS A, 

CH.Tusslestaff Black Diamond At Chelmbull 

Bl/B, Another Top Class Bitch Of Great Quality In A Smaller Package With A Stunning Head & Expression, A Beautiful Bitch Viewed From All Angles Stood Four Square and Up On Her Toes,She Has A Lovely Clean Outline To Her & She Was Turned Out In Tip Top Condition & She Was Shown To Perfection A Real Credit To Her Young Handler & Another Worthy Champion.


Bel Dutch CH.Indianstaff Oops I Did It Again.

V.B ( 4,1 )


CH. Taraiel Ciara J.W Sh.CM, Bl/B, Now This Girl Is A Stunning Example Of The Breed, This Girl Could Still Give Them A Run For There Money She Has A Clean Well Shaped Headpiece With Good Length Of Muzzle, Excellent Front & Rear Quarters, Well Ribbed Body & Excellent Confirmation, She Was Turned Out In Excellent Condition & Moved Like A Dream A Real Credit To Her Breeders & Owners.

2nd COBLE Mr & Mrs H & M

Surestaff Valentina Bl/B, A Lovely Well Balanced Stafford Bang On The Standard, Nice Clean Well Shaped Head, Nice Expression With Neat Ears, Good Broad Front & Nicely Out Together, Good Strong Back-end, Moved & Handled, She Seemed To Enjoy Her Day Out In The Ring Along With Her Handler.

3rd DRAHOSOVA PAUDEROVA Mrs T,   CH. Daddy's Little Girl Bullparraben.


Judge: Mr Terry Wood ( BULTERY )