• Show Date: 28/06/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Terrie Cousins-Brown Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Windsor Dog Show Society

Breed: German Shepherd Dog

Windsor Ch Show 2018

German Shepherd Dogs

My thanks to the committee for the invitation to judge German Shepherd Dogs at this prestigious show. Thanks also to my excellent stewards and to the exhibitors for the sporting manner in which they accepted my decisions. The behaviour of the dogs, owners, and everyone ringside was exemplary. All of the dogs had the correct dentition and sound temperaments. I moved them sufficiently for me to see what I needed to see whilst being mindful of the hot weather and the welfare of the dogs and the handlers.

Veteran D/B (2,0)

1. Jackson’s Ch Veneze Gabriella

Really beautiful b/g female, medium size and strength with good bone and feet, slightly stretched, feminine proportionate head with dark eye, correct set of neck, shoulders well laid, correct wither placement and firm back, correct hind angulation, a touch narrow going away, perfect coming towards, excellent side gait with good reach and thrust, in good coat, pushed hard in the challenge, just a little unsettled with the change of handler, top quality showy and alert bitch and an honour to judge her. Shortlisted to last 6 of veteran group.

2. Veplancke’s Paulincuss Kestrel

Upper medium size male, slightly over stretched, masculine head with good pigment and expression, excellent bone and chest, good forequarters, well sprung ribs, level back, croup a little steep, well angulated rear, very sounding coming and going, held a firm topline gaiting, in excellent coat.

PD (3.0)

1. Pucknell & Palmer’s Nellinka Christmas Hades

Rich b/g at his first show, just 6 months and more than held his own here, masculine outlook, good size and strength, won this class on his overall balance and firmness of body and movement, proportionate head with good skull developing and strong foreface, good pigment, strong well set neck, good front and bone, well placed wither, firm back, correct loin and angle of croup, not overdone in any way, correct height:length proportions, moved very well for one so young, just needs to tighten in front, strength of hocks very good for age, will watch his show career with interest BPD

 2. Hensley & Swift’s Marley vom Monskley

Upper size b/g male of good strength and very masculine head, a little rangy at present, excellent bone and feet, correct upper arm and shoulder with correct withers, firm back and loin, croup a touch steep, well angulated rear, good underline, needs to tighten up and fill his frame has plenty of time to develop, lots of scope on the side gait, confident and masculine.

3. Forman’s Suzdans Severus Over Blue

JD (1,0)

Rula’s Kombiniert Franco

b/g LC masculine in appearance, medium size, medium strength and slightly stretched, head proportionate with good strength of jaw, good pigment, strong neck, well set on, good front, tight elbows, firm back and loin, correct angulation, sound coming and going but would have liked a little more enthusiasm from him in side gait, in lovely bloom and hard condition.

PG (2,0)

1. Thompson’s Dragonburg Dark Knight

Bi-colour LC, medium size and strength, slightly over stretched, masculine and balanced head with dark eye, good forehand and well boned with good chest and tight feet, firm upper line, well muscled hindquarters, very sound in all gaits and kept a firm backline, in good coat.

2. Gwilliam’s Kazaura’s Forever and a Day

b/g LC medium sized, overstretched, masculine head with good width of skull and well set ears, would prefer a darker eye, strong muzzle, correct neck, needs a little more width of chest, firm back, not quite the balance and proportions of one, moved ok with reasonable reach and hind thrust but could be firmer going away, in super coat with a long well feathered tail and lovely calm nature.

LD (4,0)

1. Nicholson & Kaczmarcyk’s Lararth Aramis

Really super b/g of medium size and strength, slightly stretched and well balanced all through, lovely musculine head, good ear carriage and dark eye, well developed neck and chest, good shoulder placement, good under line, firm back and loin, well moulded croup and correct tail set, good rear assembly, strong and broad hindquarters, stands true on tight feet, sound away and back, good forward reach and rear drive, kept a smooth topline, purposeful on the move, in good coat RBD

2. Pucknell & Palmer’s Nellinka Golden Pride

b/light tan, competitive between 1 & 2, not quite the width of skull of 1 but still very masculine with good pigment and dark eye, well balanced and liked his overall type and proportions, good front with correct layback, well boned with tight feet, good chest and well sprung ribs, correct firm back and compact through loin, croup well moulded with good set on of tail, sound coming and going and plenty of scope gaiting, firm pasterns, soundly made.

3. Thompson’s Dragonburg Dark Knight

OD (5,2)

1. Marsden & Robinson’s Avanti Uno

Lovely masculine b/g medium size, medium strength and well proportioned, lovely calm outlook, skull of equal length and breadth with strong muzzle and good planes, strong well set neck with correct wither coming from well laid shoulders, upper arm length and angles correct and balanced with rear, good chest, well boned with good underline, firm back and loin, croup firm and correctly angled, long tail, firm in hocks and pasterns, sound coming and going, good reach and follow through from hind quarters keeping a smooth back line, covered plenty of ground smoothly with minimal uplift, couldn’t match the bitch for enthusiasm in the challenge, she showed more capacity for endurance in the final run off today BD

2. Forman’s Suzdans Frozen in Blue ShCM

B/light gold of slightly heavier build but with a lot to like, lovely masculine head with good pigment and expression coming from dark almond eyes, head proportionate to body, calm and self assured, strong and well set neck, good bone and chest, balanced angulation, firm backline with good ribbing, slightly longer loin than 1, correct length and angle of croup, long and well carried tail, very sound in all directions, good reach and thrust, smooth and firm topline gaiting, another who covered plenty of ground.

3. Thompson’s Dragonburg Dark Knight

GC D/B (2,1)

1. Veplancke’s Paulincuss Kestrel (repeat Veteran D/B)

2. James’s Nellinka Golden Delicious

b/g bitch, very nice for overall type, medium size and strength, correct body proportions, feminine head with dark eye and well set ears, little heavy in body, correct neck and good forequarters, nice bone and depth of chest, strong neck, topline correct, well muscled hindquarters, a little wide going away, correct coming and nice steady side gait with good reach and drive, just preferred the overall balance of 1.

SB D/B (1,0) 1. Veplancke’s Paulincuss Kestrel (repeat Veteran D/B)

PB (6,0)

Class of promising puppies.

1. Wall & Nicholson Fairycross Sabine with Norwulf

b/g very showy medium size bitch of good strength, lovely balance and proportions, alert expression, balanced skull and foreface and dark almond eye, well laid shoulders, good chest and ribbing, well boned , firm backline with excellent croup and tail set, firm feet and pasterns, well angulated strong rear, very sound in all directions, with good extension gaiting, strong hocks, in good coat and condition, must have a promising career. BP

2. Hensley & Swift’s Monksley Angelelina

Sable and just a baby, raw but of immense promise, won her place here on her overall balance and firmness, needs to tighten of course but for her age, moved very well, lovely feminine head, alert and self assured with pretty eye and good ears, well set neck, well boned, very correct balanced angulation, good topline and well moulded croup, really liked her and another who should go far.

3. James Rydeneiche Quadria

JB (6,0)

Spoilt for choice here, some lovely females

1. Marsden & Robinson’s Avanti Virtue

Lovely b/pale gold medium size, medium strength feminine bitch, with good pigmentation and expression coming from balanced head and well placed ears, slightly lighter eye perfectly permissible and did not distract from self assured expression, correctly set strong neck, slightly stretched proportions, lovely forequarters and layback, good bone and firm pasterns, elbows tight and good chest, firm backline, compact, firm hindquarters, well set tail, strong hocks, sound to and fro, excellent extension and thrust on side gait, super temperament and condition RBB

2. Hensley & Swift’s Gracie von Zuberg

b/g another really alert and showy bitch, still a puppy, with nice feminine head with dark eyes, strong neck, stands true with good bone and tight feet, good shoulders, topline and muscled hindquarters with well moulded croup. Firm in body, moved soundly maintaining smooth lines and gaited well from the side, not quite the strength in hock yet of 1 but a very impressive youngster.

3. Young’s Larath Hoity Toity

PGB (7,2)

1. Kew’s Kentixen Winter Chills

Just loved this alert, rich b/g, strong medium size girl, short coupled, shown in full coat and good hard muscular condition. Lovely head with good balance of skull and foreface, dark eye and lovely ears, stronger in head than some of the other bitches but still markedly feminine. Excellent bone and depth of chest, strong pasterns, good feet, well ribbed, perfect backline, croup of correct length and angle with well set long tail, strong and broad hindquarters, stands true with excellent strength in hock, very sound away and towards, covered the ground well both on the walk and extended, excellent reach and thrust through, calm yet gives the impression that she would be tireless at work, totally balanced and free from exaggeration, never stopped reaching and driving, I wish her well for the future BB, BOB and shortlisted in the group.

2. Pucknell & Palmer’s Nellinka I have a Dream

b/g LC with a beautiful head and eye, medium size and strength and slightly stretched, correct proportions of height to length, long coat gives the illusion that she is shorter in leg than she actually is, well laid shoulder, good bone and feet with good chest, firm topline and strong hindquarters. I would prefer her in a little harder body condition, but a very attractive and attentive bitch. Stands true front and rear, firm and sound to and fro, covers the ground well gaiting, coat in full bloom of excellent quality with good undercoat.

3. Slaughter & Parson’s Kintaro Valencia with Franzille

LB (4,1)

1. 2. Hensley & Swift’s Monksley Yasmin

Really lovely b/pale gold but completely naked today, that said, you could see all her lovely curves and angles, excellent balance and shape, medium size and strength, slightly stretched, strong but feminine with excellent balanced angulation, firm topline and well moulded croup, compact with broad hindquarters, stands true front and rear with good strong hocks and firm pasterns and feet. Sound out and back, excellent reach and drive on the move, smooth gaiting maintaining perfect over and underlines, would like to see her in full bloom.

2. Parson’s Suzdans Pocahontas

Slightly heavier build, b/pale gold medium size, medium strength, slightly stretched feminine and self –assured bitch with a lovely head and super pigment and expression, strong correctly set neck, good bone and pasterns with tight feet, would prefer her a little less deep in chest, excellent firm back and loin with well moulded croup and set on of long tail, very balanced angulation, strong hocks, stands true, very sound in all directions, not quite the forward reach of 1 but a bitch who moves with purpose and still covers ground, smoothly transitions from walk to trot.

3. Larmer’s Ardenburg Quana


Difficult class to judge

1. Kirk’s Wakematt Freya

Sound and well balanced pale b/g medium size and well proportioned with a nicely balanced head, dark eye and good ears, a little heavy in body but good angulations, firm back and loin, would prefer a better tail set, lovely temperament, moved very soundly, firm in pasterns and hocks and well boned, in good coat, best mover in the class and the best for overall make and shape.

2. Larmer’s Ardenburg Quana

Another very sound and feminine medium sized rich b/g, would prefer her with a little more bone and width of chest, very pretty head and well set neck, dips slightly behind the wither, loin and croup strong and tail well set, well muscled rear, strong hocks, moved true out and back but little lethargic gaiting, in lovely coat.

3. Fowler’s Parkrise High