• Show Date: 10/05/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Terri Reed Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Birmingham Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Old English Sheepdog


I would like to thank the exhibitors for their entries, I really enjoyed my day and feel honored to be able to judge our lovely breed once again at this level. I was pleased with my entry and the majority of the dogs displayed the lovely bold and friendly temperament that I would expect to see. The overall presentation of the dogs was excellent, just a couple with dirty teeth which did disappoint me as this is as important as all the grooming and preparation that everyone takes so much care over.. Thankfully the ring was of a good size, giving the dogs the opportunity to stride out and making it easier to assess movement. In some of the classes the depth of quality was super making decisions very difficult and I just wished I had more red cards to give out. Post Grad Bitch was a particularly strong class. Pleased to see my BOB and BPIB were both shortlisted in the pastoral group.

  MPD (3, 2 abs) Lovely class to start with, Just unfortunate that the puppies were a little unsettled due to the noisy ring beside us. 1. Cowan’s Storinblu Gabriel’s Sword 9 month old on the day. Lovely friendly puppy displaying a square outline and well off for bone. Two dark brown eyes, with a good reach of neck and well angulated shoulders. His coat was slow to change colour but the texture and profuseness was good. Took him a while to settle but when he did he moved steadily. 2. Wakefield’s Raynham Bring Me Sunshine at Forestbelle. Loved this young man, such a shame he did not settle when standing or on the move. I do like a bit of character but he made it hard to assess his movement and his handler needs to get him under control on the move to make the most of him. Has all the attributes I am looking for at this age including a lovely square shape and profuse coat. 3. Richardson’s Storinblu Rhythmn Of My Heart.

  PD ( 1). Cheshire’s Molyneux Start Me Up. Larger framed dog, shame he was on his own but still a worthy winner. Excellent dentition with a lovely reach of neck and good spring of rib. Coat is starting to change and moved steadily. Well handled. JD (4) 1. Reeve’s Shaggy Blue Bob’s Xerxes at Brinkley (Imp). Very elegant young man who shows lots of promise and I expect to see him win top honours once he matures. Good head with correct dentition very short and compact in body. Decent length of neck which led into well angulated shoulders. Good hindquarters, with superb rear angulation and neat well let down hocks which reflected in his movement. Coat changing nicely for age and moved with drive. Very well handled and presented in top condition pleased to award him a RCC and will watch his progress with interest. 2. Jones’s Hickorystix Mr Bojangles at Cooljays. Another nice boy, just preferred the shorter coupling of my winner. Super sized head with large nose and good stop well angulated front and rear with correct shoulder placement and well off for bone, good bend of stifle. A harsh and very profuse jacket which is changing nicely. Look forward to seeing him mature and gain his furnishings. 3. Kirby’s Macopa Moment In Time.

PGD (3), 1. Rathband’s Keynell Midnight Moon. Striking young dog with good all round conformation. Strong head with correct bite and lovely dark brown eyes with good pigment. Short coupled with strong rear end and moved with good reach both back and front. He has a quality jacket with super break and texture. 2. Huggan’s Jandoes Born to be Wild at Jazziepad. Really liked this boy his coat is harsh and did not have the profuseness or the furnishings of my winner. Once his coat comes through I am sure he will change places with my winner. Loved his overall square and compact shape. Strong square skull with tight scissor bite. Well arched neck with good lay of shoulder. Moved out well with great drive from the rear 3. Sharp’s Brackenhome Boy Blue.

Limit (3) 1. Evans’s Bracalgem Ray of Sunshine. Large upstanding male who is starting to mature nicely. Strong head properties with a good stop dark brown eyes and correct pigmentation. Strong mouth with large white and correctly placed teeth. Deep brisket and good rise to loin. Coat is slow to change but is starting to come through just needs to harshen up and clear a little more to complete the picture. Moved out well. 2. Pickering’s Zottels Ferrari Fantasy at Noggybanks. Another large impressive male with excellent head properties with enough neck and well angulated shoulders. Excellent spring of rib and deep brisket. Just carrying a little too much weight which reflected in his front movement, but from the rear he moved with drive. 3. Mellowdee Moriaty with Lexalby.

OD (4) 1. Burn’s Melleonar’s Crackerjack at Bovaron. A very impressive looking dog and didn’t disappoint on going over him. Super head with a strong jaw and correct scissor bite. Coat is maturing nicely and is of good quality, very profuse with a lovely crisp texture. Lovely arched neck with well angulated shoulders and a lovely spring of rib. Excellent hind angulation with good bend of stifle. He is a joy to watch when he moves and has excellent reach on the front and strong driving rear action. Such a happy boy on the move and was pleased to award him the DCC and BOB. 2. Turner’s Hibray Unwrapped for Barkston. Smaller more compact dog but still impressive. Good head for his size and lovely neck and straight front, well off for bone. Good rise to loin and correct rear angulation which he used effectively on the move. 3. Corrigan’s Megabob William Wallace.

 VD (1). 1. Laybourne & Johnson’s Mellowdee The Magician in Dominoesdale. Nearly 9 years old and in super condition for his age. Lovely dark eye with decent head properties. Well arched neck, deep brisket and a good spring of rib. Moved around the ring well for his age and looked as though he was enjoying his day out.

MPB (2). Loved this class, two very promising babies. 1. Joice’s Raynham Good Day Sunshine. Such a little cutie who showed well for only her second show. Loved her short and compact shape. Enough reach of neck and well angulated shoulders with tight elbows, body maturing nicely for her age. Excels in rear angulation with strong well let down hocks. Initially a bit unsettled on the move but when she got going she moved out well, and won this class with her strong rear movement. Pleased to award her BPIB. 2. Deakin’s Holanja Goody Two Shoes at Darwillow. Another lovely puppy especially loved her expression. Square head with good reach of neck, well angulated shoulders, slightly longer in body than my winner. Good rise to loin, with enough rear angulation. Coat changing nicely and displaying a lovely break to it.

PB (2) 1. Palmer’s Hazyland’s Cheeky Girl. Pretty 11 month old bitch, smaller framed and sporting a glamorous coat for her age. Lovely dark brown eyes, correct bite and good reach of neck, clean well angulated shoulders. Close coupled Moved steadily but was a little close behind today. 2. Hardy-Hodgson’s Hazyland Call The Shots. Litter sister to my winner with similar attributes. Slightly larger frame and longer in body than her sister. Well pigmented eyes giving her a lovely expression. Excellent neck and shoulders just needs her coat to clear. Moved steadily.

   JB (6, 2 abs) This was a hard decision, good quality class. 1. Matthew’s Hickorystix All That Jazz at Gojolega. Super young lady with excellent head properties, wall eyed with good pigmentation and correct bite. Especially loved her arched neck and lay of shoulder. Deep brisket and correct spring of rib. Slightly longer coupling but strong hindquarters well angulated and carrying a profuse, harsh jacket. Moved well. 2. Hartley’s Allhart Fallen Angel. Very close decision between all 3 and especially between 2nd & 3rd and now I know why, they were litter sisters!! Both had excellent length of neck and shoulder placements were good. Just preferred coat of my 2nd place bitch 3. Allhart Angelic Roly Poly of Meisan.

 PGB (11, 2 abs) Wow what a fabulous class as these girls mature many of them should have a bright future and am sure they could and will all swap places on another day. 1. Naismith’s Zottels Honey Moon at Shaggybo. Have watched her progress with interest and now having had the chance to go over her I can see why she has done so well. Lovely head properties, eyes well pigmented and tight scissor bite. Well off for bone. Enough neck with good lay of shoulder. Loved her depth of brisket and spring of rib, slightly longer coupled in body but with lovely rise to her loin. Strong backend with correct angles. Very glamorous yearling jacket. Moved with good front extension and real drive from the back. 2. Crane-Duplock’s Shaggy Blue Bob’s Way to go with Mirene. Another quality bitch who I loved just lost out on coat to my winner. Feminine head with lovely dark well pigmented eyes. Well arched neck with a strong short coupled body. Moved well both front and rear. 3. Wilkinson’s Kalaju Klassical Kisses.

 LB (7, 2 abs). Yet another quality class 1. Lucas’s Dantrecar Sweet Kandi Kiss at Lusadon. This young lady is maturing nicely and has a nice bloom about her. Dark brown eyes fully pigmented giving her a lovely bobtail expression. Correct scissor bite and good skull leading into a good length of neck and well laid back shoulders. Short coupled body with correct spring of rib and deep brisket. Strong rear end with correct rise to loin. Carrying a quality coat both of colour and texture. So pleased to be able to award her the BCC and am sure the next two will come soon. 2. Oakes’ Bovaron Charisma at Ambleloak. Unlucky to meet my winner on the day. Very feminine and pretty with good square head, brown well pigmented eyes giving her a lovely expression. Well arched neck with correctly angulated shoulders. Short coupled with good rise to loin. She has an abundance of light grey coat with fabulous break to it. Just preferred the maturity and more positive movement of my winner. 3. Fee’s Brinkley Princess Jasmine of Nordicblue.

 OB (5, 3 abs) 1. Esposito’s Keynell Keep Right On. Lovely well balanced outline. Excellent head properties and correct arch of neck, enough bone and body. Lovely rise to loin with good bend of stifle. Lost out on top honours on movement and would have preferred just a little more break and profuseness to her coat. 2. Milward’s Wilbamil Colour My World. What a lovely old fashioned type of girl with super expression especially loved her head markings. Good head and correct bite. Enough neck with correct spring of rib and very short coupled. Profuse coat of good quality. Moved steadily would like to have seen more reach and drive. 3. Howsam’s Jandoes Angel Glory. VB (no entries).

  Terri Reed