• Show Date: 31/08/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Teri Burke Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

City Of Birmingham Canine Association

Breed: Belgian Shepherd Dog (Tervueren)

PD: (1,0)

1st Church’s INVANSE WHO’S YA DADDY, 11 months, excellent breed type, lean dry head, super ear shape, set and use; dark almond eyes obliquely set with beautiful expression; nicely chiselled, good strength of under jaw, excellent pigment, split, mask. Elegant reach and crest of neck, short firm top-line flowing onto correct croup and tail-set; a shade open in front assembly better at rear, chest sufficient for age, proportionate bone on parallel limbs, standing four square on tight feet, lovely coat for colour, texture and presentation, sweet temperament. Movement still to tighten coming, lovely brisk free side-gait with purpose, quality youngster BD, RBOB & BPIB

0D: (4,0)   A very mixed class for type and showmanship

1st Fletcher, Finnigan & Church’s INVANSE RED HOT, 4 years, shapely and compact mid-size male, medium length head, a touch flared in back skull, good strength of muzzle, well chiselled, lovely eye shape and set, shaded mask and dark pigment, lovely ear shape, size and set used to advantage; nice crest to neck but would prefer a shade longer, good withers, top and underline, short-coupled and classic square. A little light in bone, straight limbs, moved freely in all directions, lovely temperament

2nd Elliot’s SULANEVAEH RAUL THANE, raw 2 years old. Good length and proportions to head, lively expression, parallels good, tall ears well set and used, nicely chiselled under the eyes which for me could be slightly darker, good pigment, strength of underjaw, mask set high and could be more defined. Angulations a little steep in front, better at rear, slightly long in loin, good bone, stance, movement and character, alert and showy


GCD (1,0)

1st Bird & Caden’s CH DOMBURG BROWN SUGAR (Imp) ShCM, 4 years male, super breed type, beautiful head piece being lean and dry, correctly chiselled under dark almond and obliquely set eyes, his mischievous expression is classic BSD; nicely arched neck flowing on to pronounced withers, strong top-line and good tail-set, slightly off square. Good chest, rib and tuck-up. Excellent coat colour and texture beautifully presented, proportionate bone and parallel stance. Extrovert character he gave his handler a work-out on the move today, RBD

VB (1,0)

1st Hyde’s LAURELIN ANDANTE, 9 years, lovely gentle character, carrying a little too much condition

on the day. Head is of medium length, could be more refined in skull, dark eyes are slightly round, gentle expression, good pigment, high shaded mask. Just enough neck, would like more defined withers, shade long cast; proportionate bone, parallel limbs, feet a little long and flat. Moderate and balanced angulation, moved with sufficient ground cover, not quite holding her top-line BVIB

JB (1,1)

PGB (1,0)

1st Hyde’s LAURELIN BOSANOVA, 5 years grey, medium length head, good parallels, high shaded mask, pigment starting to break, dark eyes, tall ears but high set and used expressively. Nice length of neck, withers could be higher, nice top-line, croup and tail-set. A lively character on the move she’s slightly wide coming but good rear and side-gait when eventually settled. A little overweight and pasterns need to tighten

OB (2,0)

1st Church’s INVANSE IN YA DREAMS, ultra-feminine 3 years bitch that excels in breed type, excellent length and proportions to head which is lean, dry and beautifully chiselled, super mask, darkest of almond eyes obliquely set with an expression so typical of the breed she gave me goose-bumps. Well split mouth, excellent pigment, slightly tall ears, correct shape and set and used to advantage. Lovely reach and arch to neck flowing onto good withers, short firm top-line, good croup and tail-set. Wonderfully harmonious throughout, short coupled with lovely length of leg. Her side-gait is light, brisk and free, a touch close going away. She gave her all in class, challenge and later in the group ring, BB & BOB

2nd Fletcher, Finnigan and Church’s INVANSE SWEET DREAMS JW, litter sister to 1st, another quality girl with lovely type but of slightly different stamp. Good length and proportions in head, good parallels, high shaded mask, lovely shape and set to eyes, good strength of underjaw, tall ears nicely set, good outline she carried herself well standing and on the move, a shade light in bone for size, feet could be tighter, lovely temperament and presentation, RBB

GCB (2,0)