• Show Date: 14/09/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Teresa Ewart Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Darlington Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Retriever (Golden)


16th SEPTEMBER 2018

Golden Retriever (Bitches)

A pleasure to judge at this excellent show and special thanks to my stewards for their sterling work. I was delighted with the entry and pleased to have the opportunity to go over many excellent bitches. One thing did worry me however and that was the large number who stood ok but moved too close behind. 

VB (3,0)  

1 Tuck’s Tamsbrook Timotae. Balanced 7 year old who stood out here for quality and was hard to fault. Loved her outline. Good body proportions with everything flowing together and nothing overdone. Balanced head with chiselling, well-shaped dark eyes and very kindly expression. Good neck, correctly made forehand with well laid back shoulders and angulated quarters to match front, good ribcage, short coupled, level topline/tailset. In excellent condition. Moved out with good stride length, accurate in all directions. BVB & BV.  

2 White’s Jobeka Just A Jem At Forbendale. 8 year old in profuse wavy coat, carrying a little too much weight for me today. Good head, excellent set and shape of eyes and kindly expression. Would prefer a little more reach of neck but has decent forehand construction with matching angulation behind. Firm level topline, well boned and tight feet. An active mover striding out with drive.  

3 Mandley’s Maltqudos Miss Mash. 

MPB (8,0)  

Two 6 month old puppies headed this nice class. 

1 McCormack’s Flyngalee Tiptoes. Super puppy. Clearly a baby with a lot of growing to do but full of class and charm. Stood to show balance and correct proportions for age. Lovely head with very sweet expression, correct length of neck well set into shoulders, good forehand construction, well made body, short coupled, level topline/tailset. Firm hindquarters with good stifles and short rear pasterns. Moved out happily and with purpose with super tail carriage, sound and true all ways. 

2 Wheeldon’s Thornywait Viva La Vida for Catnnels. Excellent outline on this balanced puppy, correct proportions, symmetrical angulation with nothing overdone. Lovely head, well shaped eyes and gentle expression. Good reach of neck, pleasing forehand construction, well ribbed, firm topline, good bend of stifle. Just preferred the hind action of 1 today but nice in profile showing poise and confidence.    

3 Gargan’s Siagar Scattered Dreams. 

PB (11,2) 

1 Kipps’ Willowlawn Orient Express To Wheatcroft. Pretty bitch, drew my eye for overall balance, quality and cheerful attitude. Excellent, clean outline and well-muscled condition. Loved her head, feminine with appealing well-shaped eyes and very sweet expression. Good reach of neck well set into excellent laid-back shoulders, blades of good length with upper arms to match, correct depth of chest for age, ribbed well back, symmetrical angulation front and rear, super feet. Absolutely firm, level topline/tailset. An active mover, with excellent reach, went around stylishly. BPB.   

2 Simms’ Messano Remember Me For Stvincent. Scopey 10 month old who appealed for her clean lines. Lovely head with soft expression, plenty of reach to neck, good forehand angulation, upper arms placing front legs well under her body, hind angulation to match the front, good bone, tight feet. Presented in good coat and firm condition. Though did not have quite the forward reach of 1 today, moved soundly on a loose lead.   

3 Siagar Scattered Dreams. 

JB (15,5)  

1 O’Gorman’s Terra Di Siena Are You With Me Berrymeade. Excellent youngster. One I liked a lot for overall symmetry and good body proportions. Loved her balanced head, good eyes and sweet expression with a glint of fun. Pleasing neck well set into excellent layback of shoulder, matching return of upper arm. Well ribbed, short coupled, firm hindquarters, well-turned stifles, good bone and nicely-shaped tight feet. True mover in all directions and really liked her easy strides in profile.  

2 Smyth’s Kadaka Kissagram. Strongly made 15 month old with pleasing balanced outline and level topline. Particularly liked her head with its good proportions and gentle expression. Good neck into well laid-back shoulders with matching return of upper arm, well bodied, short coupled, correct bend of stifles to match the forehand. Excellent bone, straight forelimbs, short straight rear pasterns and neat feet. Moved up and down tidily and drove well going around.   

3 Robbins & Rowark’s Quakerhall Lady Bountiful By Brekswood. 

YB (8,1)  

1 Gargan’s Siagar Final Edition Balanced, larger-framed bitch with nothing overdone, shown in good muscular condition. Lovely head with well-set dark eyes. Well laid-back shoulders, good depth of chest, strong hindquarters, bend of stifle to match forehand angulation, level topline into tailset, strong hocks and short rear pasterns. Such a sound mover in all directions, and went really well in profile showing drive and good stride length which gave her the class.   

2 Lang’s Fenpinque Ice Maiden. Stood to show her symmetrical outline. Head a little stronger than 1 but still feminine, particularly liked her neck, clean and of correct reach nicely set into shoulders. Pleasing return of upper arm, well made body with correct depth to chest, length of ribcage and short couplings. Hind quarters angulated to match forehand. Moved out well with good action and footfall.   

3 Furbank’s Kayzaelle Karamel Kookie. 

MB (9,3) 

1 Willowlawn Orient Express to Wheatcroft.   

2 Terra Di Siena Are You With Me Berrymeade.   

3 Flyngalee Tiptoes. 

NB (10,4)  

1 Willowlawn Orient Express to Wheatcroft.   

2 Terra Di Siena Are You With Me Berrymeade.   

3 Messano Remember Me For Stvincent. 

UGB (7,1)

1 Siagar Final Edition.

2 Kadaka Kissagram.

3 Fenpinque Ice Maiden.

GB (7,4)

1 Anderson’s Linchael Livia JW. An eyecatcher and at only 16 months must surely have a bright future. Full of quality, truly balanced with a clean outline, good body proportions and in super coat. Beautiful head, excellent eyes and expression. Neck of good length flowing into excellent forehand, well ribbed, short coupled, strongly made hindquarters with hind angulation symmetrical with front. Straight front legs and tight feet. Level topline/tailset with tail carried straight off the back on the move. Sound accurate mover in all directions and one of the best moving away today.

2 Wood’s Monchique Mrs Brown. 16 months old, made a super picture standing showing balance and symmetry. Presented in good coat and firm condition. Loved her head, well shaped dark eyes and charming expression. Excellent reach of neck into well laid-back shoulders with corresponding upper arms. Mature in body, deep chested with well-sprung ribs. Correct bend of stifle, straight when viewed from front and rear with short rear pasterns, excellent bone, tight feet. Looked very good going around with easy strides.

PGB (11,2)

1 Wheeldon’s Catnnels Crème De La Crème JW. Excellent balanced outline and tidily presented though not in the coat and condition of 2 today. Sweet head, good neck flowing into good shoulders, correct return of upper arms, deep in chest and well sprung ribs with correct length of ribcage, pleasing bend of stifle, good width of second thighs, straight when viewed from front and rear with correctly let down hocks, neat feet. Took the class on the move, sound, positive, light on her feet, with tidy action and excellent drive.

2 Haxton’s Dantassie Disadora. Extremely well presented in full coat and pleasing hard condition, stacked to show super outline. Good body proportions and excellent angulation. Good reach of neck and I loved her forehand construction with hind construction to match, well-muscled hind quarters with strong second thighs. Short rear pasterns and good feet. Stacked has level topline and tailset, when moving became rather proud of her tail which spoiled the picture today but a sound mover with good drive and stride length.

3 Harvey & Anderson’s Alibren Hot Spice For Ashiqua JW.

MLB (11,5)

1 Murray & Macdonald’s Rathcloon Thyme N Punishment JW. Caught my eye on the first circuit for her excellent side gait. Though a smidgen longer cast than my ideal, she has enough length of leg for height. Liked her reach of neck well set into correctly laid-back shoulders and pleasing front angulation. Good depth to chest, correct bend of stifle, well-muscled hind quarters with good second thighs, pleasing short rear pasterns, straight when viewed from front and rear and good feet. Effortless mover, tidy away and back, showing reach and drive in profile.

2 McGugan’s Lochallie Now’s The Time For Invergoil. Stood to show excellent outline and symmetry, firm level topline/tailset. In super coat beautifully prepared, though I wouldn’t want more weight. Lovely head with sweet expression, pleasing reach of neck into well laid-back shoulders, good forehand angulation matched by well-bent stifles. Good depth of chest and well ribbed. Handler and bitch not quite in harmony when moving today but she is a decent mover away/back and goes around well with super tail carriage.

3 Magson’s Castlegolden Classy Lady JW.

LB (17,7)

1 Towers’ Alibren Tiggy Wiggy JW. Quality bitch in full profuse coat, stacked to really show her virtues she kept drawing my eye. Loved her balanced head with good length of muzzle and dark well shaped eyes with a kindly expression. Good reach of clean neck flowing into shoulders which are well laid back, upper arms placing forelimbs correctly under her body. Correct length to ribcage, short coupled and strong in loin. Excellent bend of stifle, strong second thighs. Correct bone, straight when viewed from front and rear, short rear pasterns and neat feet. Active, fluid mover with reach and drive, goes away and back tidily and around with effortless strides. Against the excellent open winner, she stepped up a gear in the challenge to look like a champion. CC.

2 Maynard’s Tamniarn Ella Belle To Chinnordale. Admired much about this bitch. Very nice to watch go around, and she’s good to go over. Balanced with an excellent well-proportioned outline, level topline/tailset, in good coat and firm condition. Feminine head with good length of muzzle to back skull ratio, well-shaped eyes. Neck well set into good shoulders, correct return of upper arm, the right depth of chest, very good bend of stifle and firm hindquarters. Straight front limbs, good bone, standing four square on good feet. Moved with easy strides and accurate footfall.

3 Crookes and Jenkinson Stanroph Still The Same JW (Imp)

OB (8,3)

1 Wheeldon’s Ch Thornywait Fame N’ Fortune For Catnnels. Grabbed my attention on the first circuit. Stood to show her obvious quality, balance and excellent construction. Feminine head and, though not quite my preferred eye shape, kindly expression. Clean reach of neck well set into excellent forehand, correct depth of chest, short coupled, strongly made hindquarters, excellent bend of stifles. Straight when viewed from front and rear, standing on neat feet. To beat 2 she had put in a super performance and it was good to watch her easy level gait, true away/back with reach and drive in profile. A real pleasure to see the rapport between handler and exhibit. RCC.

2 Hill & Smith’s Sh Ch Megarvey Once Upon A Time JW. Loved this quality bitch standing. Beautifully presented with her coat gleaming. Strongly made mature body, symmetrical outline, pleasing level topline/tailset. Lovely head, dark eyes with gentle expression, well laid back shoulders with corresponding angle and length of upper arms, deep chested, short coupled, strong loin, well angulated stifles, powerful hind quarters. Excellent straight forelimbs and feet. On the final go around she just looked a fraction heavy today but she’s an impressive mover with excellent tail carriage, nice to watch in all directions.

3 O’Gorman’s Rathcloon Hunter In Pink For Berrymeade JD.

Teresa Ewart