• Show Date: 27/01/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Susan Mullis Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Anglian Boxer Club

Breed: Boxer

Anglian Boxer Club Championship Show (Bitches)  

January 27th, 2018

Judge: Sue Mullis (Idleforde)

Thank you to the committee of the Anglian for inviting me and for their hospitality on the day, my first experience of this honour. I really enjoyed myself and hope the exhibitors enjoyed the day. Thank you for what was a large quality entry, many lovely bitches went home card less. In many classes I was spoilt for choice, some food for thought but in my opinion this is all good for our wonderful breed.

Veteran bitch 6(2)

1st Cook & Postance, CH Manic Show Off This quality bitch could still make her presence felt in the open class, her head is well proportioned with dark eye, balanced muzzle, a good straight mouth, has a pleasing body shape, short in loin, well set tail leading to well-made quarters, good front and bone stands on tight feet, she moves powerfully around the ring, her handler brings the best out of her to complete the picture.

2nd Murfin’s, Farvalley Sirocco’s Gift ShCM Red bitch slightly larger all over than the 1st well boned and well balanced overall, good top line well angulation front and rear, her head is clean correct colour and shaped eye with a nice expression, she moved with drive.

3rd Peck’s, Enesha Gob Stopper

Minor Puppy Bitch 18(2)

1st Pye’s, Burnden Secret Lover A lovely class to judge 16 puppies and I’m sure some who went home card less today will go on to do bright things. This brindle puppy stood out from the start and really caught my eye, for one so young in profile she presents a lovely feminine outline, her head is clean throughout, a well-padded muzzle, straight mouth, her melting dark eye gives her a kind but mischievous expression, she moved round the ring like she done it for years, a very exciting future, BPB and Best Puppy In Show on the referees decision.

2nd Flintoff’s, Boxania Midnight Spice Another quality brindle puppy, square in outline with a good reach of neck, well off for bone, not quite as strong as 1st in quarters yet, she has a pleasing head, clean in skull, not over done at all, good straight mouth, dark eye well shaped eyes with a lovely expression.

3rd McDonalds’, Yeteb Little Miss Muffet

Puppy Bitch11 (1)

1st Wellers, Hollijon Tooty Fruity for Geenwell Balanced head, dark eye giving her a melting expression strong neck, correct in front with well laid-back shoulders, a good top line, well-muscled thigh, moved well with drive and purpose.

2nd Bell’s, Surfstone Calypso Dark brindle bitch slightly longer cast than 1 but still very feminine with good musculation, her head is clean with a nice rise of skull good mouth and a well-padded muzzle.

3rd Beardsell &Van Beck’s, Newlaithe Wandara

Junior Bitch 6 (2)

1st Griffiths, Lanfrese Limelight Quality just oozes from her, compact square in outline well off for bone, correct angulations front and back, level top line, her head is correct in proportions good mouth straight with good dentistry and a well-padded muzzle, a lovely Boxer expression, In the last 4 for the ticket and pushed her kennel mate very hard but just missed out today.

2nd McCarthy & Gething’s, Sunvalley Careless Heart At Jeddhi Another lovely bitch, square in out line, elegant but still has strength and style, her neck flows into her withers leading to a strong back, a bang on tail set which leads down to well-muscled quarters, her head is clean with a kind dark eye and a good rise of skull.

3rd Morison & Gunnarsdottir’s, Bjarkeyjar Blue Lagoon with Zandene (Imp)

Yearling Bitch 11(2)

1st Payne’s, Birleyvale Bellissima. Dark brindle Bitch, very smart feminine but elegant outline with the desired substance, tight cat like feet with a straight front, comes towards you true, a long arched neck leading to correct top line, her head is clean and has good proportions, a well-padded muzzle, dark eye, typical boxer expression, powerful back end which moves her easily around the ring, down to the last four for the CC.

2nd Jones and Charles’, Charlons Nostalgia A lot to like about this brindle bitch with a strong but feminine head with dark expressive eye good mouth, a well-padded muzzle, I liked her lip placement and her chin, a crested neck naturally sloping back through a correct topline onto a spot-on tail set, overall just preferred the rear end angulation and drive of the 1st.

3rd Spencer’s, Ashronsha Sweet Dreams

Novice Bitch 13 (1)

1st Seeney’s, Maranseen Encore I was impressed by this bitch when I went over her, lovely arched neck flowing into shoulders, firm top line good angulation front and rear, a clean head, lovely dark eye, a good mouth and good sized teeth, she covered ground well on move, at one with her handler who really gets most out of her.

2nd Mair’s, Glenauld Eaden Red bitch, very pretty head, clean in skull not overdone at all as I would expect from this kennel, dark eyes, a good mouth, quiet a compact square bitch, with a good layback of shoulder and a bang on tail set, she just did not have the power and drive on the move as the 1st.

3rd Clifton and Byrne’s, Sunhawk Norwatch Lucello at Jolegi

Graduate Bitch 9 (3)

1st Murfin’s, Farvalley Shooting Star Tall elegant bitch but still has substance, feminine in outline. Good strong hammy quarters tight cat feet. Head is pleasing with good mouth dark correct shape eyes, I would prefer perhaps slightly more padding under eye but very worthy of first in this class, she moved really well covering the ground with ease and she showed her socks off.

2nd Crooks’, Uptonponds Making Waves JW Smaller in profile when stacked than 1st but a very nice bitch, balanced head with a good rise of skull, dark expressive eye, a good mouth and bite. Made good use of her lovely arched neck, her strong quarters moved her well around the ring.

3rd Bell’s, Surfstone Stormtastic

Post Graduate Bitch 8

1st Fay-Smith’s, Lorrosa Lusty Pleasure Dark Brindle Bitch strong and well off for bone, front straight and true arched neck flowing nicely to her withers, her head won her the class lovely dark eye with a look of mischief to it, clean, good muzzle to skull ratio, straight mouth, evident chin, she completed the package by moving well and with drive.

2nd Murfin’s, Farvally Instant Love On another day these two could change places just preferred head of winner. A very similar type to the bitch that won the previous class from this kennel, well made in super hard condition body sound in all respects, her head pleasing but would prefer slightly more padding under the eyes, moved well, handled to perfection.  

3rd Cherry’s, Misstricks Spell Caster For Cherryforge

Limit Bitch 15 (3)

1st Griffiths’, Lanfrese Chin Chin This bitch pulled out all of the stops to win this quality class with so many quality bitches going home card less. Compact square body with a good reach of neck which just flows, she has well laid back shoulders, Has powerful quarters with well let down hocks .Tight cat like feet, well boned but keeps her elegance, she moves straight and true and maintains her outline throughout, her head is balanced and well proportioned throughout, well padded muzzle with a good mouth, expertly handled and very pleased to award her the RCC and in agreement with my fellow judge Reserve Best In Show.

  2nd Cook And Postance’, Manic Heart of Glass Another high quality bitch, lovely feminine outline, clean front with good bone, correct topline, strong hammy quarters, her head is typical with beautiful dark correct shape eyes, a good mouth, a well-padded muzzle, good lip placement and chin, a very close decision.  

3rd Stupart’s, Nerroli Fairi Tail Teller At Loraimie

Open 10 (1)

1st Pye’s, CH Willow Reach For the Stars at Burnden One I have admired for a long time from the ringside, when I put my hands on her she really lived up to my expectations. A real showgirl who came into the ring to with attitude. Dark brindle, she is square elegant and compact, well boned with correct front and rear angulations, her neck flows into withers and a dream in profile. Her head is clean and correctly proportioned she has a melting expression, a good straight mouth and evident chin, she is well boned with substance but so elegant, moved around the ring covering the ground as if she owned it. So pleased to Award her my first CC and then with the agreement of my co-judge Best of Breed.

2nd Cook and Postance’, Manic Faking It Dark brindle feminine bitch, clean head, well-padded muzzle, good lip placement and a straight wide mouth, well made all over, square and compact in body with good bone and substance but keeping her elegance. Very much my type of bitch but could not get past the 1st.  

3rd Griffiths, Maybe at Lanfrese

Sue Mullis 29/1/2018