• Show Date: 07/04/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Susan M Benyon Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Northern Newfoundland Club

Breed: Newfoundland

Northern Newfoundland Club Championship Show  7th April 2018  Thank you to the club for the invitation, a breed club show is very special, particularly for me, the Northern Club. A huge thank you to my stewards for all their hard work and to the committee for theirs in producing a well run show. I was delighted with my entry and as always temperaments of the exhibits were superb.  A well-constructed Newfoundland moved at its correct pace, and that pace is individual to each dog, stops the ‘roll’ and like a sailing boat coming onto the plane achieves a seemingly light footed effortless power around the ring. The big ring is unforgiving and does not allow even the most skilled handler to hide very much. All my major adult winners showed this trait. The puppy and junior classes were very full so many deserving babies went unplaced but to see so much quality coming on speaks well for the future of the breed. The only negatives are some short tails, lower eyelids could be a little closer to the orbit on some dogs but eyes have improved greatly and pleased to see there were no health issues. Although front construction is good excessive speed is causing some dogs to ‘pin ‘in too much upsetting the balance, however watching as they slow down the front movement is true. Showing is not a race and for some is causing a loss of kinetic balance and losing exhibitors placings.      MPD (5,1) 1.Springthorpe’s Millthorpe Mr Rochester, nearly 9months and showing maturity for his age. Beautiful outline with great balance, bone and substance, well developed head with clean wrinkle free muzzle of correct proportion Correct earset and dark eye giving a soft expression, good length of neck and spring of rib with good length and set of tail. Nice tight feet and lovely powerful movement with excellent topline, held on the move. BPD, BP in show.  2. Lucas’ Coltrana Old AS Time, just 6 months and out of puppy coat. Good head proportions, dark eye with ear nicely framing a kind expression, would prefer a tighter lower eyelid but there is a lot of head development to come. Good angulation fore and rear and well boned. Level topline maintained on the move. A very honest boy, not flashy but very well proportioned and sound. 3. Blake’s Sandbears On The Money, another baby just 6 months, just preferred the bone of 2, Really nice head, good bite, tight dark eye, well-constructed just not quite as positive on the move.  PD (7,1) 1. Springthorpe’s Millthorpe Mr Rochester – see MPD 2. Moir and Gordon’s Newgradens Will I Am, 11 months, not the biggest, but has a lovely outline with excellent bone. Head maturing nicely with dark eye and lovely expression, deep chest, good angulation and short hocks, just shaded in rear movement by winner 3. Sayle’s Gunners Newfs Above ‘N’ Beyond To Infinity Bear 11 months, another super puppy, with a strong head, lower eyelid could be a little tighter but with a maturing head will probably improve. Good bone and spring of rib, short coupled with strong level topline just moved a little fast. Being picky would prefer a slightly longer tail.   VD (4,2) 1. Eden’s Dawstenbears Mr Gingles ShCM 8yr old heading a stunning class A large boy but maintains proportion, lovely head dark eye, smooth clean muzzle, huge bone, good topline but so light on his feet, effortless movement round the ring, beautifully presented and handled. BVD 2. Sepp’s Merrybear What A Cracker, well named 8yr brown, a real cracker, good bone great head proportion, teeth commensurate with age, slight wrinkle on a lovely square muzzle, lovely expression, so sound on the move just preferred the flowing movement of winner.  Sp Vet D (1,0) 1. Austin’s True Grit of Elbear lovely 10 ½ yr old still enjoying his showing, Beautiful head, soft expression good bone and angulation a little soft on the rear but showed his heart out. Beautifully presented and sympathetically handled a credit to his owners  JD (3,2) 1. Dickson’s Zentaur Der Kapitan Wisperedomen JW 17 mths –Perfect outline, great proportion, good angulation fore and rear. A classic head with clean square muzzle, dark eyes and kind expression, good bone, tight feet with a great balanced natural stand, tail of correct length with masses of covering, carried well on the move. Has a light footed effortless power round the ring. Well-deserved RDCC  GD((4,1) 1. Dickson’s Zentaur Der Kapitan Wisperedomen JW – as JD 2. Leitch’s Camnoire Cannondale JW 23mths well grown, tall boy coming together and getting enough rib to balance height and length of loin. Super head, square smooth muzzle, nice dark eye with a sweet expression. Good bone tight feet maintains topline, likes the big ring and moves with ease just needs to develop in coat. 3. McEvoy’s Ticklecove, Lets Pretend 3 ½ yrs A smaller type and a little straight in shoulder denying him the reach on the move, good bone and tight feet, carrying a little too much weight which affected his movement, well-groomed and handled.  PG (8,3) 1. Moir and Main’s Newgradens Chariboo JW ShCM Medium sized 2yr 4mth who comes into his own on the move with lightness, reach and extension which is almost perfect for his size. Lovely broad head, short smooth square muzzle, good bite and dark eye with sweet expression. Well off for bone, maintains topline into correct tail of perfect length. Well-presented and perfectly at one with his handler.  2. Woodhall’s Wyrleybears Peter Pan for Bearhugs JW 22mths and for me a better size, such a close contender had them each lead on the move to properly assess a close decision. Maybe tried a little too hard and fast so lost out on kinetic balance. A super boy with a lovely static outline, tight feet, beautiful head and expression framed by correct earset, good length of neck and spring of rib, broad chest, excellent angulation level topline leading into good tail set, tail a fraction short, well presented. 3. Mackenzie’s Sandbears Greek God 2yrs 10 mths, good size and substance, well balanced head, dark eye, clean square muzzle showing no wrinkle, coming to maturity with good angulation, at one with his handler steady on the move showing him to his best. Well groomed and handled.  LD (7,2) 1. McPhail’s Sprirebear Golden Barley 3 1/2yrs, mature dog showing balance is all, superb profile on the stack. Sound and fit on the move maintaining profile and topline, would prefer a little more length in the tail. He has a very good front and rear assembly with ample bone and lovely tight feet. Pleasing head with correct proportion and good earset, tight eye to match coat in colour Best Brown Dog. 2. Woods’ Sandbears Soulkeeper via Luvminewfs JW Shcm, 3 yrs approaching maturity with great substance and a lovely profile. Good angulation front and rear, strong topline and well-muscled. Strong masculine head with good proportions, clean square muzzle, tight dark eye and melting expression. Slightly loses his outline on the move and I preferred the front movement of the winner but a lovely boy, very well handled and presented. 3. Land’s Just For You Du Domaine De Flambeau 3 /12 year old in prime condition, perfect body proportions, nice short loin, excellent bone and topline. Pleasing dark eye and expression, however for me too deep in the flews which mars an otherwise lovely head. It just unbalances the head proportions making the skull appear a little flat and the ears a little low. This is mostly a visual flaw but in a strong class can be his undoing. Moved well but appeared a little heavy on the move and could have shown more drive.  OD (5,1) 1.Geddes’ Tartandug Nae Bother from Vivaldibears, 6yrs with a lovely balanced profile and it was balance on the move that won him this class. Moderate head, smooth square muzzle, strong neck to well set shoulders, good breadth of chest and superb bone, tight feet. Good angulation fore and rear, great muscle on the rear and short loin giving power and drive for a light footed circuit of the ring. A small cosmetic fault in width of chest markings cannot deny a first place. 2.  Sayle’s CH Baranova Top Gallant 3 1/2yr old with lovely balanced outline, and strong topline. Good length of neck and powerful shoulders. Correct angulation, enough bone and tight feet. Good head, would prefer a tighter lower eyelid, very close but preferred the forehand reach of 1. A lovely boy. 3. Leitch’s Seafar Last Tango In Paris JW ShCM approaching 5yrs smaller but still balanced, strong frame and good topline. Strong head with some wrinkle on the muzzle, great bone and substance, good topline and tailset, Excellent spring of rib. Coat carries some wave but excellent presentation. Covered the ground at one with handler just preferred the rear movement of winners.   Sp O Black (4,1) 1. Blake, Moore & Beck’s Am CH Mainlands Anchorbay Now I Know My ABC’s approaching 4yrs and in his glory. Outstanding in profile and presentation and lived up to this on closer study. Perfect balance and superb bone standing on tight feet. A beautiful classically male head, with breadth, balance and clean square muzzle, correct flews giving a dry mouth. Lovely dark eye with no sign of slackness. Strong neck leading to lovely angulation and strong straight front assembly. Good spring of rib, tight loin and rear angulation perfectly mirroring the front. Well muscled thigh, short hocks giving him the power to glide round the ring in perfect balance. He ruled the ring, pleased to award the DCC, Best Black, Best In Show  2. Mackenzie’s Sandbears Greek God as PGD 3. Park’s Parkbears First Edition at just 2 years and lacking maturity for this class, but good breed type, a little short in neck and long in loin. Has a pleasing head , dark eye, good bite. Needs to find his pace on the move as tends to double track if allowed to slow. Well presented.  Sp O Brown (4,0) 1. McPhail’s Sprirebear Golden Barley – see Limit 2. Schofield’s  Zentaur Land Of Confusion at Fieldbears  at 18 months  a well grown lovely type, broad head of good proportions, eye could be a little tighter but did not detract from his expression. Strong neck, great bone and substance, excellent angulation fore and rear and lovely natural stance. Unfortunately spooked by the atmosphere so unsettled on the move and double tracking. Just lost out to a more mature dog but looks to have a bright future. Good sympathetic handling 3. Sepp’s Merrybear What A Cracker, as veteran dog.  So O White/Black (5,1) 1. Lloyd Baxter & Morris’ Carlos Cancrimo ShCM 3 1/2yr well marked sparkling white and black with no ticking, not the biggest but such lovely balance and proportion, broad balanced head, dark eye, correct earset framing a handsome masculine face with lovely expression. Good angulation and short hocks, powerful loin with pleasing thigh muscle and tight feet. Good tail length and topline maintained during easy powerful movement. Very well handled and presented. Best W/B Dog  2. Foster’s Mayoss Mariners Star. 3 ¼yr again superb presentation, gleaming white with minimal ticking. Oozes breed type, a little finer although taller than winner, broad head and lovely expression, eyes slightly round giving a more feminine look but has beautiful balance. Good length of neck and correct angulation , good topline and held well on the move. Just prefer the extension on the forehand of winner. 3. Lucas’ Coltrana Legends Of Time 3 yrs substantial good size w/b, beautiful markings no ticking. Good length of neck and great angulation. Good head with nice proportions, dark eye good earset but ears a little long. Carrying a touch too much weight which sadly affected his movement, particularly on the rear.    MPB (12,2) 1. Sarson & Watts Millthorpe The Secret at Swanpool nearly 9mths maturing nicely. Beautiful outline, level topline which she carries on the move, good reach of neck and excellent angulation. Balanced very pretty head, tight dark eye, good width of chest and proportionate bone, Well let down in the hock, excellent angulation and well muscled allowing the most attractive movement with great reach and drive. A very promising puppy. 2. Farrar’s Disoranto Juliana Blue at Darkpeak 8mths but not as mature as 1, a very pretty balanced head with dark eye and correct earset, bone in proportion to size, straight front and tight feet. Lovely angulation, attractive and positive movement keeping a lovely topline. Great natural stand, great presentation and handling. 3. Duff’s King Of Helluland My Queen 8mths Good outline with level topline, good length of neck straight true front, pleasing head with dark eye, correct ear set with length appropriate to her age. Good angulation and excellent muscle. Excellent handling to move her at her best maintaining her topline.  PB (8,1) 1. Cameron’s Camnoire Final Verdict 10 months maturing well, Impressive outline, and topline maintained in motion. Lovely head with beautiful proportions and sweet expression, good length of neck and impressive angulation, good width of chest, straight front deep tight feet, very eyecatching on the move with excellent reach and drive. BPB 2. Sarson & Watts’ Millthorpe The Secret at Swanpool as minor puppy. 3. Richards Sheridel Ursula 9 mths a little more co-operative than her brother who gave handler a hard time, lovely head proportions, dark eye, lovely breadth and depth of muzzle giving a classic outline. Excellent reach and drive on the move with good topline and impressive natural stance. Very promising.  VB (4,1) 1. Coldwell’s Zentaur Tee Tea Effen JW ShCM heading the first of two stunning veteran classes this 8yr old brown is a beautiful mover with a great topline, lovely head proportions showing strength with femininity, classic clean muzzle correct flews and good bite. Super angulation front and rear, great bone and tight feet. Covered the ground with ease. 2. Sarson & Watts CH Swanpool Ti Amo Pasticcino JW at nearly 9 yr another stunning girl who has lost none of her enthusiasm for the showring. Excellent head proportions with alert expression and shining eyes. Excellent topline with lovely depth and breadth of body, beautiful balance and excellent presentation. A very close decision. 3. Richards’ Sheridel Sasquahanna 7yr old white and black, well marked with a classic head, level topline good proportions of body, superb angulation and muscle. Should have moved like a dream but refused to co-operate with her handler sadly cost her placings.   Sp VB (2,0) 1. Farar’s CH Darkpeak Fallen Angel 9 ½ yrs but thinks she is a puppy. Stunning outline and topline which she keeps when moving, great natural stand, lovely feminine head of correct proportion, bite correct, teeth only slightly worn. Good bone great angulation and muscle to still power round the ring on light feet, lovely coat and presentation BVB, Best Veteran in Show 2. Heitschold’d Chrishelkate Be Dazzled 10 years old, a beautiful girl, sound and honest, lovely head of great proportions, showing a little grey, good bite and teeth. Correct length of neck great angulation and muscle. Challenged her owner to keep up round the ring – what a star.  JB (7,0) 1. Adair’s King Of Helluland Love Actually Darebear 13 mths Very mature young lady with a well-proportioned head, mature for her age, clean square muzzle, and a lovely dark eye with well fitting lids, giving a sweet feminine expression. She has a broad chest straight well boned front, tight feet and well up on her pasterns. Good spring of rib and matching impressive rear angulation, with good turn of stifle and well let down hocks, coupled with excellent muscle for a youngster allowed her to power round the ring with good reach and drive. Plenty to come yet particularly in her head. A very promising youngster. Best Black Bitch 2. Coldwell’s Zentaur Ain’t No Thang JW 17 mths well proportioned black with good head, excellent breadth and spring of rib, well off for bone and strong feet. Level topline, a little longer in loin but good angulation and short hocks. Moved well with handler and free stand impressive. Just preferred the eye colour and shape of 1 who held a slightly better topline on the move. 3. Walden’s Angel Eternity Feta Cancrimo 13mths, white and black in excellent coat. Just into junior. Full coat and not yet filled out gives a bit too much ‘roll’ at present which maturity should help. Beautiful construction, strong bone, deep chest and level topline.  GB (9,0) 1. Adair’s King Of Helluland Love Actually Darebear – as junior. 2. Black’s Camnoire Crush Blackcoast 23 months, well grown and presented with immaculate gleaming coat. Balancing up nicely in body. Good bone, depth and width of chest, level topline, short hocks and great muscle enabled her to move round the ring with easy power. 3. Leech’s Mileoak Fujiyama Crest 13 mths, very pretty head, strong neck, good breadth of chest. Great bone and substance and level topline. Moved with drive in a strong class of more mature dogs, very promising.  PGB (5, 2) 1. Pallett’s Blessed Heart Tender Ebony for Sheenmarie, 15mths. A substantial girl withnice head and expression. Toes in slightly on the stand at present but a sound mover with reach and drive. Presented in super coat. 2. Leech’s Mileoak Peaky Blinder, 21 month nicely marked white and black. Good head proportions, eyes a little slack at present but should tighten with maturity.    Good angulation and top line but she seemed to find the venue warm , just preferred the rear movement of winner. 3. Duff’s Bearisle Margaret Macdonald just 2yr with a lovely outline, pretty head with dark eye which could be tighter. Excellent muzzle proportions and good length of neck. Moved and handled well.  LB (9,1) 1. Ball’s Newgradens Llori Nanya 3 ½ years dark brown and in her prime. Lovely well balanced head, square smooth muzzle, eye colour and pigmentation in harmony with her coat. A stunning outline, proud head carriage, good length of neck flowing into level topline which she holds effortlessly on the move. Perfectly straight front, excellent bone and tight feet. Good balanced angulation fore and rear, good length of tail and well turned stifle. Presented to perfection she is majestic on the move Delighted to award her BCC and RBIS 2. Angelides Hilaiwana Cancrimo 18 mths black. Well balanced with her huge coat giving her extra maturity in a strong  class. Lovel head proportions with a tight dark eye. Lovely balance both standing and on the move. Good bone and large deep tight feet, good angulation and drive. Well presented and handled. 3. Pallett’s Sandbears Hawaiian Hot Stuff 2 ½ yr black. Very honest bitch, attractive head of correct proportions, slightly round of eye but does not detract from her expression, excellent bone and straight front on the stand, just slightly flashy with one elbow on the move. Good angulation and topline with strong steady easy movement and super presentation.  OB (2,2)  SpOBlack (3,2) 1. Owles & Bristow’s Zentaur love Me N’Mend Noirebear 2 ¼ yr black. Standing alone in no way detracted from the quality of this bitch. Her head is gorgeous, short square clean muzzle of correct depth, good bite well fitting lips. Strong neck to well set shoulders, strong front assembly with tight elbows. Good angulation fore and rear, well muscled to give lovely free balanced movement in profile, speed gave her a slightly unbalanced toe in coming towards but such a rapport with her handler was lovely to see. Beautiful presentation.  SpOBrown(3,0) 1. Ball’s Newgradens Llori Nanya -as limit.  2. Main’s Newgraden Bootylicious ShCM  4 1/2yr, very well balanced classy dark brown with a strong profile, good bone lovely straight front. Gorgeous head with tight eye, correct proportions and beautiful expression. Not the biggest but so well balanced carrying all the qualities, good angulation, lovely turn of stifle and well let down hocks. No excess weight so was able to move round the ring with easy drive holding a level topline. 3. Moir’s Newgraden’s Gold Dust 2 1/4yrs pretty dark brown, stocky girl but this is deceptive as mostly coat. Good length of neck, correct shoulders, good straight front and strong tight feet. Good angulation, topline and tailset. Impressive proportions on body, short hocks and moved with drive holding a lovely balance in her tail. If her proportions could be reflected in her outline she would be hard to beat.  SpO White/Black (2,0) 1. Groves’ CH Bridgestone Grip It N’Rip It JW 4yr magnificent gleaming white and black with clean markings, lovely well balanced head, square smooth muzzle of correct proportions, excels in profile for correct balance of length and height. Good length of neck flows into level topline, lovely set of shoulder, good bone tight feet and correct pasterns. Perfect angulation fore and rear giving effortless light footed power on the move. Never before have I apologized for giving a RCC because it did not do this girl justice. As equal awards are not allowed, coming and going were equal I just preferred the flow of the CC in the final circuit. RCC Bes W/B in Show  Brace (4,0) A favourite class and not easy with dogs of the power of Newfie’s. Excellent sporting fun as they powered round the ring. Congratulations to all on their control 1. Sayle’s 2. Geddes 3. Duff 4. Moir & Gordon  only because one was brown and one was black       Susan M Benyon (Judge)