• Show Date: 06/07/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Sue Wilkinson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

East Of England Agricultural Society

Breed: Dalmatian


I would firstly like to express my thanks to all those who gave me the honour of assessing your Dalmatians. As with all judging this is my perspective on the day, this  snapshot in time.. 

It was my good fortune to have a numerically high and quality entry. I have said before I much prefer the continental way of grading dogs, this allows the judge to appreciate a dog, with an Excellent grading, even if that dog is subsequently not placed. The oft repeated platitude of not enough red cards is not really enough, and dogs I truly liked in some classes went down the line or were not placed, this was especially true in the bitches. 


As always I look for a Dalmatian that has breed type, overall balance , not over done and is correctly constructed,  and therefore move as befits a carriage dog. Flash and dash will not last all day, a steady rhythmic stride is a pleasure to watch. My winners fulfilled that criteria. 

On the downside, this is a beauty competition and some dogs were dirty, I seemed to be constantly cleaning my hands. Dally rash was in evidence also today, in dogs and bitches. Some could do with better forechests, cathedral fronts are not correct. High tail carriage really detracts from the overall picture. Temperaments were on the whole excellent , a couple of babies who have plenty of time were a little hesitant, but I am sure will learn to enjoy the show ring. 

Thank you for your patience in the heat, and at the end of the day, you all took the best dogs home. 

I had excellent stewards and I thought East of England ran a very good show, especially mindful of the welfare of the dogs attending. 

MPD 3 

1st Sims Mullabuoy Magic Man for Snowspeeder 8 month old black spotted dog, liked his overall balance and outline, well muscled up , good bone and feet, good fill of forechest for his age, strong rear which he used well on the move, happy showman, with a mischevious  expression .Good decoration 

2nd O’Keenan  Tippledal Breno 7 months old black spotted pup, pleasing head and dark eye, nicely constructed, good topline, well off for bone and moved out well, enjoying his time in the ring. 

3rd Green and Sears Alphadal Aint Misbehaving at Judally 

PD 3 

1st Sims Mullabuoy Magic Man for Snowspeeder 

2nd Holland and Millington Capearlla Its on Ice lovely head and darkest of eyes, deep black pigment, even spotting, strongly made and well muscled up, arched neck into good topline, well set tail, not quite the fill of forechest of winner, moved out with drive. 

3rd Finlay Dalfin Actual Fact 

JD 6 

1st Quayle Millebelle Kicking Horse at Cubalibre A lovely youngster, 13 month old liver of excellent type, good make and shape, arched neck into good topline, well off for bone and tight feet, well muscled rear, alert expression and correct eye colour, powerful on the move a very promising boy. 

2nd Kalokairie Eddy the Eagle, liver dog , good decoration and colour, slightly longer cast than winner, loved his head and expression, well held topline, muscled hindquarters which he used to give him a ground covering stride  ..a really nice Dalmatian 

3rd Christie Laguna Dios Free Falcon by Sophtspot (Imp BLR) 

YD 6 

1st Todhunter and Robinson Millebelle Rocky Mountain eye catching liver boy, loved his spotting and pigment, kind in head and expression, well arched neck, beautifully balanced, well muscled and toned throughout . To me this is a Dalmatian built to do the job, no flash and dash, his economical and steady movement means he could follow a horse all day, a real honest dog, of excellent type, I shall watch his progress with interest, well presented and kindly handled. 

2nd Cobb Kalokairie Eddy the Eagle 

3rd Christie Laguna Dios Free Falcon by Sophtspot (Imp BLR) 

PGD 10(1) a difficult class 

1st Green and Sears Boschendal Simply Red at Judally Upstanding 3 year old liver dog, excellent colour and spotting, masculine head, liked his expression and eye colour, good bone and feet, well filled forechest, well bodied up, showed himself off to advantage moved out with a positive action front and rear. 

2nd Gardinor Dakata Duranta well constructed black spotted dog with good pigment and even decoration, good topline and tail carriage, well bent stifle , strong hindquarters,  moved out well coming and going. 

3rd Healey Doshaburi The Cloud Dragon at Hebemor JW 

LD 8(2) 

1st Whincup Tamilanda Midnight Lilly JW Black spotted dog shown in excellent condition, even decoration, pleasing head and really dark eye, arched neck into good lay of shoulder, good spring of rib, strong over the loin, muscular hindquarters, shown and moved out with a easy driving action. 

2nd Alexander Offordale Picasso Black spotted dog of good type and quality, masculine yet kind head and expression, good reach of neck and shoulder placement, good fill of forechest, strong straight forelegs, even decoration , slightly longer cast than winner and today not as positive in hind action. Nevetheless a really good Dalmatian. 

3rd Croft and Cobb Kalokairie’s Bullet Proof 

OD 11 (1) Fabulous class..spoilt for choice 

1st Dunnachie Ch Dvojica Vendetta So pleased to have the chance to go over this dog, a favourite of mine ringside. He does not disappoint under the hand, lovely head and expression, dark eyes, well muscled neck into good lay of shoulder, good length of upper arm, excellent topline which he keeps on the move, well filled forechest, toned throughout, well made hindquarters which he uses for a steady even gait, a true carriage dog, as always by this owner, handled sympathetically , so in tune with his dog, my pleasure to award him the CC and BOB 

2nd Neath Duggan and Baker, Ch Buffrey Incognito by Dalleaf JW Such a striking dog he cannot be ignored, picture book black spotting on a gleaming coat, pleasing head and expression, good reach of neck and well constructed front assembly, deep forechest and well held topline, powerful hindquarters, such a showman and he also so in tune with his handler, moved out with purpose and drive. Res CC 

3rd Christie Ch Sophtspot Gold Dust JW  

VD 4 A lovely class of veterans 

1st Todhunter and Robinson Ch Millebelle Young Gun JW Rising 8 year old liver dog, an all round good Dalmatian , worthy champion, even spotting, the kindest of heads , muscular all through, strong powerful hindquarters, moved straight and true coming and going, a credit to his owner, BV 

2nd Whincup and Sibson Ch Tamilanda Vintage Pink JW another worthy champion enjoying his day in the ring, well balanced front and rear, well off for bone, good feet, Strong in topline, handsome head and good eye colour, shown in excellent condition , moved with ease 

3rd Barrett and Fort Ch Shulune Ice Phantom of Dalamanti ShCM 

SPBD 5(2) 

1st Hopkin Rapanooey Red Rose JW Black spotted dog of good proportions, pleasing head and dark eye, good reach of neck , well held topline, excellent muscle, deep black pigment and even decoration, happy disposition , moved and shown to advantage 

2nd Pace Big Addo, liver dog with even decoration of good colour, handsome head, well arched neck, good bone and feet, moved well but his outline is spoilt by his high tail carriage. Well presented and handled. 

3rd Pawson Cragvallie Vinny’s Chance 

PB 4 Lovely babies 

1st Frandsen Dalstorm Future Faith..what a cracker, and I would have faith in this well named puppy, feminine head, good bone and feet, super reach of neck into good lay of shoulder, deep in brisket, well held topline, excellent tail carriage, tight coat and great condition, showed herself off well and beautifully handled. Best puppy and thrilled to hear she won the Eukanuba stakes. One to watch.. 

2nd Watts and Jackson Peatling Tamilanda Continental Song, a sweet very feminine black spotted girl, I liked her balance and overall make and shape. Nice depth and fill of forechest, plenty of heart and lung room, muscled hindquarters, correct width through stifle, darkest of pigment presented and moved out really well. 

3rd Morgan Malbreow Wish Upon a Star 

JB 4 

1st Frandsen Dalstorm Future Faith 

2nd Hobbs and Whiting Rapanooey Rascallion 14 month liver bitch, much to like about this feminine youngster, lovely head and expression, good balance front and rear, with good hind angulation, well presented, moved with purpose and drive . Very promising 

3rd Clement Perdita’s Penelopea 

YB 4 

1st Millbelle Fernie just delightful, she has the prettiest of heads, with that “look at me” expression, she truly fills the eye, good length of neck into well placed shoulders, strong straight forelegs, , good depth of forechest  and spring of rib, excellent topline and tail carriage, muscled hindquarters, well marked liver spotting, outgoing showgirl, she excels on the move…lovely 

2nd McCarthy Tolkain Gold Star for Kilndandy Well made liver bitch of good type, kind head and lovely expression, correct eye colour, well off for bone, well bodied up and good heart and lung room,  even decoration, strong steady stride, happy showgirl in excellent condition. 

3rd Patrick Cohavrick Symphony 

PGB 16 A difficult class to judge many nice bitches 

1st Gardner Dvojica Chilli Chutney for Wrendragge JW I have admired this very lovely liver ringside and she fulfilled my expectations,  feminine all through and has excellent breed type, lovely head, arched neck, balanced front and rear, excellent tail set, even decoration, good muscle, shown in great condition and coat, she moves straight and true, attentive to her owner, ran cc winner very close Res CC 

2nd Norgrove Sassydals Slingsby Firefly, black spotted bitch who excels in movement, easy effortless stride, she has a kind head and expression, really dark eye, good reach of neck and well placed shoulders, good spring of rib, strong hindquarters and nice width through stifle, well let down hocks Good presentation and well shown. 

3rd Finch and Bonner Sophtspot Hocus Pocus at Dalticino 

LB 14(1) Such a lovely class and I really needed more cards 

1st Neath Duggan and Baker Buffrey Hanky Panky by Dalleaf JW This feminine bitch caught my eye as she came into the ring, she has real presence, beautifully handled and presented. She is so balanced, appealing head and expression, dark eye, good fill of forechest, well placed shoulders, strong topline, well muscled hindquarters, even decoration, liked her easy economical rhythmic stride, a dog built for purpose, she moves true back and forth, her overall balance, type and movement won her the cc, delighted to hear this was her crowning certificate. 

2nd Croft Kalokairie’s s Barberella from Koroyza I have always liked  this well constructed bitch from a puppy. Sweetest of heads, and expression, good eye colour, rich liver spotting. Well off for bone, good feet, muscular hindquarters, well presented and really covers the ground on the move, today just preferred the topline of winner, but a lovely Dalmatian 

3rd Whincup Tamilanda Pick-A-Lilly JW 

OB 11(3) Fabulous class 

1st Christie Ch Sophtspot Glitterati JW Well known and well deserved champion, she has so much quality, lovely head, presents with a pleasing outline , excellent deep black spotting, well made front assembly, strong muscular rear and good width through stifle, happy showgirl, moved out with drive. I liked her a great deal 

2nd Dodds and Pearson IntCh/IrCH Ch Kelevra Classic Cliche JW ShCm Another worthy champion, beautifully made of excellent breed type, feminine head and good reach of neck, into good shoulder placement, well off for bone and tight feet, strong hindquarters and well let down hocks, kindly and expertly shown, even decoration and she can move…lovely girl 


3rd David and Saunders Ch Daltcino Interlagos from Dallydyl JW ShCM 

VB 3(1) 

Both these bitches a credit to the breed 

1st Thorner Ch Tolutim Drambuie ShCM 10 year old black spotted bitch, her movement so strong and true belies her age, Pleasing in head and expression, good eye colour, well constructed throughout, excellent muscle tone, a true carriage dog and a credit to her owner 

2nd Lamb Dalpetro Diva JW 7 years old another lovely Dalmatian, kindest of heads and expression, good reach of neck, and well held topline, good bone and feet, even decoration and in good coat, moved out well but not quite the drive of one today, however a credit to her owner/breeder 


1st Sampson Dalstorm Eternal Promise JW A very honest bitch super rich liver colour, appealing head and expression, good reach of neck and lay of shoulder, straight forelegs, well muscled and moved out with drive and well presented Best Sp Beginners 

2nd Patrick Spiral Desdemona Sh CM A favourite of mine, she is so feminine, delightful head and expression, even decoration with deep black pigment, well balanced front and back and she moves well. 


Sue Wilkinson 15/07/2018 Judge