• Show Date: 25/05/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Sue Wilkinson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Bath Canine Society

Breed: Irish Wolfhound



I love judging Irish Wolfhounds, it gives me great pleasure to gaze into the eyes of these oh so special hounds. Thank you to all who entered, I am always humbled and appreciative of the hounds presented. It is a competition and there can only be so many winners, a snapshot in time and what I perceived on the day..the best dogs of course all went home with you. 

Temperaments were excellent throughout, I saw no cause for concern regarding mouths. There were however, some with very upright shoulder placement, and some with forelegs that could be straighter and knuckling over was apparent in some, and this does need to be addressed. 

To me there was a lovely atmosphere, and I was delighted to see the puppies enjoying their time in the ring. All as it should be at that age. 

MPD 4 

1st Sumners Dukesarum Yohji, 8 month old brindle, pleasing head of good length, good eye colour, really well made front and correct lay of shoulder, into a well held topline. Nice width through the stifle, moved out with an easy effortless gait, beautifully handled. BP 

2nd Braine’s Hollyhenge Black Russian, I really liked this black puppy, but he gave his gallant handler a very hard time. I loved his head and expression, he has good overall balance, not quite the fill of forechest of winner. He is a very curvy hound, and strong hindquarters. When under control he has great length of stride, a very promising puppy, all there to come. 

3rd Vaudin Hollyhenge Caruso of Torteval 

JD 6 (1) 

Interesting class and I very much liked my first three placings 

1st Gregory’s Barrassy’s Shooting Star at Killoughery 14 month old brindle, very eye catching, handsome and kind head and expression, well made front assembly, good width through forechest, well ribbed back and deep chest and correct underline, good sweep of stifle and very strong hindquarters, very powerful on the move, he has excellent reach and drive. Super coat. Lovely youngster. 

2nd Sumner Dukesarum Giacomo, different in type, but a pleasing hound, well balanced front and rear, excellent muscle tone, deep brisket, strong hindquarters, and another who moved really well with light easy action. 

3rd Bridges Barrassy By Definition 

PGD 3 

1st Ahrend Appropriate Boccaccio 19 month upstanding male, impressive, handsome head and dark eye, well arched neck, into good lay of shoulder, well filled forechest, deep in brisket, well ribbed back, good tuck up, well muscled and strong rear, very balanced and sound on the move. 

2nd  Johnson and Bogart Mascotts Story Teller, 20 month old brindle, delightful temperament and expertly handled, kind expression, and head of good length, well arched neck into good shoulder , strong straight forelegs, deep chest, and very well muscled hindquarters, falls away a little over the croup , sound mover. 

3rd Dunwell Goldswift Spartan’s Secret 

LD 7 (1) 

1st Pask’s Amarach Aaron of Baronglen, a handsome boy, pleasing in head and expression, dark eye, well filled forechest, strong straight bone, deep in body and well ribbed back, good tuck up, feels well under the hand, excellent jacket, well presented, moved out with ease and style, liked his overall balance. 

2nd Lockett Amarach Ainie, another impressive hound, who I note is litter brother to winner, they have similar attributes, kind head and expression, well arched neck, strong bone, well balanced front and rear, good hindquarters and bend of stifle, he also moves with an easy active gait, well presented, just not as mature as his brother.. 

3rd Tebbutts Caredig Augustus 

OD 4 (1) 

Three very lovely hounds  

1st Amoo’s Ch Sade Tyrion, what an impressive hound, he asks to be looked at, lovely head and expression, with a dark eye, well constructed  front and excellent lay of shoulder, well off for bone, strong neck, good depth of brisket,  strong and curvy rear, super muscle tone throughout, presented to perfection, an easy active mover, so eye catching DCC BOB and delighted to see short listed in the group. 

2nd Poole and Sheppard Conmeryl Marksman with Goldswift, I loved him for type, kindest of heads, strong neck, deep forechest, and well laid shoulder, good length of upper arm, well held topline into strong hindquarters. Well off for bone, straight forelegs and good feet. Shown in excellent condition and with a harsh  jacket, moved out and back with a good length of stride Res CC 

3rd Treadwell Glengail Ggilmour at Floydian 

Special Beginners 4 (1) 

1st Ashton’s Bonnies Sonas of Madalinca, red wheaten bitch of almost 14 months, lovely head and sweet expression, dark eye, arched neck into well placed shoulders, strong topline and well made hindquarters, with correct bend of stifle, lovely coat, and a really lovely temperament, moved out with a steady gait. 

2nd Mason Lord Anmire of Madalinca wheaten dog with a kind head and expression, not as well matured as his sister, lighter in frame, needs tighten up, but lovely temperament and kindly handled. 

3rd Dunwell Goldswift Spartans Secret 


MPB 5(2) 

1st Braine’s HollyhengeCarribean Kiss a beautiful puppy with a lovely head of good length, strong well arched neck, good bone, deep chest, well ribbed back, nicely muscled rear, with a good bend of stifle. She is quite lovely but would benefit from some ring training, she was much happier and more settled with her owner, and she can move really well….when she wants to…a promising prospect. 

2nd Vaudin Hollyhenge Berry Bliss at Torteval, 8 month old bitch, sweet expression and feminine head, good reach of neck, well made forequarters, not quite the length of body of winner, good rear and muscle tone for age,.strongly made all through and beautifully presented , moved out soundly with an easy gait.. 

3rd Mills Hollyhenge Fraisse Fizz at Mocharraig 

PB 1 

1st Mills Hollyhenge Fraisse Fizz at Mocharraig, delightful puppy, not as settled in her frame as her sisters, loved her expression and sheer love of life. Well off for bone, good hind angulation, needs to settle in her topline, but lots of promise…handler got the best from her on the move. 

JB 6(2) 

1st Sumner Dukesarum Chiara well constructed youngster, with such effortless movement, feminine head and expression, excellent fill of forechest, and well laid shoulder, well held topline and correct tuck up, good bone, and coat of good texture. A very well constructed hound. 

2nd Sumners Dukesarum Sinead, litter sister, I liked her but preferred the front construction of Chiara, however, she is nicely made, strong  hindquarters good bone and feet, moved with a lengthy  stride and well presented. 

3rd Ashton’s Bonnies Sonas of Madalinca  

PGB 7(2) 

1st Sheppard Goldswift Enchanted Legacy, well named brindle bitch, I was indeed enchanted by her, she filled my eye as she came into the ring. I love her for type, and overall balance and quality, she has an excellent front, good lay of shoulder and length of upper arm, well arched neck strong topline and well defined tuck up. Powerful hindquarters which she used to advantage in a strong rhythmic stride. Beautifully presented in great condition and coat, she was my bench mark in the bitches and I had no hesitation in awarding her the CC 

2nd Severn-Kumar Goldswift Destiny of Gaelmarque, beautiful bitch, well balanced all through, kindest of heads and dark eye, arched neck and good shoulder placement, strong bone and hindquarters,, correct width through stifle. Really covered the ground on the move. Excellent condition and coat. 

3rd Heathers Whiteorchard Nebula 

LB 6(4) 

1st Cramphorn Yelxba Victoria ShCM 

Dark brindle bitch of good breed type, dark eye, strongly made, good bone,   deep brisket , well  bodied up with good curves, sound and strong mover, excellent muscle . 

2nd Tebbutts Cardig Angelina..lovely head and dark eye, and good reach of neck, she is well off for bone , well bodied with a good tuck up, good muscle tone, preferred the front construction of winner, and today she was moving a little wide in front. 


Fabulous class wished I had more red cards 

 Amoo Ch Sade Prudence, 2 year old bitch with a pleasing head and expression, well arched neck and good shoulders, strong topline, straight forelegs and good feet, shown in excellent condition, presents with a series of curves, moved out with ease and style, a good example of the breed, and delighted to award her res cc 

2nd Ch Conmeryl Miss Scarlett for Goldswift, such a feminine bitch , with excellent breed type, good in top and underline everything flows under the hand, harsh jacket, well presented and moved with an effortless stride….lovely girl…both bitches a credit to the breed… 

3rd Heather Ch Whiteorchard Venusta 


Sue Wilkinson 03/06/18