• Show Date: 31/03/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Sue Kettle Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

South Wales & Monmouthshire Cocker Spaniel Club

Breed: Spaniel (Cocker)



Saturday 31st March 2018


Many thanks to the Officers and Committee for inviting me to Judge at this well-run Show, and for their hospitality during the day. Thank you also to my two very efficient Stewards.

My entry may not have been great in number, but it more than made up for that with the quality. I was splitting hairs in some classes. Thank you for that.


      1. Shapland’s Deracor Distinction

Really liked this black puppy. He has a lovely balanced head with gentle expression. He is very short and square with a lovely deep body, and great bone, legs and feet. He has excellent layback of shoulder with good return of upper arm, and rear angulation to match. All this makes for a very balanced Cocker who is sound and happy on the move.

      2. Thomas Thurness Time Warp For Claramand

Striking golden dog. He is a little strong in the head for me, but has excellent body properties. He has terrific bone and substance, and is very well angulated at both ends. Moved well with drive.

      3. Pollok’s Thurness Time Traveller


      1. Young’s Canyonn Classic Legacy JW

Young black dog from the top drawer. Lovely head and expression. Excellent neck and shoulders. Well sprung ribs and short deep body. Lovely wide, well-muscled hindquarters. Moved well, with drive and personality.

      2. Davies Kerriglow Game Of Thrones

Another lovely young black dog. Built on bigger lines than (1), but everything is in the right place. Really good bone and well-muscled quarters. Just needs a little time to mature.



      1. Share-Jones Sharemead Gold Bullion JW

Very attractive young golden dog. He has lovely bone legs and feet. Good length of neck into very well-placed shoulders. Good spring of rib. Excellent hindquarters, allowing him to move freely and happily around the ring. In good coat and condition.

      2 Farebrother’s Lilyvale Charmer

Beautifully marked black and tan dog. Lovely head and gentle expression. Not quite as well angulated at either end as (1), but is very balanced, and so moves correctly.



      1. Ellison’s Sh. Ch. Withiflor Rolling Stone JW

Top quality golden dog. He has a gorgeous head with melting expression. He is short and square, with the best of bone legs and feet. Excellent turn of stifle and hindquarters. Sound, happy mover, with excellent topline and tailset. Presented in excellent coat and condition. In my short-list

      2. Laverty’s IR. Sh. Ch. Snowgate Special Edition to Laveris

Lovely golden dog, with similar body properties to (1). He too has a lovely head and expression. Very short, with good angulation at both ends. Not quite the bone of (1). Moved soundly and happily.

      3. Membrado Polo’s Corralet Amor Brujo


      1. Forfar’s Bartonholm Bagodare

Blue puppy with excellent bone and substance. Balanced masculine head. Excellent spring of rib. Well rounded hindquarters, with excellent muscle for age. Sound happy mover.

      2. Buck’s Clavaire Cartier

Blue puppy with a lovely outline. Lovely head and dark eye. Short coupled, deep body, well angulated at both ends. A little unsettled on the move today.



      1. Grice’s Kyna One Direction

Headed a trio of promising young blue dogs. Really lovely head, with excellent eye and expression. Short, square, compact and Cockery, with good bone legs and feet. Great layback of shoulder and lovely turn of stifle. Moved soundly with great drive. Presented to perfection. Has an infectious enthusiasm for the job, making his owner use all her handling skills to get the best out of him.

      2. Collin’s Cachel King Of Hearts At Candyke JW

Another lovely young blue dog. Beautifully made with a lovely outline. Balanced head and eye, excellent bone, well sprung rib, short coupled with great angulation. Very sound happy mover.

      3. Anderson’s Cassom Carravaggio At Linchael


      1. Anderson’s Cassom Carravaggio At Linchael

Third in the previous excellent class, which was no disgrace. Not quite as mature as the first two, but this will come. He too presents a lovely outline, with everything in the right place. Balanced head with gentle expression. Moved happily, with drive. In excellent coat and condition.



      1. Amos-Jones Sh. Ch. Veratey Vincenzo At Cassom JW

For me, this dog displays everything that is good about the world of show dogs, and Cockers in particular. He has great strength in his superb bone and musculature. He has that hint of elegance with his excellent layback of shoulder and angulation of hindquarters. He has great style with the way he drives effortlessly around the ring. Most importantly he has an unbreakable bond with his talented and sporting owner/breeder, who has not only kept him in superb coat and condition, but also nurtured his outgoing happy temperament so that he enjoys every second he is in the ring. A pleasure and a privilege to judge him. CC and BIS with the agreement of my Co-Judge.



      1. Collin’s Sh. Ch. Candyke Lost Among The Stars JW

Looking fantastic for his 7.5 years. A worthy Champion who is beautifully constructed. He has a lovely head and expression, excellent outline with good bone. Angulated well at both ends, with lovely width to his quarters, he moves with great drive and is a credit to his owners.

      2. Cox’s Suvern Softly Spoken

Also a credit to his owner, he is in superb coat and condition. He has a balanced head with good eye. Excellent legs and feet. Very happy on the move.



      1. Webster’s Asquannes Granada

Promising black baby. He has a lovely head with a gentle expression, a short deep body and good bone and his coat is in superb condition. Moves well with an excellent topline and tailset. Just needs time to mature.


PUPPY 6(0)

      1. Robertson’s Kastrian Affection

Headed a class of very promising young males, with quality in depth. This dog has the wow factor! Eye catching outline and gleaming black coat. He has a lovely head and great expression. Excellent construction all through with great bone, legs and feet. Moves superbly with great drive, and level topline. BPD and Res BPIS – I wish him well for the future.

      2. Shapland’s Deracor Distinction

      3. Blackley’s Cooleela Operation Dynamo At Wightroche


      1. Hooper’s Spendles Spin in Silver

Very impressive young light blue dog. He has a lovely head and expression, good bone, and lovely legs and feet. Great layback of shoulder, leading into a short deep body with well sprung ribs. He has super well-muscled quarters and moves with real drive and purpose, keeping an excellent topline and with good tail carriage. Shortlisted for the CC.

      2. Davies Kerriglow Game Of Thrones

      3. Pilkington & Ellis’s Molkara Faustus At Brimbeck


      1. Whitehead’s Ryallcourt Tommy Brock

Lovely young black and white ticked dog. Balanced masculine head with gentle expression. Cobby and Cockery, with good bone, and great angulation at both ends. Another with a short deep body with plenty of rib and a deep chest. In lovely coat and condition. Very well-muscled which showed in his precise driving movement. Shortlisted.

      2. Bowen’s Charbonnel Rich N’Famous

Dark blue dog with a lot to like. Built on more elegant lines than (1), with superb angulation at both ends. He has a lovely, masculine head, with a gentle expression. Moved with a sound, driving action. In excellent coat and condition. Will trouble the best when mature.

      3. Laverty’s Marquell Mister Call To Snowgate


      1. Anderson’s Cassom Carravaggio At Linchael

      2. Carey’s Falconers Woodchat of Ware

Orange dog with a balanced head and lovely silky coat. He has a good head and eye, and excellent bone. He is well made all through, a sound mover, and he stood beautifully on a loose lead.



      1. Anderson’s Cassom Carravaggio At Linchael

      2. Pilkington & Ellis’s Molkara Faustus At Brimbeck

Handsome black dog, with a lovely head and expression. He has good bone, legs, and feet, and excellent well-muscled quarters. Sound happy mover.

      3. Harvey’s Tomerine Super Trooper


      1. Gilmour’s Chavez Royal Performance

Black dog with a lovely outline – flows from head to toe, with everything in the right place. Lovely head and expression. Good bone, legs and feet. Excellent layback of shoulder and angulation of hindquarters. Moved soundly with drive and enthusiasm.

      2. Morris’s Riondel Murphys Law

Really liked this blue dog. He has the best of heads, with a melting expression. Very short and compact, with well sprung ribs, and a deep body. Balanced angulation at both ends. Moved soundly and happily with drive.

      3. Share-Jones Sharemead Gold Bullion JW


      1. Jarman’s Acquelin Double Fara Flare

Not the biggest, but a lovely short, well angulated blue dog. He has a balanced head and good expression. Excellent rib, with well-muscled hindquarters. Very sound happy mover.

      2. Sutton’s Shirepark Starry Eyed

Very smart blue boy. Handsome masculine head, with gentle expression. Not quite as well angulated at either end as (1), but very balanced. Presented in lovely coat and condition. Moved well.

      3. Cassidy’s Manchela Hugo Boss JW ShCM

LIMIT 7(1)

      1. Thomas’s Claramand Ziggy Ziggy JW ShCM

Outstanding young orange dog, who headed a quality class. He has a gorgeous head and expression. Best of legs and feet. Beautifully made – short and compact with great angulation. Moved happily with drive and excellent topline and tail carriage.

      2. Bond’s Cassom Fast And Furious At Olibond

This is a lot of dog in a very compact package. Most lovely head and expression. Really good bone, legs and feet. Very short coupled with well sprung rib. Presents a lovely outline, both standing and on the move.

      3. Pollok’s Thurness The Illusionist

OPEN 4(0)

Another quality class.

      1. Pearce-Gudger’s Sh. Ch. Cachel Prince Charming Of Pearkim JW

Have watched this boy’s progress since first seeing him as a puppy. He has now matured into a top-class dog. I loved his balanced head with tight dark eye, and wonderful expression. Each part of his body fits seamlessly into the next, creating a wonderful outline. He has great substance, and is short and compact but with excellent angulation. He is in superb coat and condition, and this shows in his effortless ground covering movement. There is certainly an enormous amount of quality in the oranges, both dogs and bitches at the moment. Res CC.

      2. Craig’s Alisma Zacharius JW

Quality compact and Cockery blue dog. Loved his head – masculine without a hint of coarseness. Excellent legs and feet. Good substance throughout. Balanced angulation in shoulder and hindquarters. In excellent coat and well-muscled condition. Moved soundly with drive.

      3. Gain’s Molkara Pharrell JW

Sue Kettle (Judge)