• Show Date: 23/09/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Sue Evans Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Chow Chow Club Of Wales

Breed: Chow Chow

Chow chow club of Wales  23rd September 2018 

Many thanks to the officers and committee for the invitation to judge. I thoroughly enjoyed  

my day, and special thanks to all the exhibitors for your entries. 

minor puppy dog  1:   

1st   Lovell's  Dragonsway Bugdan  

7 month red baby, masculine head. Really nice expression, lovely reach of neck, well laid shoulders, straight front, good bone with nice feet,  

Well ribbed, with short couplings.  Good quarters, High tail set, 

Lovely pup with a bright future. 


Puppy Dog : 2 

1st Byrne's Akakuro Ace of hearts  

10 month self red maturing well, masculine in appearance, neat well placed ears, moderate stop and ample strength to muzzle, clean dark eyes, strong well arched neck, broad front with small rounded feet, squarely bodied. Topline level and short back, tail set high and carried well over back. Well presented, This boy has a very bright future. BPD.BPIS 

2nd Cummins & Rodgers Fulangs first Impressions 

9 month red dog, with a lot to like, pleasing head, dark clean eyes, small thick ears, good sprung rib, good bone. Presented and handled well. 


Junior Dog: 1:1 

Graduate Dog:2:2 


Post Graduate Dog:5 


1st Richards Captain Scarlet 

Quality well grown red with a lovely Masculine head excellent width to flat skull, small thick well placed ears, clean dark eyes, moderate stop, lovely reach of neck, good width to front with small rounded feet, well ribbed, level topline and firm loin, low set hocks, moved with ease well presented DCC & BIS  


2nd Hays  Santicana Rufus Red Bear 

Good sized red boy, broad flat skull, dark eye, small ears, broad muzzle of moderate length, scissor bite and good pigmentation. Moving well   


3rd Browns Lechan Captain Jack  


Limit Dog: 4 


1st Robinson's Rendel Riff Raff at Kwaitang JW  

Shaded red full of type, balanced outline, flat skull and broad muzzle, small thick ears, strong neck set on well laid shoulders, good depth of chest strong boned fore legs with well knuckled cat like feet, good spring of rib, well set tail. Moved well.   


2nd Wright's  Hiswin star Fantasy JW 

Another with lots to like, appealing head and expression, skull of good breadth, good dark clean eyes, correct bite with good pigmentation, nice reach of neck, firm level topline, good depth of chest, muscular hindquarters, moved well, well presented    


3rd Jakemans Tanlap Tarron  


Special Open AOC :1  

1st Jakemans Tanlap Tarron  


Masculine black dog, eyes dark and clean, neat small ears, broad flat skull, straight front, good topline, high tail set, moved ok once he had settled  


Open Dog: 2    

1st Canon's CH Miketilla Rocket Man JW  

Upstanding Self red of excellent type, masculine and very well balanced,  

Compact and sound. pleasing head broad flat skull with tiny thick well placed ears and used to his advantage. Slightly arched neck set on well laid shoulders, very well ribbed up, with tail carried high .Moved soundly with an air of self importance. RCC RBIS  


2nd Cummins  CH Dragonsway Tom Thumb 

Another quality red boy quality head piece with neat ears, good eye, excellent bite and pigmentation with good width of muzzle. Stands on a true front with nice tight feet and good bone, very sound in body with correct tail set, moved well.  


Special Open smooth Dog or Bitch :1 

1st Clare's Norskov's future fighter at Benoleo 

Alone but not un noticed substantial and well balanced masculine dog. Well proportioned head and expression, excellent pigmentation with a good bite, excellent reach of neck, well laid shoulders lovely straight front, super bone, well sprung rib, short coupled, high tail set. Well handled and presented. 


Veteran Dog or Bitch :3 

1st Lindsay's Amichow Zhong peng at Jdlindchow  

9 year old red bitch lovely expression, flat broad skull with well set ears, adequate reach of neck straight front with good rib, short coupled, well let down hock  moved well, 

2nd  Lovell's Jamarhys float like a kimama at pamlor  

Upstanding black dog 11 years old, clean dark eyes, super pigmentation and good bite. 

3rd clare's Chinrosc short n sweet at benoleo 


Puppy Bitch:2:1 

1st King’s Shulian Shimmering star at Kweichow 

Quality bitch with a nice Feminine head, a broad flat skull enough working and padding for age, using  her small thick well placed ears well. nicely arched neck on well laid shoulders, nice conformation with level topline, good tail set. BPB  


Junior Bitch:2 

1st Rennie’s Rendel Cherry B 

A nicely developing red bitch of quality, lovely head and expression, good clean dark eyes, 

Correct bite with good pigmentation, level topline, shows well, beautifully presented RCC. 


2nd Martin’s Jdlindchow Fuylian at Foillian Black Bitch, pleasing head properties with small well placed ears, good bite and pigmentation, well sprung ribs, just needs a bit more confidence. 


Post Graduate Bitch :4:5 

1st Martins Foillian Fu-ni SHCM 

Attractive head and expression, well placed ears on a flat skull, Clean dark eyes, correct bite with good pigmentation. Nice reach of neck on well laid shoulders, lovely straight front standing on neat round feet, good spring of rib, short coupled, presented and showed well. 



2nd Flavell's Willchow Absolute fabulous with simdel Upstanding red feminine with substance and quite well balanced, clean dark eyes, lovely broad flat skull good reach of neck, well bodied with a high tail set. Just needs more confidence.  

3rd Jenkins ultra dialo (imp BLR)  


Limit Bitch 2 

1st Jenkins Janqbu sally salsa  

Strong head, broad flat skull with neat well placed ears, good bite, nice reach of neck, straight front, ample bone with neat catlike feet. Ribs well sprung, tail carried well over back.  

2nd Eades Rosechow Firework with Seirian JW 

Red, pleasing head very pretty and feminine expression, correct bite with good pigmentation, beautiful straight front, ample bone well up on toes, well sprung rib, high tail set. Handled and presented well. 


Special Open AOC:2 

1st Hollies & Carr Janqbu Third Degree Sundray JW 

Black bitch, what a show girl, very Feminine with a quality head carried proudly on an excellent neck, stands true front with good bone and small catlike feet, body short and compact, well ribbed and short 

 coupled. Rear quarters well made and correctly angulated, a real pleasure to go over, beautifully  

presented. BCC BOS  

 2nd Powell's Lechan Rhythm in black 

Black bitch, lovely bite and pigmentation, good reach of neck, slightly longer in back.  


Open Bitch 1:3 

1st Cummins Dragonsway Cinderella 

Another of quality red girl, really nice to go over, broad flat skull, dark clean eyes, moderate length 

of muzzle, good bite and pigmentation, lovely front assembly with muscular shoulders, straight well  

boned forelegs standing on neat catlike feet, well muscled rear. Moved well. 


Judge Sue Evans