• Show Date: 21/10/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Sue Cox Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Giant Schnauzer Club

Breed: Giant Schnauzer

Giant Schnauzer Champ Show Oct 21st 2018

Thanks go to The Officers and Committee for inviting me to Judge their 34th annual Champ Show, a Bumper quality entry that was a privilege to judge . Also, thank you to my Stewards for the day, Rob and Sue McGrann.

Our breed on the whole is in good condition, there were plenty of correct types attending and it was great to see P&S’s too. Whilst all profile movement was very good, Rear movement was very poor in most of the dogs and in some cases front movement also was of concern, some round eyes, but, 99 percent good harsh coats presented well, this is a great thing to see. Thankyou to all the exhibitors who took my decisions with good grace and it was lovely to hear applause for those placed. A very happy atmosphere, and successful show. Congratulations to the Club.

Minor Puppy Dog 2 entries, 1 abs

1st, Moss’s Zarina’s Design Avenger for Riesenheim (imp )

6 months full of life, well bodied, harsh, good quality jacket, good head with correct head plains, good bite, dark eye, arched neck with fair front angulation, forechest developing well, short loin, scored well in hind quarter angulation. Good tail set, with excellent carriage, straight and strong. A little erratic on the move at this stage in his development. Best Puppy, and Best Puppy in Show.

Puppy Dog 2 entries

1st Whitney & Di Martino’s Primavista’s High Voltage

Well made boy, with good head , strong muzzle and flat back skull, very dark eyes, good ear set, strong deep neck , good lay back of shoulder upper arm a little upright, deep chest, very good top line, good turn of stifle, front movement is a little loose at this time. Good hard jacket.

2nd, Whatmough & Allen’s Wyggyfuzz Fistful of Steel at Andmaura

9 months, Taller and narrower boy, good head, dark eye, correct dentition, arched neck, a tad straight in front assembly good hindquarters, longer in loin than 1, unsettled on the move .

Junior Dog. 1 entry

Galbraith’s Gloris Glorious with Fostergiants.

12 months old, excellent type and coat, good head, dark eye, strong muzzle with good bite, ear set a little low and heavy,arched neck into fair front, forechest coming, sloping top line, tail set a little low,good hindquarters, time is on his side.

Postgraduate Dog. 5 entries

1st, Woodgate’s Dasval Good And Ready

Very eye catching male of correct size and good attitude, scored well in very dark correct shaped eyes with good expression, good bite and strong muzzle, correct ear set, strong arched neck with fair front assembly, height over the withers giving strong top line, deep chest, just a tad long in loin, strong correctly angulated hindquarters, moved with strong profile reach and drive. One of the positive movers of the day.

2nd, George’s Draxpark Some Like It Hot.

Another very good type male, very balanced in outline, scored in head, with dark eye, flat back skull, and good bite. Correct neck with good top line, short coupled body and fair hind angulation, a little loose in front movement at this time.

3rd, Brown’s Draxpark Hot Tip.

Limit Dog. 5 entries

1st, Tyson’s Tyshunde Apprentice

Eye Catching, medium sized, correct type male, Very good head with dark eye, good bite, ear set a little low, strong neck, pronounced forechest and front assembly, deep chest, sloping topline, good tail set, scoring in hind quarters, presented in the harshest of jackets and handled to advantage, moving with purpose on the profile, but, close behind going away. Balanced dog, happy to award him the RCC,

2nd, Whatmough & Allen’s Lucavale Washington at Andmaura.

Dark P&S Male, larger cast than 1st place, good head, with correct dark mask, dark eye, a little narrower through , but good depth, would like more forechest, good hind quarters, correct banded coat right down to his toes, moved fairly well.

Open Dog, 4 entries , 1abs

1st Bekker’s Zarina’s Design Tu Eres Mi Todo (imp Ukr)

3 year old balanced dog, masculine attitude, very good head plains, dark eye, very good expression, correct dentition, strong arched neck, excellent front angulations, deep chest and good rise over the whithers, with strong topline, correct hind angulation, going away movement was the best of the day, front can be a little loose coming toward when something gets his attention, but, profile movement ok. Overall a very good Giant Schnauzer who deserved the CC, Res Best in Show and Best Opposite Sex.

2nd, Kirkwood’s Draxpark Lots to Like.

A Taller boy, but, correct type with good head, a little round in eye, strong muzzle and good bite, Scored in neck and shoulder placement, would have preferred more forechest, but, great sloping top line and strong hind movement, handled well , presented in good jacket.

3rd, Parker’s Sparticus Radinie at Draxpark.

Champion Dog. 2 entries

Two very different types, both dogs of Merit

1st Veal’s Ch Philoma Man After Midnight,

3 years old boy, Medium size, I would prefer a longer head, but good dark eye with kind expression, good ear set, strong neck, good depth of chest, some forechest, sloping topline, good rear angulation and tail set, harsh jacket, moved with purpose.

2nd Reeves, Ch Ouseviews foyd Mayweather at Valter.

Coming up 4 years old P&S male, stronger and heavier than 1st place, his head is a little wide in backskull and ear set could be higher, but good dark eye, Dark Muzzle, strong neck, would like more forechest, very deep on brisket, correct banded coat in harsh condition, good hindquarters, sadly losing his topline on the move.

Veteran Dog, 1 entry, 1abs

Minor Puppy Bitch, 2 entries

1st, Rylances Zarina’s Design Amour-Amour at Foxwood (imp)

6 months, but well balanced for age, this girl had a very good head, with correct head plains, darkest of eyes, very feminine expression, good ear set and good bite, forechest coming along, good topline and correct tail set and carriage, good hindquarters, a little erratic on the move.

2nd Velhinho & Donley’s Echodream Sunny,

Another eye catching puppy, a little immature compared to 1st place, nice head, round in eye, correct bite, she has a good rise over the whithers, sloping topline, and good tailset, a tad long in loin, but very good hind angulation.

Puppy Bitch, (0)

JuniorBitch, 3 entries,

1st, Squire’s Edelphie Kinky Boots,

17 month old girl, with good depth through, lovely feminine head with great expression, dark eye, and correct bite, nice neck and deep brisket, correct topline, and scored in her hindquarters, could move a little faster but did enough for her place,

2nd, Driver & Marston’s Edelphie Delores Delargo

Litter sister to 1st place, excellent type, most of my comments above apply to this girl, she is taller, with a sloping topline, and good tail set and carriage, she has the crispest of coats, presented well, just preferred the head of 1.

3rd, Rotherforth’s Silbertraum Ice Maiden.

Novice Bitch 1 entry

1st ,Turner’s Dayshaun Enchantress

19 months, although her coat is not her fortune, she has one of the best heads and expression of the day, blackest of eyes, good head plains, correct bite, moderate neck, would like more forechest, deep brisket, tail set a little low , strong hindquarters.

Post Graduate Bitch, 6 entries, 1 abs.

1st, Price’s Dasval As Good As It Gets.

Compact balanced bitch, Typical, well made in all departments, feminine head, dark eye, and good expression, deep chest, short topline, well angulated rear and moved with purpose, and eye catching girl, well deserved Res CC.

2nd, Galbraith’s Wherewithall De Pomerland with Fostergiants (imp)

Another very nice bitch, just a little immature compared to my winner, good head and eye, and scored in forechest, just a little longer cast, liked her type, would benefit from faster movement, but did enough for me to assess her.

3rd Trafford’s Trueherz Georgia.

Limit Bitch, 6 entries 1 abs.

1st Fish’s Foxwood’s Femme Fatale for Dulejoes.

Another typey female, scored highly for excellent coat and presentation, correct head, with good flat backskull, nice earset, strong neck into correct front, sloping topline, deep brisket, a tad light in bone, but enough for her place moved well though close behind.

2nd, George’s Dasval Valeria Messalina,

More substantial girl, very good head, dark eye and feminine expression, height over the whithers, very good neck and shoulder placement with good forechest, good tail set and carriage, good for bone, a tad longer in loin than 1. Handled well.

3rd, Parker’s Draxpark Hotter than Hot.

Open Bitch, 6 entries, 2 abs.

1st, Parker’s Daserbe Chase the Ace to Draxpark.

This 2 yr old girl commanded the ring, eye catching, typey, balanced, the complete package for me, substance with femininity, well made through, dark wicked eyes demanding ‘who’s second’? Excellent coat, presentation, and handling, height over the whithers, good forechest, deep brisket wide thigh, nicely let down stifles, good tailset and carriage, moving with style, reach and drive. Worthy of the CC, Best of Breed and Best In Show.

2nd, Foster’s Eskaidee Katinka,

Another quality girl, larger than 1, but good all through, very nice head, eye, and muzzle, larger ears but carried well, sloping top line, good coat, deep chest and strong hind quarters, excellent presentation of her correct harsh coat. Moving well.

3rd, Bakewell’s Foxwood’s Femme Nikita

Champion Bitch. 3entries 1abs

1st, Fish’s Ch Foxwood’s Destiny’s Child

Correct girl of excellent type, balanced, well presented and handled, typical head, eyes dark but slightly round, strong muzzle with good dentition, correct front, sloping topline, good tailset, and wide thigh, moving close behind.

2nd Ch Ferncliffe Pistols at Dawn to Ruffhaus,

Smaller girl, good head,eye and ears, not the front of 1, a little shorter in front leg, and at times down on pasterns, good topline, correct hindquarters,. A little erratic on the move.

2 worthy champions.

Veteran Bitch, 1

Parker’s Draxpark Bedazzling Charm.

Wow! 9 ½ years young in absolute fantastic condition, congratulations to her breeder /owner, well made though in all departments, eager to move and show, still holding her colour. Appeared a little short in front leg in the challenge, but, an ambassador for our breed! Thank you for bringing her to the show.

Thea Jefferey’s Memorial Stakes

Special Pepper and Salt Dog or Bitch 4 entries 1 abs

1st, Ch Ouseviews’s Floyd Mayweather at Valter

2nd, Treuherz Georgia

3rd Lucavale Washington at Andmaura


Sue Cox