• Show Date: 10/11/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Sue Cox Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Northern Schnauzer Club

Breed: Miniature Schnauzer

Northern Schnauzer Club Championship Show 10/11/18

Critique Miniature Schnauzers

Thank you to the Officers and Committee for inviting me to Judge at their annual Championship Show, I was ably assisted again by my stewards Robert & Sue McGrann. A bumper entry and I would like to thank all the exhibitors for making this a special day. It was a privilege to have so many dogs to go over, and most being accepting of my judgements. An Overview of the breed as I found it.....Coats were excellent, good P&S colours some B&S had white markings and not the dark silver that would be desirable. most mouths were good, grooming plays a big part in the breed and my hands kept getting covered in some product or other, also dogs in the ring shaking as they move leaving chalky footprints, some exhibits rather shy and not the outgoing temperament that would be looked for when judging. I found most upper arms to be straight and very short, also a lot of narrow thighs meaning lack of hind angulation, but of course with grooming this is not always visible, and some dogs lacking muscle in the hindquarters. My 2 CC winners had the forechest , substance and type I felt that matched the breed standard. Although some of my class places were not pristinely groomed my hands told me the qualities the dogs had.

Minor Puppy Dog. 4 entries, 1 Ab

1st, Daniels’ Jansad Presents Walter, 7 months and eye catching, short coupled cobby boy, scored in head and expression, very good ear set and carriage, strength in neck and depth in chest for one so young, forechest coming along, crisp coat with good colour and banding, a little narrow in upper thigh, moving with purpose.

2nd, Mc Dermott’s, Lichstone Midnight Epsilon, a larger cast boy, and slightly longer, scored in very attractive head, the darkest eyes , very good markings and coal black coat, would like more forechest, a little loose in hind movement.

3rd.Beckson’s Tammux Blazing Simplicity.

Puppy Dog . 1

1st, Hoods Jastalla Born Leader, another with excellent head and expression, his outline is pleasing, he has a little forechest that should improve with maturity , narrow in thigh, moved ok , eye catching lad . Best Puppy Dog.

Junior Dog. 4 entries 1abs

1st, Frehillys Vonkev’s Heavenly Star, Typical schnauzer type, scored in head and eye, sloping topline, depth of chest, smart dark Pepper and Salt Jacket, narrow in thigh, moving well.

2nd, Joys Tommy Hilfiger De Minis Parade (taf). 17 month Black, very good head and dark eye with good expression , good ear set, strength in neck into good front assembly, good forechest, sloping topline that falls off a little to a low tail set, excellent coat texture with hard leg hair which I appreciated. On the move not using his hocks to full potential today

3rd, Harveys Deansgate Mister Clever (taf)

Novice Dog, 2

1st Byrnes Iron Maiden De Akra Leuka (Imp Esp), eye catching strong male, excellent hard crisp coat and good colour, strong in head and back skull but dark eye with a very good expression, sloping top line, moving a little close going away.

2nd, Harveys, Deansgate Mister Clever, correct for size, typical boy, liked his head and expression, outgoing personality, but his mouth is not is fortune at this time,level top line. Moved ok.

Post Graduate Dog. 7 entries 1 abs.

1st Holm & Wises, Lucas Iz Kupchino (Imp Rus). A proper schnauzer outline, stocky male, his make and shape, was clear to see. He scored in head with dark eye and confident expression, good ear set and carriage, strong neck correctly sat onto his body, visible forechest and depth behind the elbows, short in loin, a correct harsh jacket that would be weatherproof, he did not have the furnishings of some because the hair was harsh right down to his toes! As the breed standard asks for. He was the complete package for me, I was happy to award the boy the CC, he lost for best of breed because he did not move as well in the challenge. RBOB. Congratulations.

2nd, McDermotts ,Lichstone the Swagman, Taller P&S boy not the front of my winner, but good type, liked his dark colour banded coat, slightly longer in loin, good profile movement, close going away.

3rd Steeles, Manolito De Can Rayo at Sandridge (Imp Esp)

Limit Dog. 9 Entries 2 abs

1st, Fleetwood & Mastertons , Toosum What Comes Next. Correct Schnauzer Type, perfectly presented, scored in head, darkest of eyes, and correct ear set. Would like more forechest, but liked his length of front leg giving him a good topline with rise over the withers, very good tail carriage, and short loin. Very good profile movement.

2nd,Newman & Days, Risepark Star Performer, Another correct schnauzer type, excellent coat colour and texture, good head plains, very typical expression, dark eye, strong neck, a tad straight in front but good depth of chest, pleasing tail carriage, not the rear drive on the move of my first place

3rd Dormers, Starbound to Sleep to Dream.

Open Dog, 5 Entries 1 abs

1st, Grahams, Nikisan Sir Mix A Lot, smart schnauzer type, good head, dark oval eye, slightly broad back skull, strong neck small forechest, height over the withers, short back with good tail carriage, moved well, Res CC. Congratulations.

2nd, Desceres, Basamart Maybach, very eye catching male, I liked his head, and ear set, strong neck, he has forechest, but appeared a little wide in front, and a tad short in front leg, sloping topline, the blackest of correct harsh coat, presented well, nice outline.

3rd, Braithwaites, Ch Cheantake On The Rocks JW ShCM (Imp Fin).

Veteran Dog. 3 Entires 1 abs

1st. Dursleys Ch Wellingley Won to Please ShCM, 7years, good for type, with correct head and dentition, good coat, correct tail carriage moved well Best Veteran in Breed and Best Veteran in Show.Congratulations.

2nd Braithwaites Ch Wellingley Wild Adventure ShCM. Half Brother to my winner, smaller male, atractrive head and ear carriage , good for type, coat and presentation, just preferred the rear of 1st.

Minor Puppy Bitch. 11 entries, 1 abs.

1st Longdins Wellingley What’s Rockin’. Very Typey dark P&S, feminine expression,dark eyes, confident temperament, arched neck, pleasing front and depth of chest, wide, muscled thigh, short back, moving well, Best Puppy Bitch, Best Puppy, and BPIS, congratulations!

2nd, Carvers Oldbashurst Easter Time, Looking in the catalogue,daughter of my Dog CC, feminine head and darkest of eyes, correct neck and front assembly short back and good hindquarters with good muscle, would just prefer longer front leg.

3rd, Callows Buffels Raising Hope.

Puppy Bitch, 6 entries, 2 abs,

1st, Woods, Penbro Put A Spell On You. Excellant type, I liked her head and confident expression, arched neck with height over the whithers and short back, a very good forechest and fill in behind the ebow, and a wide thigh, pushed Puppy Bitch winner hard in the Challenge.

2nd. Newman & Days Risepark Style Queen, Smaller Girl, not the front of 1st place, short coupled, good coat and presentation, height over the whithers, correct tail carriage , not moving so well as 1.

3rd. Beardalls Gainsfields Flanders Fields.

Junior Bitch. 7 Entries,3 abs

1st .Uryus Joker Land’s Dream Maker. Correct girl, good type, liked her head, sloping top line, a tad straight in front, depth of chest, wide muscled thigh, moving well.

2nd, Fleetwood & Mastertons Toosum In Your Face, sweet expression, correct head good neck, a little upright in upper arm, scored in coat an presentation, little close behind going away.

3rd, Cox’ Traviston’s Woos Girl

Novice Bitch. 4 Entries, 3 abs.

1st, Parker & McDonalds Risepark Shooting Star,

Feminine little girl, nice head, dark eye, but a little short in back skull, correct ear set, appears a little wide in front and would benefit from a longer front leg, deep chest, just lost her topline on the move,

Post Graduate Bitch. 8 entries, 2 abs

1st, Gudgin & Campbells Jennayr Eternity, Scores in head and eye, feminine, correct type, a tad upright in shoulder placement, excellent coat and presentation, straight topline, moved ok.

2nd, Allens Malenda Majalis, scores well for type, very similar to 1st, correct coat, presented well , correct tail set, a little hesitant on the move today.

3rd, Whites Schnaustar Girl on Fire JW.

Limit Bitch. 14 Entries, 5 abs

1st, Hoods Barrontoft Raise Yer Hopes For Jastalla, Typey girl, confident Expression, dark eyes, good ears, I liked her neck and layback of shoulder but, would prefer a longer more angled upper arm, she has very good depth of chest and a sloping topline, scoring in wide thigh, moving well.

2nd,Fehillys Starbound Day Dreamer at Vonkev. Very similar in type to 1st, Feminine expression dark eye, but a little wide in backskull, similar front assembly to 1st just a tad longer in loin, good hindquarters.

3rd, Graham’s Nikisan Princess Jazz Min.

Open Bitch. 6 Entries, 2 abs

1st Woods, Spirited Away Kinka for Penbro ShCM (Imp POL) Very eye catching, proper schnauzer type, correct head plains dark eye with confident expression, strong but feminine neck, with correct forechest, depth and fill in behind her elbows, short in back and loin. Very good width of thigh with muscle, and correct tail carriage just a complete package for me, smart, outgoing and ready for action. Moved very well with purpose and drive. Hapy to awad her the CC, and BOB, then see her got RBIS Congratuations!

2nd,, Davidsons Ch Wellingley Which Way Now, another smart girl, good hed and expression, arched neck, good depth and topline, outmoved in hind action today, but worthy Res CC winner, Congratulations.

3rd Mansers Nujax Cosmopolitan for Nilchand. I take note of your comments, sadly your quality girl kicked one hind leg out every time she was moved today.

Veteran Bitch. 1

1st. Dursleys Wellingley What About Me for Acasia. 11years young and a credit to her owner, in top condition, lovely head and expression, arched neck, and holding her topline on the move, good depth, Best Veteran Bitch only losing out to the male in hind action.

Special Black & Silver Dog/Bitch. 6 Entries 3 Abs

1st . Whites, Schnaustar Put a Spell on You, Smart dog, up to size in all departments, good head, darkest of eyes, arched neck,strong topline, quality jacket, with correct silver markings

2nd, Beckson, Tammux Blazing Symplicity, Larger Male, rather wide in back skull, longer in body, very good hindquarters.

3rd. Burnes Iron Maiden De Akra Leuka (Imp Esp).

Special Black Dog/Bitch. 2 Entries 1 abs

1st, Wiliams, Habanera Eldzh Hope for Lyzahro. Very good black colour and excellent jacket well presented, feminine girl a little underheaded and ears a little erratic, but, that said she has a deep brisket with fill in behind her elbows, great sprig of rib, good hindquarters with a wide thigh. Holds her top line on the move.

Special White Dog/Bitch. 3

1st, Wiliams Beanara Njals Saga at Lyzahro, Mature male with very good coat, nice head dark eye, a little straight in front assembly but, a good topline, deep chest, moving well in profile.

2nd, Williams, Zatanas Somthing Special Lyzahro, 17 month female, still maturing on, ok head, dark eye, ears a little erratic, good depth, moved well in profile.

3rd. Williams, Saraswati Bonno Blue with Lyzahro (Imp MKD). 3 year old male Liked his head for length, and dark eye, ears can be erratic, he is a little upright in front assembly, lighter cast than 1st place, well muscled hindquarters good tail carriage, correct pigmentation.

Sue Cox Judge.