• Show Date: 07/06/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Sue Bird Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Three Counties Agricultural Society

Breed: Catalans, Smooth Collies & Norweign Buhunds

Three Counties Championship Show

7th June 2018

I would firstly like to say a huge Thank You to my two very efficient stewards in ring 12

We had a lovely large ring which made assessing movement easier.

Catalan Sheepdogs

Post Grad Dog

1st Hansford & Donnelly's: Le Magician D'oz Du Clos Millette At Peregos (imp ) Impressive masculine boy, strong head with lovely dark eyes & good pigmentation to rims, lips & tongue, well placed ears that where well fringed, muscular neck on well placed shoulders going into strong body & well muscled hindquarters & good second thigh, hocks well let down with rear dew claws. Coat harsh, moved with smooth gait, just lost it in challenge to his kennel mate who he wanted to get to. BD & RBOB

Post Grad Bitch

1st Kitchen's: Sevarna Delightful Dilys; feminine head with soft expression, eyes dark with good pigment, ear set ok & moderate neck, shoulders need to drop back & she needs to lengthen in body a tad but still quite young, movement was steady once settled.

Open Bitch

1st Hansford & Donnelly's: Alvegi Borzas Dona At Peregos (imp) ultra feminine bitch good breadth to head & defined stop dark eyes with well pigmented rims, nose & lips, close fitting ears with plenty of fringing, muscular neck fitting into well placed shoulders, good length of back with strong loin & slightly sloping croup with well developed second thigh, all this enabled for smooth effortless movement & in challenge she just pushed that bit extra over the dog. BB & BOB

2nd Bland's: Kiandra Little Maggie: another quality bitch, very similar in type to 1st just thought she was slightly finer in head but had lovely dark eyes well placed ears, well defined stop correct bite & well pigmented, with good body proportions & well muscled, movement was effortless & steady she pushed 1st hard.

3rd Kitchen's: Sevarna Catalonia's Angel.


1st Bland's: Starwell Ilex At Kiandra: 7 yr old bitch that I have judged before & given bb, dam of 2nd in Open Bitch, she has passed many of her lovely attributes to her daughter. Lovely broad feminine head ears well placed and close fitting well fringed, dark eyes with good pigmentation on rims, lips an tongue. Muscular neck going into shoulders well laid back, good length of rib with strong loin & gently sloping croup, with well muscled hindquarters, hocks well let down & well padded feet. Couldn't be denied RBB as still effortless movement & defiantly didn't look her age. RBB

Smooth Collies

Post Grad Dog

1st Loader's: Coneypark Countdown For Allangill: At top end for size but balanced. Strong wedge shaped head with dark almond shaped eyes & well placed semi erect ears, slight break between fore-face an skull with well padded cheeks, neck well arched going into gently sloping shoulders with good depth of chest & ribs well sprung with strong loin, firm top line held on move, well muscled hindquarters & good bend of stifle with strong hocks which enabled him to move with effortless ground covering movement. BD& BOB

2nd Moores: Manordeifi Bow Regard: not quite the substance of 1st but everything in right place, slightly finer in head than 1st, good arch of neck on well placed shoulders with good depth to chest, ribs well sprung & firm topline, moderate rear angulations & firm hocks, harsh coat, steady on move. RBD

Junior Bitch

1st Benton's: Oakestelle Artemis: judged this young lady a few months ago as a puppy, very feminine, wedge shaped head with lovely dark almond eyes, ears wide at base an mobile, slight stop just needs a bit more padding around cheeks, well arched neck going into well laid shoulders, chest deep enough for her age & good spring of rib, firm top line & well angulated hind quarters with good muscle tone, strong hock allowing easy effortless movement.

Post Graduate Bitch

1st Moores: Manordeifi Summer Magic: feminine bitch, nice shaped head with lovely dark almond shaped eyes, correct placement of ears but a little loose, strong neck & well placed shoulders with good depth to chest, ribs well sprung & firm topline, well muscled hindquarters with firm hocks, very easy mover.

Open Bitch

1st Pletz-Kazantzis & Busby's: Foxearth Fandella, ultra feminine bitch, super wedge shaped head with just the right amount of moulding to fore face, dark eyes slightly off obliquely set, with good ear set, muscular neck & gently sloping shoulders with nice depth to chest, ribs well sprung & firm topline, slight rise over loin & well muscled hindquarters, with good bend of stifle, firm hocks, coat was harsh, very steady effortless movement, BB just preferred Dogs more effortless ground covering movement in challenge.

Veteran Bitch

1st Benton's: Ch Alopex Marionette Of Oakestelle, grandmother of junior bitch, defiantly not showing her 9 years today, judged her before an still in tip top condition. Feminine wedge shaped head, almond shaped eyes slightly off oblique with correct ear placement wider at base & mobile, slight stop & enough padding to cheeks, well arched neck on well placed shoulders, good depth to chest & ribs well sprung, strong over loin with slight rise, good rear angulations well muscled with good bend of stifle & firm hocks, very easy mover when at correct pace. RBB

Norwegian Buhund

Open Dog

1st Smith's: Ch Arnscroft Never Say Di; masculine boy, balanced, lean wedge shaped head & broad between ears set fairly high, moderate amount of stop dark eyes & black pigment. Strong jaw with correct scissor bite, medium neck well arched & chest deep & elbows well tucked in, rib of good length with strong loin, tail tightly curled & high set, moderate rear angulations & parallel when viewed front & rear. Coat harsh an close fitting, in good condition. Steady on move with light effortless strides. BD just preferred the bitches more balanced outline & agile movement in challenge.

2nd Bethell's: Zodiac's Featuring Fredrik At Taevas of Winforst; 5yr Red boy, pleasing head with good ear placement, eyes toned with coat, moderate neck & ok shoulders slightly shorter in body than 1st. Rear angulations corresponded to front, good tail set & tightly curled tail, not as positive on move as 1st. RBD

Post Grad Bitch

1st Lambert's: Sturtmoor's Eezee Luvva; very feminine bitch who is so well balanced & gave impression of being able to do a days work. Wedge shaped head, with breadth between mobile erect ears, moderate amount of stop with tapering muzzle and blackest nose with lovely dark eyes, strong under jaw. Strong neck & well laid shoulders, with good depth of chest, elbows tightly held, strong firm topline, thick tightly curled tail set high, with well muscled hind angulations, parallel going & coming very light on her feet, coat harsh & in good condition. BB & BOB pleased to see her shortlisted from a strong Pastoral Group.

2nd Bethell's: Winforst Galadriel; 2yr old feminine head with sweet expression, dark eyes with moderately arched neck & firm topline, sadly not in best of coats today & movement a little erratic.

Open Bitch

1st Cobb's Ch Trollheimen Elske To Knytshall (Imp USA) Ultra feminine Black bitch, Nice broad wedge shaped head with good distance between ears with moderate amount of stop, tight lips with good bite, moderate arch to neck strong forequarters with nice tight elbows good depth of chest with straight topline firm over hindquarters & slight tuck up, well placed tightly curled tail, feet nice & tight. Steady movement both coming & going away. RBB In challenge just thought the PGB had slightly more flowing movement.

2nd Bethell's: Lux Ch,Int Ch. Arnscroft Glad Di Ola At Winforst.


Sue Bird