• Show Date: 28/06/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Sue Bird Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Windsor Dog Show Society

Breed: Welsh Corgi Cardigan, Pyrenean Sheepdog, Belgian Shepherd Groenendael, Australian Cattle Dog

                                                                            Windsor Dog Show Society

                                                                                   30 June 2018

A really lovely show in one of best settings, thank you to my very efficient stewards in both my rings.

.Welsh Cardigan Corgi 

I had some lovely dogs entered today, a few where either out of coat, loosing coat or just returning into coat, but I think this is more to do with the heat we've had, but coat will return. A few exhibits where lacking muscle-tone which did in my opinion affect movement & therefore placings.

Vet D/B

1st Froggatt's; Am Ch Rhydown Rhinestone Cowboy for Gerefa (Imp ): 11 yr male, broad head with good ear placement, muscular neck & chest of good depth, firm topline & ample bone, defiantly didn't look his age & covered the ground on the move. BVD & BVIB

2nd Lovell's; Liebehund Thyme Please: 7 yr male, not quiet as heavily built as 1st, foxy shaped head with large erect ears well placed. Strong neck firm topline with good tail carriage, moved out well.

Puppy Dog

1st Khenkina's; Mal Bagushy Chester: 8 months old, very well schooled. Good width to skull with large well placed ears, moderate stop, and muscular neck well angulated shoulders; good breadth of chest & fairly long in body, with enough bone for his age, good tail set carried low on move. Moved with good reach & drive. BPD & BPIB

Junior Dog

1st McIntosh's; Hova Bonde's Knatterton (Imp): 14 mth, masculine head, with large well placed erect ears, dark eye & good pigmentation, muscular neck well placed shoulders, firm topline held on move, plenty of bone, well padded feet.

Post Grad Dog

Three lovely males all had good attributes & I was splitting hairs between them.

1st Lovell's; Liebehund Forest Moon; smaller in frame than 2 & 3 but so balanced, masculine foxy shaped head with good width between large erect ears, moderate stop & dark widely set eyes with clearly defined corners, muscular neck & shoulders well laid back, firm in back & good rear angulations, strong vertical hocks allowing forward reach & drive.

2nd Burgoyne's; Waterdeep Ranger One JW: similar attributes to 1st but just preferred 1st movement

3rd McIntosh's; Hova Bonde's Knatterton (Imp):

Limit Dog

1st Robert's; Gowerston Grand Joins Kogarahs: liked this boy as he entered the ring, masculine foxy shaped head, with correct ratio of muzzle an skull, eyes toning with coat, large erect well placed ears, good under jaw, muscular neck with good fore chest & depth allowing front legs to mould round his body, shoulders well laid back with well sprung ribs, strong firm topline & well muscled hindquarters, with plenty of bone throughout, thick brush like tail carried well. Well padded feet all combined allowed positive forward reach & good drive from behind & both sound going & coming. BD & BOB in challenge he was much more focused on job in hand & looked like he could go all day.

2nd Froggart's; Gerefa Ghost Rider; broad head of correct proportions, well placed ears & nice eye, good length of neck & well placed shoulder, firm topline with good rear angulations, steady on move but just preferred 1st overall proportions for type.

Open Dog 7

1st Clifton's; Ch Joseter Mr Blobby: super masculine male, typical foxy shaped head with good width between large erect ears, dark eyes with clearly defined corners & moderate amount of stop, good under jaw & good pigmentation to lips & nose. Neck well muscled with good fore chest, good lay back of shoulder & depth of chest, front legs moulded in around body, well sprung rib with strong loin, well angulated hind quarters with strong hocks & plenty of padding to feet. Won this class on his steady, effortless & powerful movement, RBD in challenge just thought limit winner had slight edge over him on movement.

2nd Karashova's; Int Ch, Rus, Hun, Dutch Ch Ingermanlandija Verner Herzog: slightly heavier build to 1st, but super shaped head with well placed ears, good eye shape & correct bite, strong neck & fore chest with good depth to chest, good lay back of shoulder & firm topline held on move, strong muscular hindquarters allowing easy ground covering movement.

3rd Taylor's; Ch Tamlin Starman:


1st Robert's; Trafox Black Of Diamonds To Kogarahs (Imp): 7 yr old male, masculine head with large erect ears well placed, moderate amount of stop & nice shape eyes, good under jaw, muscular neck on well placed shoulders, good depth to chest with good fore chest, strong bone & well padded feet, firm back with good tail set. Very steady on the move.

2nd Froggart's; Wildcard Queen Of Clubs For Gerefa: 10month bitch, lovely proportions, but needs time to fill out slightly, but feminine foxy shaped head with well placed large ears, good length of neck going into well placed shoulders, just needs to drop into herself, good length of back with good tail set, just needs to tighten up all through. But sound both going away & returning.

Puppy Bitch

1st Taylor's; Tamlin Voodoo Cream: balanced puppy for her age. Lovely feminine head with good ear placement, dark eyes & medium length of neck & front developing with shoulders well placed, topline firm with good rear angulations, steady on move. BPB in puppy challenge she was slightly more bouncy

2nd Head's; Kilvroch Mystikos For Millermead: lovely red brindle with very feminine head with good width of skull between large ears, dark eyes & moderate stop, muscular neck on well placed shoulder, good fore chest & depth to chest well sprung rib & topline firm, plenty of bone on well padded feet, well muscled hindquarters, sound both going away & back, but just not quite the condition of 1st..

3rd Froggart's; Wildcard Queen Of Clubs For Gerefa: 2nd GC class

Junior Bitch

1st Taylor's; Tamlin's Strawberry Daiquiri: feminine bitch, head foxy in appearance with good width between large ears, moderate stop, dark eyes muscular neck on well placed shoulders, good depth of chest well sprung ribs, long in back with well muscled hindquarters, neat hocks well padded feet. Very effortless on move.

2nd Keeble's; Keebleway Blue Havon: similar comments to 1st, with good angulations front & rear, just on move wasn't as efficient just needs to tighten up in rear.

Post Grad Bitch

1st Lovell, Stevens & Symes-Morris's; Liebehund Lucy Lockett: well muscled bitch. Feminine in head with large well placed ears, dark eye & moderate amount of stop, muscular neck on well set shoulders with a good fore chest & depth of chest, legs moulding round body with ample bone on well padded feet. Ribs well sprung with good length of back, well muscled hindquarters & firm hocks allowing plenty of reach & drive. Pushed hard for RB

2nd Keeble's; Keebleway Blue Minks: feminine head with sweet expression, but wasn't happy today & didn't use her ears, neck of medium length on well placed shoulders, good length of back, with good rear angulations, wasn't really happy on move. Think heat got to her.

Limit Bitch Absent.

Open Bitch

Super quality class & my line up I'm sure could all swap places on another day, different bits about all of them that I liked. But all good for Breed Type bitches.

1st Taylor's; Ch Bymil Smile Please JW. Feminine bitch with super head & expression, alert & attentive the whole time, large well placed ears on foxy shaped head, dark eyes with well defined corners, correct bite with strong under jaw, moderate amount of stop. Neck muscular on well set shoulders, good amount of fore chest & depth to chest, ribs well sprung & fairly long firm back, well angulated hindquarters with well developed thigh muscle, strong in bone throughout, well padded feet. Thick brush like tail set in line with back. Steady & effortless on move, looked capable of days work. BB

2nd Lovell's; Liebehund Miss Muffett: Similar in attributes to 1st although slightly bigger, very feminine throughout with many excellent attributes, in profile lovely shape just preferred 1st more economical movement, but that was splitting hairs. RBB

3rd Lovell's; Ch Liebehund Jakku JW: another stunner & excellent for type. Moved & presented in fit hard condition..

Pyrenean Sheepdogs

Post Grad Dog

1st Flint's; Sandytrail Sorceror; 18mth male, almost triangular head with well placed mobile ears, dark oval eyes with well pigmented rims, nose & lips. Muscular neck going into well laid shoulders, good length of rib with strong loin, slightly sloping croup & well bent stifle, hocks firm, feet well padded with plenty of fur between pads, coat is coming along with cadinets forming nicely over his well muscled hindquarters. Steady mover with minimal lift of front feet. RBD

2nd Varnes; Larrau De Le Mesta Pastores (Imp) 3 yr fawn male, nice head shape with dark eyes & good pigmentation to rims, lips & nose. Ears had plenty of fringing, moderate length of neck & good lay back of shoulder, slightly shorter in rib to 1st. Slightly sloping croup & good rear angulations, feet well padded, coat harsh & semi long over whole body. Not quite as efficient on move as 1st, but better in next class.

Open Dog

1st Flint's; Bel, Fin Ch Gastibelza De L' Oustaou De Padel (imp) very impressive mature male, beautifully handled & presented. Almost triangular head with moderate stop, well placed triangular mobile ears that had plenty of fringing, dark oval eyes with dark pigmentation to rims, nose & lips, neck muscular on well set shoulders, chest reaching elbows, well sprung ribs & strong short loin well rounded croup. Hind quarters well muscled with good second thigh muscle & well bent stifle, strong hocks & rear dew claws, coat harsh at front going into mature Cadinets over flank, on the move he was effortless & ground covering. BD & BOB

2nd Varnes; Larrau De Le Mesta Pastores (Imp) more settled in this class & moved much better here.

Post Grad Bitch

1st Flint's; Entre Nous Romance Sans Paroles (Imp Fin), very feminine head with sweet expression, ears well placed & mobile, minimal stop, dark oval eyes & good pigmentation to nose & lips, strong muscular neck, shoulders well laid back & chest reaching elbow, ribs well sprung & reaching well back strong loin, with well rounded croup, correct tail set with natural bobtail, strong thigh & well angulated stifle, hocks well let down, rear dew claws & well padded feet with plenty of fur between pads, Cadinets just developing again. Excellent muscle tone throughout allowed free & easy movement. BB

Belgian Shepherds: Groenendael

Open Dog

Three impressive males, all immaculately groomed & presented.

1st Church & Richardson's; Ch Xanova Gunthar At Invanse: masculine head finely chiselled, well placed ears that where alert the whole time, black nose with nostrils well flared, dark almond shaped eyes with correct bite & strong under jaw, elongated muscular neck & distinct withers, shoulders well laid back. Chest deep & well let down with moderate spring of rib. Good length of back with slightly sloping rump with well muscled hindquarters enough angulations to allow brisk even gait, won this class for breed type & movement BD & BOB

2nd Harriman's; Ch Bencanbrie Darius: masculine male, chiselled head & nicely placed ears, strong neck & good front with good depth of chest & strong over back. Well-muscled & parallel when view front & rear. Easy mover.

3rd Hood, Mackenzie-Hewitt & Maclellan's: Revloch Nijinsky Of Woofhouse:

Junior Bitch

1st Fletcher, Finnigan & Church's: Invanse Almost Illegal ***: just 9 months, quiet a baby, feminine head developing well, dark almond shaped eyes, & well placed ears, moderate length of neck & well placed shoulders, chest just needs to drop a bit more but for her age its correct, good length of back & enough hind angulations, moved steady once settled. BPB & BPIB

Post Graduate Bitch

1st Randall's; Xanova Secret Tulip: judged this young lady as a minor puppy & she is developing well. Feminine finely chiselled head with good length of muzzle, dark almond shaped eyes. Neck slightly arched & shoulders close fitting to body with nice depth of chest, ribs moderately well sprung, strong back & well-muscled throughout. Parallel viewed front & rear, steady on move RBB

2nd England's; Chrisvale Love Me Do With Vanistica: feminine bitch with similar attributes to 1st beautiful in profile & on move, just preferred 1st easier gait.

Open Bitch

1st England's; Ch Chrisvale Loving Feeling With Vanistica: Very feminine bitch, nicely chiselled head, nice triangular ears, alert at all times, dark almond shaped eyes & black nose with well flared nostrils, correct bite & strong under jaw, muscular elongated neck, on close fitting shoulders, with good depth chest & well sprung ribs nice length of back. Well-muscled hindquarters which showed in her lovely steady gait. BB

Australian Cattle Dogs

Post Graduate Dog

1st Smyth's; Morrow Forever In Blue Jeans: judged this boy as a puppy & he is maturing well. Lovely broad masculine head, broad muzzle with well padded cheeks, slightly defined stop, dark oval eyes, ears broad at base & pricked, thick muscular neck on well placed shoulders, good depth of chest & well sprung rib, level topline, broad & muscular hindquarters with well bent stifle, hocks strong, which showed on move as being powerful & capable of a days work. BD & BOB

Open Dog

1st Greenhill's; Jahanghirs Bryonbay Blue: 8 yr old male, nice strong head & well padded muzzle. Slight stop & oval eyes, Pricked ears set wide apart, muscular neck & well developed shoulders, chest deep & broad, firm back & well muscled hindquarters, RBD in challenge preferred PG D more effortless movement & strength of back end,

Post Graduate Bitch

1st Smyth, Cartwright & Wright's; Goolara Elvenstar: just 18 mth feminine bitch, beautiful shape but out of coat at moment, broad head developing well, pricked ears slight stop & broad muzzle, cheeks just need bit more padding, eyes dark , correct bite & good under jaw, neck muscular & thick, shoulders well placed & chest deep, ribs well sprung & firm topline & muscular hindquarters with strong hocks, steady & effortless on move, give her another 6 months & with a coat she will be complete package BB


Sue Bird