• Show Date: 04/08/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Stuart Mallard Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Paignton & District Fanciers' Association

Breed: Belgian Shepherd Dog (Groenendael)


Never satisfactory for exhibitors to have a replacement judge but on occasions these things are unavoidable. You showed good spirit and accepted my placings with grace for which I thank you. The overall standard was good and in a few cases exceptional and exciting. All temperaments were stable and movement sound. I wish Mr. Steve Bennett a full and speedy recovery. PD. 2. 1st. Wiffen & Mackie. Kyros De Bruine Buck. Superb 8 mo lad with development spot on for age. Masculine with refinement, attentive and on his toes. I considered him a great prospect. His profile conveys beautiful clean lines and his head is so clean with beautiful dark eye and ears perfectly placed without too much width between. His frame is so well made and he moves soundly and briskly. Coat of moderate texture beautifully presented. BP & Res DCC. 2nd. Church & Howard-Harrington. Invanse Despicable Me. Developing well his head is coming, nicely shaped dark eye. Shoulders firm and suitably placed. Moderately shaped ribcage, croup just a tad steep into moderately defined hindquarters. Typical agile movement and sound. JD. 1. 1st Yabsley. Jetaime Higher Love. Lovely outline standing and on the move. Clean head just a little heavy, moderate neck into very well appointed forehand and strong straight bone. Topline and hindquarters to suit. Sound confident mover. Quality coat. PGD. 2. 1st. Snook. Bonvivant Liquorice Liquer. Lovely breed type, very together and on his toes. His head is clean and well chiselled with modest stop and attributes to enhance. Firm, muscular shoulders into well boned parallel legs and good feet. He has depth to brisket but looks a little cut up due to lack of coat and could carry a little more substance perhaps. Moderately shaped hindquarters produced correct sound action. 2nd. Jetaime Higher Love. LD. 1. Wilson. Jupiter's-dream Des Gardiens De Cocagne To Chimay. Pleasing make and shape with clean, well chiselled head and alert outlook, ears set high. Clean neck and shoulders, enough bone down to reasonable pasterns and feet. Some shape to ribcage with topline and hindquarters to suit. Coat a little open and dull. OD. 3. 1st. Lawless. Ch & Ir Ch Revloch Figo. Upstanding masculine dog, he is typical with correct substance covering impressive well constructed frame. His head with correct plains is heavy enough through for me but eyes, ears and break are correctly placed and in proportion to his head. He is mature, on his toes and a brisk sound mover. He carries a moderately textured coat which was presented to advantage. These qualities gained him the DCC. 2nd. Church. Ch Xanova Gunthar At Invanse. Masculine lad with some definition to withers, which sadly were rather noticeable by their absence today. Firm shoulders are well placed and supported by strong parallel legs into good feet. Moderate shape to ribcage. Decent topline with gentle slope to croup and useful hindquarters. Moved soundly and typically. PB. 1. Fletcher, Finnigan & Church. Invanse Almost Illegal. Feminine and correct for type, she conveyed a typical outline. Her frame is well constructed and she produced brisk sound action although a little loose in front. Today I considered her to be out of condition. JB. 3 (1). 1st. Wilson. Chimay Vienna. Balanced head and attributes, well chiselled with some refinement. Moderate neck, gently arched. Just needs to fill her well constructed frame. She is sound of limb with hindquarters to compliment. Textured coat was presented to advantage. 2. Invanse Almost Illegal. LB. 6 (2). 1st. Randall. Xanova Secret Tulip. Wow, I loved this feminine lady, so well balanced and of excellent breed type. She carries a beautiful head, so clean with quality attributes to enhance. She is classic in outline and her construction leaves nothing to be desired. Her movement is accurate and brisk with lovely deportment. Her moderately textured coat was presented to perfection. I feel she could be a force to reckon with. BCC. BOB. 2nd. Bond & McCarthy. Niavana Miss Moneypenny At Chatmar. Quality with femininity carrying a clean attractive head although I preferred eye of 1. I liked her shoulder placement, and tidy strong straight bone and feet. Depth to brisket with moderately sprung ribcage carried well back. Decent topline, strong loin and useful hindquarters. Typical sound action. Quality coat and presentation. 3rd. England. Chrisvale Love Me Do With Vanistica. OB. 4 (2). 1st. England. Ch Chrisvale Loving Feeling With Vanistica. Feminine with crisp, clean head, correct length, gentle stop, lively dark eye and ears carried high. Impressive outline with firm well placed shoulders and hindquarters to compliment. Shown in well toned muscular condition. Super sound agile movement. RBCC. Lovely coat and presentation. 2. Lock. Flambards Debutante. Much to commend her. Reasonable head, ears could be a little higher set. Pleasing front assembly supported by strong bone. Moderately moulded hindquarters and a steady mover. Stuart Mallard. (Judge)