• Show Date: 04/08/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Stuart Mallard Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Paignton & District Fanciers' Association

Breed: Polish Lowland Sheepdog

Polish Lowland PD. 1. Cousins. Just Hajko Alvaro To Dorianblue. 6 mo so understanding looking a wee bit rangy but his frame is very well built and balanced. He also has a delightful disposition. His head is developing well and he is a free willing mover. Will be very handy when he fills his frame. JD 1. Roberts. Ponadto Winter Wizard To Roloki. Masculine with enough strength to muzzle and stop, flat skull, muscular neck and developed forehand supported by strong limbs. Level back, shape to hindquarters. Reasonable hind action, good in profile holding topline well. PGD, 1. Allen. Deep has Pepper At Navsposh. Proportioned head with correct ratios. Dark eye and pigment, enough stop and flat skull. Just enough neck, level back to moderately defined hindquarters. Moved well. Moderately harsh coat. LD. 1. Hillier, Mybeards Dreamer. Pleasing outline and carrying a reasonable head. Muzzle a little fine, some stop and shape to skull, well placed shoulders with rear limbs to compliment. Moved well. Coat could have a little more texture. OD. 3. 1st. Mottram. Ch Mybeards Hero. Masculine and of ideal size. Screams breed type with his well constructed frame producing a typical outline. I like his head with large black nose and strength to muzzle. Defined stop and correct skull. Well appointed shoulders into strong bone. Quality body with level back, gentle slope to croup into well fashioned hindquarters. Moved soundly to take the class. Moderately textured coat well presented, CC & BOB. 2nd. Cousins & Morris. Swiss & Croat Ch Ponadto Oberek To Dorianblue. Full of quality this lad is sound and typical. Shown in excellent nick and totally balanced. So honest to go over and very sound. Quality coat and presentation. Res DCC. 3rd Allen Derochas Lowlander for Navsposh. PB. 1. Lindley, Lindgreave Pon Chipmonk. Very feminine and Oh so promising. I loved her. Head developing and well laid out. Dark eye and cheeky expression. Totally honest in all departments. Coat texture will come. Moved soundly when settled. Res BCC. BP. JB, 1. Mottram. Mybeards Coco. Feminine chocolate, so typical. I considered her quite special. Her head is so well developed and her eyes portray an innocent expression which is probably far removed from the truth. Enough neck for carriage. Above all I appreciated her honest construction with shoulders held firm and strong straight forelegs. She carries good substance is well ribbed back, her topline is level and her well shaped hindquarters have good muscle and tone. Super sound on the move holding her topline, coat of correct texture was well prepared. BCC. PGB. 2. 1st. Smith & Danial. Derochas Dear Ding Darling. Grey with clean head. Strength to muzzle and stop defined. Well placed shoulders, enough bone but still needs width through. Her topline is level, gentle slope to croup with useful hindquarters. Moved steady. Coat with texture. 2nd. Radestock Derochas Poppiola, Tri projecting a reasonable outline. Head well carried but needs to develop. Shoulders well placed into straight limbs. Deep brisket, sprung ribcage with some shape to underline. Good turn of stifle and a respectable mover. Coat of good texture. 2nd. Radestock. Derochas Poppiola. OB. 4. 1st. Cousins-Brown. Ch Tarnica' Charming Callista For Dorianblue. No denying this ladies breed type and qualities. Solid while retaining femininity with well proportioned and laid out head. Her frame has correct angles, best of shoulders and limbs well under body. Level back, strong loin, well moulded hindquarters and a sound relaxed mover. 2nd. Churchouse. Mybeards Violet. Ultra feminine and totally me, very balanced and lovely to go over. Totally honest and harmonious in build. Moved typically with consummate ease. Coat of good texture but a little sparse. Stuart Mallard (Judge)