• Show Date: 14/07/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Stuart Mallard Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

National Working & Pastoral Breeds Society

Breed: Giant Schnauzer

Giant Schnauzers PD. 2. 1st. Whitney, Primvista's High Voltage. Most promising prospect on his toes and projecting an impressive profile. His clean head has strength and length enhanced by dark oval eye. Enough length to neck into discernible withers. His frame is well constructed and supported by strong straight bone and tidy round feet. He is well coupled, moved out well propelled by nicely shaped hindquarters. In excellent nick and presented to advantage. BP. 2 nd. Allen & Watmough, Wyggyfuzz Fistful Of Steel At Andmaura. Well coupled 6 m o. His head is coming and carried on moderate neck. Shoulders well placed, good bone into neat feet. Shape to body and decent topline. Enough definition to hindquarters. Moved well enough just a little close behind. JD. 2. 1st. Veal, Philoma Midnight Sun. For me this lad fulfils my interpretation of the breed standard. Masculine enough, on his toes and projecting a beautiful out line. His lines and construction are totally honest and harmonious. His head and attributes are clean and proudly carried. Correct front assembly with chest developing, strong bone, enough substance with ample well toned muscle. Gentle slope from withers to croup. Powerful hindquarters enabling sound effortless action with super deportment. Superbly turned out. Should have an interesting future. DCC. BOB. 2nd, Bowman & Cox, Pushkadell Tuscan To Grovelea. Larger framed lad needing a little more time, which he has. He is balanced with strong bone has well sprung ribs, firm back and useful hindquarters. He moved soundly. His harsh coat was presented to advantage. PGD. 1. George, Draxpark Some Like It Hot. Masculine, I liked his head, moderate stop and well placed dark eye. Useful shoulders with hindquarters to compliment. Moved soundly holding his topline well. Harsh coat nicely presented. LD. 3. 1st. Tyson, Upstanding lad with crisp lines and pleasing overall balance. Strength to muzzle, gentle stop and flat skull, well placed dark oval eye. Arched neck into well placed muscular shoulders, strong straight bone, compact feet, good leg length. Deep brisket, chest developing. Ribcage sprung, gentle tuck up with level back, defined withers and slope to high tail set. Covered the ground well. Turned out well. RDCC. 2nd. George & Reeves, Ouseview Floyd Mayweather At Valter. Stunning P/S. Adored his masculinity, harmonious balance, superb harsh coat and outstanding presentation. He really drew my attention and no one could ignore his qualities. I just favoured head of 1 and although totally sound and ground covering his topline rolled a tad. 3rd. Allen & Watmough, Lucavale Washington At Andmaura. OD. 1. Johnson, Ferncliffe's Spark Of Genious For Riesenheim. Strength without a hint of coarsness. Head with strength and well laid out. Alert eye, gentle stop and strong flat skull. Chest not over wide with shoulders held firm and strong straight bone. Clean neck and throat, perceptive withers and some slope to topline. Defined hindquarters and ground covering movement. PB. 1. Rotherforth, Silbertrauma Ice Maiden. Very raw as yet but has time on her side. She is developing in a promising manner. Well shaped dark eye, strong fore face, open nostrils and correct dentition. Quite well coupled and displaying well constructed hindquarters. She carries a harsh P/S coat. PGB. 2. Price, Dasval As Good As It Gets At Adreana. Scored in head, compact frame carrying right amount of substance. Chest developing, deep brisket, sprung ribcage, some tuck up and firm topline. High set tail, turn to stifle and good muscle tone. Moved soundly with purpose. harsh coat. RBCC. 2nd. Stewart & Roe, Echodream Athena. Presents a compact frame with enough neck to enable good head carriage. Head developing, well shaped dark eye. Shoulders held firm and supported on legs of good length. Pleasing topline and hindquarters. Jacket well presented. LB. 4. 1st. Bakewell, Foxwood's Femme Nikita. Feminine with lovely lines. Clean headpiece, dark oval eye, clean neck with gentle arch. Strong straight legs support tidy forehand. She is well coupled has shape to body and holds her topline well. Moved soundly from powerful hindquarters. 2. Moss & Rylance, Dare To Dazzle Riesenheim. Quality lady, very feminine and on her toes. She conveys correct balance with head in proportion. Just favoured darker eye of 1. Very sound mover and show in super nick. 3rd. Whitney, Primavista's Got The Look. OB. 3. 1st. Bowman & Cox, Bel, Ned Int Ch Grovelea Bossanova. Tidy package, this lady is so solid and in super muscular condition and sports the best of harsh coats which was put down to advantage. Length and strength to head while retaining her gender. Inquisitive dark eye. Her front assembly is just right and her chest developed. I liked her leg length and strong bone. She has a powerful neck into defined withers and a beautiful topline with gentle slope. Shapely ribcage, correct substance with hindquarters which have desired turn of stifle. Moved soundly with reach and drive. BCC. 2nd. Fish, Foxwood's Destiny's Child. A most worthy lady. I admired her outline, she also was on her toes with her harsh jacket presented to the minute. Super sound but I did prefer the muscle tone of 1. 3rd. Begg, Firezone's Special Delivery. Stuart Mallard. (Judge)