• Show Date: 14/07/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Stuart Mallard Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

National Working & Pastoral Breeds Society

Breed: Hungarian Puli

Hungarian Pulis PGD. 3. 1st. Sharpe, Catsun Comanche Legacy. Compact 19 m o black who's shape and construction I liked. His head has enough stop and is not overdone, just enough neck into firm well placed shoulders. He has depth to brisket and fine bone. Decent topline and strong loin with tail set about right. Definition to hindquarters into tidy hocks. His cords are coming. Typical brisk movement and sound. 2nd. Corah, Callendu Sign Of The Times. Presents a square outline. I liked his head and properties having dark attentive eye and ears placed correctly. His frame is soundly made and his movement confirmed this. Not as finished as 1. 3rd. Owen, Magikus Draco Malfoy. LD 1. Clarke, Hungary white Puli Furge At Peluche. Striking White who presents himself with an air of self worth. Beautifully built frame carries just the right amount of substance and he is well muscled. Despite his beauty he is all male. His head is clean with good stop, lively dark eye and excellent pigment. Correct dentition, large clean white teeth. Could be a little more refined in head for my ideal. Totally sound on the move holding his topline well although reach could be a tad more moderate. His corded coat is exemplary and presented to perfection. Very worthy DCC and BOB. OD 5. 1st. O'Sullivan & Kennett, Ch Tyngeli Abracadabra. Impressive black, he looks smart, is well coupled and conveyed a typical outline. Clean head with defined stop and muzzle not too long. Some shape to skull with enough neck for correct carriage. Well laid firm shoulders supported on sound limbs with bone not too strong. Ribcage well sprung, some tuck up, with topline and tail set to suit. Shape to hindquarters which produced sound typical action. Quality black cords.RCC. 2nd. Szyczewski & Turrell, Weetoneon Buggah The Beaujolais. Head with correct ratios and attributes to enhance. Just preferred neck and forehand of 1. Deep brisket and firm topline, short loin, gently swept stifle and tidy hocks. Well presented quality cords. 3rd. Crowley, Callendu Despicable Me At Kashbeluli. SBD 1. Owen, Magikus Draco Malfoy. 2yo white lad who is quite well constructed. Head with defined stop and lovely pigment could be a mite more refined. His construction is honest and he moved well enough. Appears a little cut up at present. Cords coming. PB. 1. Ferrigan, kincsem Baboca At Zobraki. Compact and sturdy baby, the only puppy here today and in some respects something of an enigma. She displayed the typical gait and is compact. Her head possesses correct ratios and good attributes. I considered her a little stuffy in neck and somewhat hunched up. Her coat is at an awkward stage and needs working on. PGB 5. 1st. Corah, Callendu Diamonds' n Pearles. 2yo feminine black with pleasing head, rounded muzzle, good stop, medium eye of dark colour, ear set about right. Moderate neck flows cleanly into well laid shoulders supported by straight limbs. Sprung ribcage, short back and firm loin. Useful action. Well corded and shown. 2nd. Henshaw & Gardener, Magikus Belatrix Black. Ultra feminine 2yo black with balanced head in proportion to whole, short coupled and soundly constructed. Moved steady. Cords coming. 3rd. Croft, Fencejagger Anabelle At Kistelek. LB. 3. 1st. Webb, Tyngeli Hocus Pocus At Barronoaks. 4 1/2 y o with a delightful head and properties. Moderate reach to neck, firm well placed shoulders and straight forelegs. Gentle definition to hindquarters. Moved typically and soundly. 2nd. Crowley, Somogyi Betya Bodza At Kashbeluli. This lady was very close up. She is very feminine and presented a square outline. Her frame is correctly built, moved true but just lacked the projection of 1. 3rd. Chesher, Cariadus Casablanca. OB. 5. 1st. Mills & Rusz, Black' n Blues Bumble Bee. Compact lady with good substance and fine bone. She carries a clean, balanced head with enough stop. Moderate neck into well placed shoulders. Deep brisket and shapely ribcage. Stifles nicely turned. She moved accurately in typical fashion displaying good deportment. Well maintained cords were a bonus.BCC. 2nd. Crowther, Catsun Conchita. Ultra feminine black with an impressive outline. I liked her head but just favoured muzzle of 1. Clean neck with withers mildly defined into well laid shoulder placement. Deep brisket and well ribbed with strong short loin, tail set and hindquarters compliment. She carries decent cords and moved soundly. 3rd. Crowther & Szczepanski, I Ch. Catsun Cinnabar At Tremodeus. VB. 1. Chester, Cariadus Arenevenstar. Quality feminine 11 1/2 y o who is so well balanced, harmonious and square in profile. Conveyed the breed standard well was beautifully corded and moved to advantage. RBCC. SBB. 1. Branch, Zaydah The Prettiest Thing Jabenezer. This 4 y o black has much to commend her. She stands square enabling correct outline. Pleasing to go over she moved well and her cords are coming. Stuart J Mallard (Judge)