• Show Date: 04/08/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Stuart Mallard Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Paignton & District Fanciers' Association

Breed: Deerhound


JD. 1. Roberts, Ardlancien Highlander. Well grown 12 m o, he presents a typical outline. His head has length with gently tapering muzzle and flattish skull. Chest developing with deep brisket supported by strong straight bone. Ribcage with some shape and topline with rise over loin. Enough turn of stifle and an honest mover with good reach. RBD PGD. 1. Lewis, Luckhurst Paisley. Correct head type, felt that of 1 was marginally cleaner. Eyes dark enough, ears well placed. Length to powerful neck and forehand not overwide into straight legs. Some shape to underline with topline croup and tail set to suit. Moved out well enough with good deportment and just enough reach. Harsh textured coat. BD. BOB. JB. 2. 1st. Wilce Quinton, Kilbourne. Louisa Chich At Kirjojax. Feminine with a balanced outline and head with some refinement. Stop a tad prominent perhaps. Clean front assembly into reasonable feet. Pleasing topline, good set on and some turn to stifle. Moved soundly and harmoniously. 2nd. Roberts. Ardlancien Hawthorn. 11 m o of good breed type and promising. Head developing well, kind dark, eye. reach to neck into moderately placed shoulders, shape to ribcage and definition to hindquarters. moved true. PGB. 6. (3) 1st. Wilce Quinton & Quinton, Kilbourne Marie Claire at Kirjojax, Balanced head and outline. Head not over done with good ratio and flat skull. I liked her gently arched neck into shoulders not too wide and nicely placed. Pleasing topline with rise to over loin, muscular hindquarters and a purposeful stylish mover. BB. 2nd. Seymour-Jackson. Kilbourne Lucy. Lovely type with a typical head, clean with high set ears.. Clean neck, developed chest and strong straight limbs. Well ribbed back with strength to hindquarters producing honest movement. 3rd. Wragg, Neroche Juno. OB. 2. (1). Seymour- Jackson. Cassacre Aelfrida Of Ghiltan. 8 1/2 y o. Nicely matured and retaining femininity and shown in good nick. Length to head, expressive eye and giving soft expression. Enough reach into reasonable shoulders and forelimbs. Moderate shape to ribcage and underline with convincing topline. Slope to croup with tail set and hindquarters to suit. Moved soundly with reach. Harsh coat, RBB. Stuart Mallard. Judge.