• Show Date: 16/06/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Steve Rooney Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Border Union Agricultural Society

Breed: Chihuahua (Smooth Coat)

          Border Union Agricultural Society

                 Smoothcoat Chihuahuas


Many thanks to the Committee of Border Union for inviting me to judge at their show. We were victims of the weather unfortunately so had to judge in the tents, but spirits prevailed and both the exhibitors and their charges generally performed well.

Quality entry, with some lovely youngsters coming through, which bodes well for their future. A recent report states the opposite, but not in my opinion, and I often wonder what some judges actually see when they are judging. I do feel it’s an honour and a privilege to be asked to judge, and maybe some judges need to remember this, and not think it’s their absolute right to judge. 

I do feel the Breed is going in the right direction, and entries prove their popularity, but not every dog is a show dog, and more importantly, if you choose to show your dogs, please put the time and effort into their training. Needless to say some are born show dogs, and some are not, and even a Champion can look like a pet when it doesn’t show. Being a difficult bred to show at times, we have to depend on their mood on the day. I doubt this is common in many other breeds, and admiration must be given to those that bring out the best in their dogs. They certainly have the ability to hold us to ransom.

MPD. 8(0)

1st. Fothergills Diamonchi Mister Moon. An impressive young man who has super ring presence and style. Confident and well constructed boy, sleek and moderately refined in substance. Carries a shapely head, good reach of neck to firm body. Correct scissor bite and full muzzle. Has the required tail set. Moves with a purpose , just a little untidy at the front but this I’m sure will strengthen with time. A bright future I’m sure. BPD. 2nd. Hartley and Faheys, Zoomera Hot Cargo. Another lovely boy, similar on many ways to the winner. Lovely head and reach of neck and firm level top line. A chic looking boy who held his own very well in this class. Just a tad more body would improve overall picture but impressed none the less. A good prospect 

PD. 3(0)

1st. Langford and Rossins, Boetandales Jack Sparrow. Red boy with white trim. Masculine boy in type, very good to handle on the table with correct dentition and strong head. Dark pigment complementing his red colour. Close examination of this boy appreciated his quality. Moved freely. 2nd. Silversteins, Silverchi Mr Mischief. Another nice cream boy of good quality. Nicely put together carrying a well shaped skull and correct ear set. Tidy front to assist his good movement. Showed well.

JD. 2(0)

Siprinaitytes, Moonlightfire Norman Reoladed-pc. Very nice blue fawn boy. Compact in body and shape. Particularly impressive head. Firm straight front. Showed very well. Would have preferred more length of leg and less squareness in body to complete the picture but still an impressive dog. 2nd. Stirzakers, Ameliachi I’m still standing. Another boy who needs table handling to realise his qualities. Good solid construction, correct dentition. Tends not to use his ears and carried his tail a little low but a smartie on the move.

PGD. 5(0)

Stirzakers, Ameliachi Making Memories. Similar boy to second in previous class, but has the attributes he lacked. He has a lovely head, ear set and expression. Again good body and construction with a tidy front, consequently moved very well. Good tail set and carriage. Lovely show boy. 2nd Entwistles, Dorenty Royal Albert. Overall decent dog that doesn’t excel in any area. Good dentition, fair enough head. Smaller in type than the winner and would be considered as the better size, but preferred elements of the winner, more particularly front movement, but as always from this exhibitor he was well schooled.

LD. 8(3)

1st. Lovrics, Joda De L’isle au vent coteau avec lovchi (imp fr). Black Tri that really took me by surprise. A lovely boy to judge. Super head, good stop, large flaring ears, broadish muzzle. Well Constructed, though lacks a little neck, but still liked his shape, especially on the move, where he brought out all the charm. He has an elegance on the move that really caught my eye, and has this ability to carry himself with such panache. Stands like a picture and quite simply deserved the CC, which he eventually won, and judging by the applause was a very popular winner. Congratulations. 2nd. Landlord and Rossins, Boetandales James Bond. Fawn boy with a really impressive head and expression. Fairly well put together although a bit long in the body for me. A little firmer at the front when I’m the move and tidier action would really upgrade this dogs potential. Lots to like.

OD. 4(1)

1st. Hunts, Valenchino Mocking Jay for Moltobello JW. Blue fawn dog I have previously judged, where he won his class, and he has certainly maintained his quality and appeal. Not what you’d call a glamour boy, but a real allround good example of the breed. He’s well put together, carrying a good head, enough neck to firm shoulders and body. Correct tail carriage finishes the picture and felt his quality and showy performance earned him the RCC. Congrats. 2nd. Huntleys, Jahmeenas look at me JW. More refinded and daintier type than the winner. Neatly built and refined, and lots to like about this boy. A bit shorter in the leg but has a lovely outline when on the move that earned him his place. A little charmer 

MPB. 9 (1)

Hornby’s, Bramerita Prosecco Please. Very promising blue fawn baby that oozes quality. Such a pretty head and expression. A bit of a mini diva on the table, and needed some firm handling by her owner to show her virtues which she duly did. Full of appeal in many ways and still so much developing and promise ahead of her. Feminine through and through. Neat little body and the required tail carriage. Showed well for one so young extolling her many qualities. Tidy front movement and covered the ground well. Just pipped the second in Open to win the RCC. Yes she’s a baby, yes needs more maturity, yes can develop more, but I liked her and found her worthy of such award. Wish her well for the future..2nd. Suprinaityte, Milendo Margarita. Cream and white quality girl with a lovely head, dark pigment highlighting her really nice expression. Firm in substance but retained her femininity. Slightly longer in body but still very smart.

PB. 3(0)

1st. Fairburns,Tidos Peace Mission. Super feminine girl that was difficult to assess on the table , but just managed to recognize her quality which came to the fore on the ground. Nicely shaped, correctly longer than high, being not too square. Very much an adolescent and full of spirit and spark very much required in this breed. Her quality thankfully bettered her behavior lol..2nd. Hunts, Moltobello Queen of my Heart. Red fawn girl that particularly excels in head and expression. Enough length of neck to a well formed body. Tends to carry her tail a little low effecting her overall outline but I think with more confidence this will improve, but still one to watch for the future.

JB. 8(1)

1st. Langford and Rossins, Boetandales Phantom Menace. Very sweet tri colour girl, feminine and pretty, and so good to handle on the table. Great head and tidy body. Super dentition. Moved and performed well to earn her first place..2nd. Fothergills, Diamonchi Golden Symphony. Smart red girl, another with a nice head, clear features with good pigment. Smart honest girl that moved well.

NB. 3(0)

1st. Lanes, Denique Shine Bright. Red sable girl, very finely constructed. Black masked head which needs to fill out more to enhance its shape. Decent tail. Good front assembly and moved ok but a little close moving away. Performed well just tipping the second place by a whisker..2nd. Wilkes, Lukarra Glimpse of Gold. Up to size girl,but plenty of quality. Good enough head and expression with nature construction but tail slightly off point. Moves particularly well. Well schooled and handled.

PGB 4(0)

1st. , Silversteins, Endless love Vivian Secret of Angels at Silverchi (imp svk). Super smart cream girl, compact in size and not overdone in any way. Perfect tail set and carriage..2nd. Lanes, Denique Cleopatras Selene. Fawn and white girl, larger type, well bodied with good shape. Moved well.

LB. 7(0)

1st. Grays, Hughgra Little Ms Chatterbox. Nicely shaped red girl with a good front. Needs a little more dome to improve head properties but an impressive girl that moved and showed very well..2nd. Lovrics, Lovchi Monkey. Smaller type red girl with a stronger head and expression. Large ears and dark facial points. Smart and tidy, tighter tail. Appealing showgirl.

OB. 5(0)

1st. Suprinaitytes, Borjomi Beauty. Beauty in name and beauty in quality. Cream and white girl with the loveliest head and expression. Ideal construction with tail set just right giving her a very atttractive outline and balance. Straight front and well angular end rear. Moved and showed faultlessly. Lovely example of the breed. CC and BOB. Went on to to represent herself extremely well in the Toy Group. A girl to be proud of..2nd. Huntleys, Jahneemahs Laced in Love. Super cream girl of lovely type and design. Liked her head and body all fitting together very well enabling super sound movement. Performed very well in this class and seriously considered for the RCC but didn’t quite shine at the end when recalled and decided to flick her ears back which swung my decision. A girl I have often admired and nothing’s changed.

Steve Rooney