• Show Date: 18/11/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Stephen Proctor Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Eastern Counties Shetland Sheepdog Club

Breed: Shetland Sheepdog

I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge, it was an honour to give tickets for the first time. Best in Show on the referee’s decision was Amoureye Blue Mist for Milesend. All other decisions were made in complete agreement with my co-judge. I was pleased with the overall quality of the entry, thanks for bringing your dogs to this well run show, at the lovely new venue.

VB 1st Lycett’s Ch Shebaville Saucy Secret at Illiad JW, B/M , with a pleasing shape and so feminine, correct head and showed well, very well constructed, has a good front and moved with drive from the rear, won this class on her superior movement on the day, easy to see why she is a champion.

2nd Parkes Ch. Milesend Gold Token at Eljeita JW, shaded S/W, pushed hard to win this class, has such a lovely head, beautiful eye, neat ears, showed nonstop. Well made bitch, with a good shape, was in good coat and well presented.

3rd Root’s Sherolie Heavenly Charm at Carolelen

MPB 1st James Mohnesee Mayd Marion at Valmay, S/W, Absolutely beautiful for type, with the sweetest of expressions, eye shape was perfect, parallel planes, neat ears which were used well, all combined to give a very pleasing head. Level topline, good back end, however needs to tighten in front, movement was good in profile, however coming towards could have been truer in front.

2nd Walker’s Channerswick Pennywise, good B/M colour, a little stronger in head, although has a nice eye, very well constructed with excellent front and rear, moved well, lost out on overall maturity and finish of the first, but was not easy separating these two bitches.

3rd Kennedy’s Oakcroft Aurora Dream at Donbeley

PB 1st Stock’s Shemist Toffee Apple, S/W, very elegant and shapely bitch. Correct wedge shaped head and nice eye, lovely reach of neck, level topline and long tail, nicely constructed, she is a promising youngster, just needs to mature.

2nd Riding’s Achors Suprise Blackberry Way for Torinska (Imp Che), Tri bitch, with a pleasing head, well enough made bitch, presented and showed very well, just preferred overall shape and construction of the bitch I placed first.

3rd Hull’s Mohnesee Queen of Diamonds of Lizmark

JB 1st Hateley’s Mohnesee Sweet Dreams, glamorous s/w extrovert, another puppy that excels for overall breed type, the most beautiful of expressions, such a sweet eye, good ear carriage and used her ears well, presented a nice shape, with level topline, however at times was stood out at elbow, front needs tighten, was good in profile, when coming towards me the front could have been truer, won RBPIS on her breed type, however when challenging for BPIS her tail came up and she totally threw her front movement off, costing her BPIS to the superior construction of the dog.

2nd Withers Neraklee Naomi at Standydale, very shapely Tri, with a jet black coat. Liked her head, dark brown alomd shape stop, perhaps the stop was a little deep, but did not detract from the overall picture. This bitch showed nonstop and was put down in excellent condition by her owner, she has a good front and strong hindquarters and moved as her construction suggests, a quality youngster.

3rd Achors Suprise Blackberry Way for Torinska (Imp Che)


1st Miles Eljetia Hot Chocolate of Milesend, very promising young shaded sable bitch who caught my eye upon entering the ring. Just loved her very typical head and ultra feminine expression, alert and responsive to her owner, very well put together, with level topline, moved with real drive and purpose, if she had a bit more finishing would have considered for the RCC.

2nd Withers Neraklee Naomi at Standydale

3rd Whittington Esterborn Three Kisses for Tighness JW


1st James Mohnesee Mayd Marion at Valmay

2nd Forster Parish’s Lowick Mistletoe, promising young b/m bitch, just a little unsettled on the day, good colour, nice head and expression and well put together, once settled moved well, showing off her virtues.

3rd Robinson’s Lavika Spring Queen


1st Fransham’s Shelcrest Starling, pretty sable bitch, nice size and shape, well enough constructed and was sound, she showed and used her ears well

2nd Bussey’s Kelgrove Kinda Black Magic at Hamblerose, correct size, jet black tri, showed and handled well, nicely made, good length of tail.

PGB Biggest class of the day, with a lot of variety in type.

1st Stafford’s Rannerdale Lady Prunella, Very sweet and feminine sable bitch, who just oozed breed type, presented and showed to absolute perfection, absolutely spot on for size, loved her eye, neat ears which she used nonstop, well constructed, with good front and moved well, just asked for this class.

2nd Hateley’s Mohnesee Petticoat Lace JW, extrovert showgirl, pushed hard for this class, such a sweet head and expression, well placed eye, good ears which were used well, level topline, good back end, just loved her breed type, but front movement and construction could be better

3rd Stock’s Shemist Fairy Mist


1st Robinson’s Lavika Lucky Star JW, such a beautiful shape to this shaded sable bitch, liked her head, correct eye and stop, however could do with stronger underjaw, well constructed bitch, level topline, good back end, covered the ground well, presented to absolute perfection.

2nd Lycett’s Herds Hallicia at Iliad, well presented s/w, liked her head and expression, well constructed, moved well, handled and presented to perfection

3rd Dunn’s Neraklee Chardonnay at Shelleary


1st Miles Amoureye Blue Mist of Milesend, this b/m caught my eyes upon entering the ring with her stylish movement, she had a very pleasing head to go over, with a nice eye and good ears, correct stop, all combining to give the desired expression. Excellent front, correct body to length proportions, strong hindquarters, giving her that typical sheltie movement where she covered maximum ground with the minimum effort, such a correct dog to go over, handled and presented to perfection. I was absolutely delighted to be informed that this made her up (subject to kc confirmation). The icing on the cake was the referee awarding her BIS.

2nd Stafford’s Ch. Rannerdale Queen of the North JW, another quality bitch, this young s/w bitch demands to be looked at, correct shape of head, good stop and used her ears so well for her handler, good front and strong back end, moved well, unlucky to meet the dog I placed first, easy to see why she is a champion.

3rd Deeveson’s Janetstown Je Suis JW ShCm

Special Open Bitch (Sable & White)

1st Robinson’s Ch. Lavika Good Luck JW, liked this s/w bitch a lot, easy to see why she is a champion, had the sweetest of heads, loved her eye shape and placement, correct eye, lack a lit underjaw, but did not overly detract from what is otherwise a very pleasing head. Well constructed bitch both front and back and moved well, pushed hard for top honours.

2nd Whittington’s Tighness Tip the Wink, sable and white I have done well in the past, still retaining her quality, such a well made dog to go over, with pleasing head and expression.

3rd Root’s Sherolie Heavenly Charm at Carolelen

Special Open Bitch (Tricolour & B/W)

1st Thomas Ch. Myter Eye to Eye JW, quality tri, with such a beautiful shape, loved her head, so sweet for a tri, correct stop and lovely eye shape, excellent front, level topline and well angulated hindquarters all combined to give this bitch her effortless movement, winning best veteran bitch and RBVIS

2nd Withers Neraklee Naomi at Standydale

3rd Robinson’s Lavika Black Beauty JW

Special Open Bitch (Blue Merle)

1st Rowan’s Ch. Rowancrest Blue Champagne at Shellamoyed JW, absolutely glorious colour on this Blue Merle, just loved her head, very sweet eye and expression on this bitch, beautiful shape, really good front and correct back end, moved effortlessly, as the show went on she showed and continued to move well, could not be denied the RBCC.