• Show Date: 15/07/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Stephen Bardwell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Chesapeake Bay Retriever Club

Breed: Club Open Show

Chesapeake Bay Retriever Club Open Show 15/7/18

I would like to thank the committee of the Chesapeake Bay Retriever club for their kind invitation to judge at this lovely show, and all the exhibitors for opportunity to spend some time with their lovely dogs.


Junior Dog

1 Smith’s Oakmarsh Elkton Lovely youngster with active muscular build well proportioned outline and nice width to rib cage but could develop a little more to improve closeness to elbows. Good double coat, strong head and moved quite well coming and going, with good reach and drive, which won him the class.

2 Griffin-Woods’ Migwell Soloman’s Puzzle(AI) Well balanced outline and athletic build with nice tuck up and muscle. Good broad skull with good ear set, strong neck and topline and good double coat. Moved well enough coming and smart going round but not the reach of 1st.

3 Murray’s Dakota Nathan


1 Murray’s Dakota Nathan Pleasing head eye and ear set with double coat, strong neck and balanced outline, but needs to develop more in rib. Nice reach and drive on the move and went away very well.

Pos Grad Dog

1Worrall’s Arnac Bay Esk Well proportioned and athletic build with good bone and harsh double coat, strong neck with good shoulders and well turned stifle. Good width to round head and eye placement and high set ears. Moved away very well with good reach and drive in profile. Although not performing as well in the final challenge BD Res BIS

2 Barker’s Next Generations Chesepi Range Ryder (imp USA)  Active build with strong neck and shoulders and good harsh double coat but not the turn of stifle of 1st. Good strong, balanced head with pleasing ears and eyes. Balanced on the move and went away fairly well.

3 Hoare’s Petsalls Pride Buckeye

Limit Dog

1Milners Polotter Warrior of Rhyl Pleasing outline with nice bone and topline and good rib cage, which gave him the edge over 2nd. Good strength to head and pleasing clear eyes. Moved quite well coming and going. Good texture coat, a few white markings in allowable areas.

2 Straws Arnac Bay Fleetwood.  Good coat texture, pleasing balance on the move with nice reach and drive. Well-proportioned head with good eye and expression. Not as well developed in rib as 1st.

Open Dog

1 Morris’s Penrose Incredible . Powerfully built with good bone and deep rib cage strong neck and broad round head with well spaced eyes. Harsh double coat.  I would like more turn of stifle. Moved with powerful gait Res BD


Good Citizen Scheme Dog

1 Morris’s Ch/Swe Ch Penrose Jack Tar. Powerful build with good width of rib and harsh double coat, strong shoulders and good turn of stifle. Good width and strength to head. Moving with impressive power for a 9 year old.

2 Smith’s Oakmarsh Elkton

3 Crewe’s Chesarab Saltmarsh (imp USA)

Puppy Bitch

1 Lowther’s Wild Goose Chaser Well balanced head with clear eye and pleasing expression. Nicely made, strong neck and good width and depth to rib cage. Good double coat with harsh texture. Moved ok but rather unsettled. BPIS

2 Lowther’s Mamma’s Little Miracle Litter mate to the winner and moved the better of the two but a little finer in build. Good outline to body proportions, feminine expression and pleasing coat.


Junior Bitch

1Peaece’s Migwell Glory Be for Avifors (AI) Lovely athletic outline, and moved very well in profile. Good harsh double coat, strong head and muzzle with good width between eyes. Good angles front and rear, and nice neck. Liked her in the challenge but needs to develop a little more in rib.

2 Herrings Sharbae Rebel Rebel Lovely bitch just out of puppy. Strong build with good bone, nice depth of rib, and harsh double coat. Pleasing head and eye with high ear set. Moved with powerful gait, but less settled and athletic than 1st .

3 Murray’s Luisaidha Eva


Novice Bitch

1 Murch’s Chesepi Utica Strongly built with good neck and bone and nice width and depth of rib. Good balance and strength to head and harsh double coat. Fair turn of stifle and very balanced and relaxed on the move.

2 Baxandall’s Sharbae Prettiest Star Looked very well going round in profile. Lovely width to head and between clear eyes. Pleasing outline with good tuck-up, but needs to fill out more in rib.

3 Murray’s Luisaidha Eva


Post Grad Bitch

1 Barker’s Chesepi Santana Lovely proportions in profile with good neck and shoulders, nice turn of stifle and pleasing top and underlines. Good harsh double coat and broad round head with good eye and ear set. Moved with a relaxed powerful action in profile and quite well coming ad going. BB BIS

2 Hoare’s Petsalls Pride Box.. Well balanced feminine head and good double coat. Strong build with well sprung rib cage, with nice depth, and good strength of loin, but not quite matching the overall proportions of my winner. Moved ok coming and going and with pleasing balance in profile.

3 Pont’s Oakmarsh Dancing Diva


Limit Bitch

1 Pont’s Penrose Hash Brown.  Athletic build with good neck and topline. Nice strength and width to feminine head with clear eyes and high set ears. Harsh double coat, which won her the class. Very balanced in profile on the move.

2 Watts Zara Angels of Baranya at Oakmarsh (Imp HRV) Lovely powerful and athletic build and nicely proportioned with pleasing neck and better turn of stifle than my winner but unfortunately not in her best coat today. Nicely relaxed, and strong on the move.

3 Broomfielda Petsalls Pride Beech at Glaneils


Open Bitch

1 Watts’ Oakmarsh Chestnut. Strongly made bitch showing very obvious signs of being in whelp. Good angles and rib cage strong neck, broad round head and powerful and balanced on the move. Thick harsh double coat, which won her the class.

2 Playle & Thomas’ Sh Ch Riptide Beaver. Lovely build and moved very well in profile . Good head with strength of muzzle, moderate stop and clear eyes. Nice neck and shoulders, and good turn of stifle. Unfortunately in poor coat today, good texture but lacking the thickness to be functional.

3 Compton’s Chesepi Tampa


Veteran Bitch

1 Watts’ Oakmarsh Acorn Well made bitch with pleasing shoulders and turn of stifle, nice depth to rib and strong neck. Broad head, moderate stop, and strong muzzle. Powerful action on the move, keeping her good outline. Harsh, double coat. Res BB

2 Herring’s Speriever Skokomish Broad round head but would like more muzzle. Balanced outline, but rather more compact than 1st, and nice turn of stifle Moved quite well. Good oily double coat.

3 Mayhew’s Arnac Bay Curlew.


Good citizen Bitch

1 Murch’s Chesepi Utica


Stephen Bardwell