• Show Date: 10/11/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Sjoerd Jobse Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Gundog Breeds Association Of Scotland

Breed: Irish Red & White Setter


VD (1). 1. Barry's Sh Ch Rustasha Rhapsody in Red. Quite a compact built male, lovely masculine head, kind expression, excellent set of neck, solid topline, correct tailset, balanced angulations, well ribbed, deep in body, moves with excellent sidegait, just a touch close behind, very good coat and condition. He was awarded BV. 

JD (3,1). 1. Martin's Laoirebay Steel Blue Ocean at Shannonstyle. Lovely young male with excellent proportions, well shaped head with nice expression, good neck and topline, well bodied for his age with excellent forechest, very well angulated front assembly, lovely bone, moves with good reach and drive just needs to settle coming and going, very nice coat.  

2. Knox & Jakins's Terne Des Coris Qalimero At Coolfin. Very nice young male with an excellent frame to grow in to. Pleasing head and expression, enough body and substance, very good quarters, moved well but needs time to settle. 

LD (2). 1. Gardner's Alanea Game Reserve with Danwish. Very nice male who really stood out, especially on the move. Masculine head that needs a more time to fill out, kind expression, excellent neck and topline, balanced angles fore and aft, excellent body and substance, moved easily around the ring covering the ground well. Beautiful coat and condition.  

2. Hart's Redmore Diamond Geezer Mit Gilliegrae. Quite elegant male that need more time to fill his frame. Lovely head and expression, strong enough in topline, very good quarters, enough body, moves with good reach and drive, very nice coat.  

OD (5,1). 1. Cuddy's Taxus Golden Prince in Balbriggan. Beautiful male with excellent size and proportions, very eyecatching outline, very pleasing head and expression with good stop. Well arched neck, set into solid topline with correct tailset, very well angulated in front, strong backend with good bend of stifle, well bodied with excellent spring of rib and well pronounced forechest, he showed his socks off on the move, showing a long, free-striding and effortless movement with correct style and attitude, lovely coat and condition, I was delighted to award him the CC and ultimately BOB.  

2.Barney & Howatson's Sh Ch Killary's Grand Venture with Vanders and Romaunt. Excellent, well built male, very well balanced with excellent proportions. Beautiful head and expression, excellent neck, flowing into strong topline, lovely  tailset, balanced angulations, well bodied, strong bone, powerful mover with lovely style and attitude and strong drive from behind, just a touch loose in front, very nice coat and condition, it was an easy choice to award him the RCC.  

3. Pilmer's Anisbrig Tobermory.  

VB (2) 1. Barry's Sh CH Rustasha Rosa Kim. Very nice bitch with good size and proportions, very feminine in head with enough strength in muzzle, good neck and topline, very good quarters, deep in body with excellent spring of ribs and maximum substance, moves effortlessly around the ring, coat not in top condition on the day.  

2. Mole & Knox's Dalriach Silver Tassie at Edincraw. Very compact bitch with lovely head and expression, very low set ears, moderate angulations both ends, excellent body and substance, a bit round in croupe, moved with enough reach and drive, very good coat.  

PB (1). 1. O'Connor's Dalcross Dancing Queen with Caispern. Beautiful young girl with a lovely outline, correct proportions, really liked her overall balance. Lovely feminine head and expression, excellent angles fore and aft, strong and powerful body for her age, moved with excellent sidegait with lots of reach and drive, still needs to settle coming and going, lovely coat and condition. Even though she is very young, I see a lot of great potential in her and decided on the day to award her the RCC. I was interesting to learn that the DCC winner was her father, she also became my BP. 

JB (3,1)1. Barney's Romaunt Carry on Regardsless with Verrami. Very elegant bitch with a lovely outline, very feminine in head that still needs time to fill out, well set neck, good topline, balanced angles, good body with enough substance, easy mover with good reach and drive, very nice coat, just needs time to fill her frame.  

2. Hart's Ianbro Mystic Quartz Sines at Gilliegrae. Ultra feminine bitch, very elegant in head, kind expression, very well angulated, needs to fill out in body and substance which will probably will give her more strength on the move as well, very good coat.  

PGB (1)1. Martin's Corranroo Cascade at Shannonstyle. Very solid and compact bitch, lovely head and expressions, well arched neck, level topline, a bit round in croupe, excellent angulations both ends, deep in body with excellent spring of rib, maximum substance, moves effortless around the ring with excellent  reach and drive, beautiful coat and condition.  

LB (3,2) 1. Tait's Lovenjoel Sleeping Beauty. Very eyecatching bitch with excellent size and proportion, quite compact, beautiful moulded head and soft expression, very feminine, her angulations are in great harmony with each other resulting in an effortless movement with great endurance, very well bodied with lovely forechest, strong bone, gleaming coat and condition, she really stood out in the line-up for the ticket and without any hesitation I awarded her the CC which I was told afterwards was her crowning CC.  

OB  (1).1. Hart's Gilliegrae Swift N'Chic. Rather tall bitch, feminine head and expression, could do with a bit more stop, adequate angulations in front, good backend, excellent topline, well bodied with lovely spring of rib, moves with powerful drive, just a touch loose in front, very nice coat and condition.  

Sjoerd Jobse