• Show Date: 01/06/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Simon Parsons Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Southern Counties Canine Association

Breed: Tibetan Spaniel

Southern Counties ch show

Tibetan Spaniels

This breed is such a delight to judge, all the dogs as ever with charming personalities, some making me smile by looking at me with characteristic good natured disdain. Such superior ‘people’! I was pleased with the size of the entry considering no CCs were on offer. As ever balance, size, head types and dentition varied considerably but this diversity is surely part of the breed’s charm – who wants them all to look the same? Was thrilled that the BOB and BV did so well in their group rings; I sometimes feel the breed is overlooked up against its flashier colleagues in the big ring but it can be done!

PD (1) 1 Hall’s Balgay Kitang Po, well grown handsome masculine boy, quality head type, well set ears, good eye shape & skull-muzzle proportions, OK front, enough substance for size, well carried tail, correct neck, sensible coat, could perhaps be a touch more compact. JD (1) Quest’s Lilileian Louis Vuitton, liked this young Finn very much, a classy boy with an air of quality, the right size, the head type that appeals to me with dark oval eyes, enough cushioning but no trace of coarseness, OK neck, well boned in proportion to size, typical feet, good body proportions, held himself together going round, moved OK in front, slightly close behind, should have an interesting future. RBD. PGD (2, 1a) 1 Beasley’s Amcross Parnee at Marlyoak, slightly larger type, handsome overall outline, good bone and correct bow, OK head but would prefer a touch more padding to the muzzle and more chin, correct neck, good body shape, moved well behind, slightly close in front. LD (3) Even class of three nice dogs. 1 Osborn’s Quailmoor The Wizard’s Spell, scored here on overall type and balance and appealed the most on the move, bone in proportion to his size, correct angulations, true coming and going, just preferred expression of the winners in the challenge; 2 Whitehead’s Quailmoor Under Your Spell at Rhubisk, slightly finer type dog with a most appealing head and eyes, well balanced outline, preferred his muzzle to his brother’s but not quite so firm in front or topline, Moved OK going round, slightly narrow coming and going 3 Davey and Vine’s Rhubisk Going For Gold with Samar, eyecatching boy with a smart outline and unquestionably masculine, OK head but a touch strong in skull, good body proportions, correct hind angulation but a touch upright in front. OD (3) 1 Bevis’ Ch Souska Empty Room at Starlance, yes, I’d prefer him ideally a size or two smaller but he is so beautifully put together and such an exceptional mover for the breed that one simply cannot ignore him, and a great showman too. His ear set and carriage, eye shape and skull muzzle proportions add up to a pleasing masculine head with super dentition, he’s beautifully balanced and has just enough angulation without exaggeration, carries his tail properly and the overall picture is set off by a glamorous but not overdone coat with super mane and fringing. True coming and going and owns the ring as he strides round. BD; 2 Simper and Scoates’ Wellbarn Here Comes Havoc, quite different but an excellent example of the breed and of this kennel’s very consistent type, super size and neat overall balance, correct bone, shapely body, super topline retained on the move, keeps himself together going round, my preference is for a slightly more masculine head; 3 Wayman’s Starlance Sargeant Pepper at Mynapaw, handsome quality masculine boy more on the lines of 1, correct eyes and ears, preferred chin of winners, good bone and coat, a touch heavy today and not the freedom of movement of 1 and 2. V (5) Definitely the class of the day and I wasn’t surprised to discover the first three are titled. 1 Borrett’s Ch Kelban Mae Blossom at Tibama, I was very taken with this quite delightful parti girl, absolutely no exaggeration and everything fits together so well, the right size, such a pretty feminine head with a charming expression from correct eyes and a muzzle of the right length and cushioning, well made all through, correct neck, super topline, well proportioned, good front with the right amount of bow, moved soundly and holds herself together going round. Close up to the BOB and might have been even closer had she carried a touch more ear fringing. RBB and BV, well done on going second in the veteran group; 2 Bevis’ Ch Malia The Next Verse by Starlance, such an impressive dark sable who made his presence felt, good skull, muzzle, eyes and ears, very good front, the right neck and overall balance, super presentation, looked the part going round. Might have challenged the junior for RBD but could have moved a shade truer behind today; 3 Quest’s Ch Chenrezi Keeper Of Dreams, lovely quality bitch of the consistent type from this kennel, just loved her beautifully proportioned head and expression, super balance and size, well coated. Was carrying a bit too much weight today so wasn’t moving as smoothly as 1 and 2. GC (2) 1 Rice’s Bruno Bear of Ricox, well balanced strongly made dog, good ears and ears, could have more chin, OK neck, bone and topline, moved OK keeping his topline 2 Allman’s Andor Tilly Mint for Shantess, such a pretty ultra-feminine girl, charming expression from correct shape dark eyes, a shade fine in muzzle but better chin than 1, the right bone for her size, a shade narrow in front. Difficult decision between two contrasting types, the male scored on topline.

PB (7) Two quite enchanting delightfully naughty sisters quite made my day, daughters of the BD. 1 BP, Osborn’s Quailmoor Guinevere; 2 Osborn’s Quailmoor Lady Of the Lake, would have liked equal firsts, both full of quality, super heads, the right neck and bone, sound both ends, the winner slightly more compact, the second with a shade more scope, both with class all through. Winner’s ultra femininity won the day, will be fascinated to see how they develop; 3 Simper and Scoates’ Amcross Parti Pyro, neatly made r/w parti, good size and balance, already a very smart little mover, stands so well in front, most attractive overall, slightly different head type to 1 and 2. JB (4, 2) Two of completely different types. 1 Borrett’s Tulibell Kash Mere with Tibama, very appealing youngster, so pretty, stood four square, neat and showy, well proportioned head with most attractive eyes, stood true in front, moved smartly if slightly close coming and going, scored on her sheer femininity; 2 Beasley’s Chenrezi She’s A Star at Marlyoak, heavier girl of a slightly longer, lower balance, good head type if not quite the chin of 1, super topline, well made hindquarters, moved steadily going round, not so firm in front as 1. PGB (6) 1 Whitehead’s Rhubisk Neala Pure Magic, eyecatching girl with a touch of showmanship, typical head with the right eye shape and good muzzle, super topline and tail carriage, excellent hindquarters, smart outline, just a shade upright in front; 2 Stevens’ Rhubisk Dressed To Impress, another real smartipants and it wasn’t an easy decision between these two sisters, again I appreciated the head type and perhaps slightly preferred her expression, full of style and has a really good side gait. Winner was perhaps a shade firmer in front and I slightly preferred her more compact balance; 3 Simper and Scoates’ Clydum Here Comes Edna, very pretty girl of a neater type, typical head, good skull and ears, prefer a shade more cushioning, very feminine, true and sound in front, wasn’t quite holding her topline as well as winners today. LB (6, 2) 1 Rice’s Ricox Somebody To Love, delightful feminine girl, neatly made and holds herself together well, pretty head, a shade short in muzzle perhaps, super body, topline, tail carriage and hindquarters, could have a shade more front angulation, real showgirl who moved true and smartly; 2 Whitehead’s Rhubisk Nuala Sugar N’ Spice, liked this one very much, another from this good litter. Less mature than her sisters, rather between stages at present but has the framework to mature beautifully, loved her head proportions and expression, super outline, excellent topline, moved smartly. A shade close coming and going at present but when she fills out in body should do very well; 3 Simper and Scoates’ Clydum Dream Chaser, quality girl with the right neck, very good front and bone, so feminine, moved soundly keeping her topline, would like a more oval eye and a shade more cushioning to the muzzle. OB (3) 1 Bevis’ Balgay Ma Linette of Starlance, just what I was hoping to find, a beautiful all-round bitch where everything fits together so well without any lumps or bumps, just the right angles to ensure smooth movement and an ideal topline, well balanced, holds herself so well, topped by the most lovely feminine head with the right proportions, gorgeous expression with just enough touch of the orient, in super coat perfectly presented. Proper hare feet weren’t universal today but she has them with elegant gloves as well. Admired her as a puppy last year and am delighted that the subsequent months have indeed been kind to her. BOB and an exciting G4 in the toughest possible competition; 2 Garraway’s Chenrezi Daydreamer at Ferncott, lovely type, very nice head with super eyes and ears, the right bone, well balanced outline. A touch heavy today and a shade narrow on the move, when in top form can I’m sure do really well; 3 Stevens’ Malia Liliana, elegant scopy bitch, smart and showy, a shade longer in overall balance, looked the part going round, OK head type but not quite so feminine as 1 and 2.