• Show Date: 17/11/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Simon Luxmoore Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

South West Dobermann Club

Breed: Dobermann

I would like to congratulate the Club's committee on organising such an excellent show at a marvellous venue and thank them for inviting me to judge. It was a pleasure to have Mrs Alison Swain (Liason) as my co judge and we had absolutely no difficulty in mutually agreeing on our overall winners. 

Veteran Dog (1)

1st Pilgrim and Stansbury's Ch Woodbriar Luciano JW Sh CM 

An impressive eight and a half year old male with a good head and expression, strong neck well set on powerful shoulders, level top line, balanced angulation front and rear, good bone well knuckled up feet. Easy ground covering gait. Shown in excellent condition. BVIS

Minor Puppy Dog (3)

1st Hutchison's Supeta's Spells Magic For Debison 

Very nice seven and a half month old puppy. Presented a super profile on the stand, excellent shoulder and good turn of stifle and a strong top line. Clean head, well set ears, good dark eye. Correct depth of chest, absolutely parallel throughout. Easy ground covering gait. Excellent prospect. BPIS 

2nd Evans and Butler's Amazon Pure Russian.

Another nice youngster not quite as 'forward' as 1 at this stage, but again an excellent prospect. Balanced angulation, but until the chest has fully developed there is a very slight tendency to toe out in the stand . Super young head well set ears and good eye. Light ground covering gait. 

3rd Trego's Amazon Lex Luther 

Puppy Dog (3 - 1 withdrew)

1st Hutchison's Supeta's Spells Magic For Debison 

2nd Turrell's Newfords Xhibitionist At Tilnasia 

I preferred the front of 1 on the day. Clean head, good dark eye, nice reach of neck and a level top line. Balanced angulation front and rear. Covered good ground in profile but a little untidy at this stage on the out and back. This last point might also be because he was not quite as comfortable as he might have been with his surroundings on the day. 

Junior Dog (2)

1st Jones' Korifey Dark Night JW Sh CM

A very smart youngster with a good clean head, correct dark eye, good reach of neck set on well muscled shoulders. Good fore chest, well angulated front and rear. Good top line, correct croup tail set and carriage. Moved with an absolutely parallel gait. Good prospect.

2nd Grace and Lawson's Nerak Wot A Dream 

A youngster who was a little lacking in confidence on the day. Good fore chest and nice shoulder. I would prefer a little more angulation in the rear. Good bone, nice feet and shown in good overall condition. 

Yearling Dog (3 1 abs)

1st Brown and Mycroft's Supeta's Backstabber 

A youngster who took time to settle but when he did he stood well in profile with good angulation, excellent front, level top line, moved a little untidily on the out and back but covered plenty of ground in profile. When settled parallel throughout.

2nd Grace and Lawson's Nerak Wot A Dream 

Novice Dog (3)

1st Hutchison's Supeta's Spells Magic For Debison 

2nd Turrell's Newfords Xhibitionist At Tilnasia 

3rd Grace and Lawson's Nerak Wot A Dream 

Graduate Dog (1)

1st Locke's Jojavik Indian Pacific 

Good head with parallel planes, correct reach of neck, slightly longer than tall, balanced angulation but untidy on the out and back tending to move a little wide in front. Covered plenty of ground in profile.

Post graduate Dog (3 1abs)

1st Macintosh-White's Supeta's Witchcraft

Good head with parallel planes, correct fore chest, well angulated but on the move he tended to run across the handler giving the impression of crabbing. That said when settled he was absolutely parallel throughout.

2nd Edyveane's Jojavik Victor Rizzi At Kateamead

Good overall proportions but on the move he tended to 'toe in' with his front right and there is also a hint of 'hockiness' on the out and back. I think conditioning could help with the latter issue. Well handled and presented. 

Limit Dog (5 1 abs)

1st Bishop's Repertoire Simply Red Sh CM 

Won the class on his absolute soundness and true movement. Balanced throughout and sufficient fore chest, a touch longer in the back but held his top line well. Very well handled and presented. 

2nd Pilgrim's Woodbriar Fix Up Look Sharp JW Sh CM

I very much liked this three year old who proved to be a real handful on the day. Good head, correct dark eye, square in profile good bone and correct 'fit' feet. When he settled he had a balanced ground covering gait.

3rd Snell's Supeta's Pandemonium At Korifey 

Open Dog (2)

1st Piper's Swnydwr Double Take 

Well balanced throughout, good reach of neck and covered plenty of ground when moving in profile. Parallel on the out and back when settled but I felt his pasterns were a touch loose on the day. 

2nd Pieters' Supeta's Will Eye Am Tuffenuff JW Sh CM 

Plenty of leg length and I felt for that reason he had medium minus bone for his height. However he is balanced, holds his top line well and has a quick ground covering gait which on occasion was a little untidy. 

Champion Dog (7)

1st Ingram's Ch Ir Ch Jojavik Midnight Express JW Sh CM

Excellent example of the Breed won a very strong class primarily on his driving movement. Excellent head, powerful shoulders and full fore chest complemented a good shoulder and nice turn of stifle. Very strong on the move with good reach and drive. DCC

2nd Another very nice example of the Breed with no exaggerations, excellent head, a touch longer in the back but a level top line. Good bone and correct knuckled up feet. Easy ground covering gait. RDCC 

3rd Dunn, Bradley and Ingram's Ch Jojavik Super Chief JW Sh CM 

Simon Luxmoore