• Show Date: 07/09/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Sheila Jakeman Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Richmond Dog Show Society

Breed: Veteran Groups

RICHMOND CH SHOW 7TH September, 2018. VETERAN GROUPS. I was delighted to judge all the Groups and so impressed by the great quality of exhibits that appeared in each Group. In all bar one of the selections I was spoilt for choice and wished I had more awards to hand out. It was late in the day for these older exhibits but almost all of them put in a great performance and any of the winners that were present on the last day could have been top of the seven. Thank you all for staying and giving me so many lovely choices.

TOY 1st Bush BUNDU CALLIPYGIAN Lowchen This 10 year old is in fantastic condition , she showed enthusiastically and is beautifully put together with good angles fore and aft. Has a lovely expressive head and moved true in both directions. 2nd Sutton CH LOZEK THAPSODY IN BLUE NIKITOS Sm. Ct. Chihuahua She is a package of total confidence with a super stance. Great head and expression, nicely made and with a well carried wagging tail. Moved out as if she owned the ring. 3rd Shepherd CH SHETOPA KING OF ARABIA Min Pinscher Smart and balanced in every way. At almost 10 she still has great dentition. Quality all through and in shining body condition. Moved really well in the uneven ring. 4th Henley CH TURIGMER THUNDERBOLT Italian Greyhound This diminutive boy showed really well and moved with great style. Lovely head and expression. Finely boned and standing on excellent feet.

HOUND 1st Cowper CH ROTHENBURG LEAHA Norwegian Elkhound Well balanced and with a lovely head of correct proportions with excellent dentition. Lovely legs and feet and tightly curled tail. Showed and moved really well. 2nd Thomas/Harthill ISLEPHAR TIA SITRA Pharaoh Hound This very smart 8 year old was on her toes in my ring all the time and used her ears and neck really well. In great condition and a serious contender but she proved to be not quite as happy when in the big ring. 3rd Cooper/George/Hendren/Hindson DARSONS ZETHRO Long Haired Dachshund This lovely coated fellow was also in top condition. Lovely expression in his dark eyes. Strong and level topline. Moved really well. 4th De Souza CH SUFEINA JEBEL ALI Saluki This elegant and stylish ten year old was so true on the move. Lovely head, well boned with correct outline and super coat. Best when not over handled.

TERRIER 1st Marachowska CH KALHOLS BLACK MAGIC AT PASSERNOMEN SBT This glossy coated 10 year old has a super head with strong skull and well placed ears. Really masculine throughout with great muscle tone. Stands firmly on well boned legs and feet and moved out really well. Very fit and active. 2nd Johnstone CH JECADIE DIPPED IN SPICE Airedale I thought her lovely, good head, great dentition, nice length of neck and overall well balanced. Very positive on the move but seemed to tire a little when in the main ring. 3rd Smith/Moon CH ALNECROFT I SPY PRT Smart girl with lively expression, good head with dark eyes, neat ears, well proportioned body and good legs and feet. Moved really well and clearly enjoyed the day. 4th Hemmings KERRYKEEL MAIREAD OF COURTINGTON Irish Alert and very smart, for 13 she was in great condition and carried herself well, demonstrating good action and great style.

PASTORAL 1st Hood/Collins CH ARNSCRIOFT DI NAH SAWR US REX Norwegian Buhund RBVIS What a smart lady this is, at just over eight she appears in her prime. Showed every moment and is so balanced. Lovely coat and condition, good dentition and correct head features. Well sprung in body and absolutely super on the move each time. 2nd Timperon GHOSTRIDER OF THE MIGHTYCROWN AT TRIFORCE Australian Sheperd Quite a handful but he settled when it mattered. Lovely expression with darkest of eyes. Well boned legs with tight feet and was good on the move. Lovely body condition and in super jacket. 3rd Gordon CH TROUTOP ROLO Lancashire Heeler What a super ten year old this is, so soundly constructed and in perfect condition. Full dentition, very appealing in head with good eyes and ears. Moved well and pushed hard for a higher place. 4th Green SH CH FAYKEN I AM LEGEND Border Collie Another in good condition and nice on the move. Good outline and pleasing head, well presented, quality, spotless coat.

WORKING 1st Wolfe CH HAWKEYE POLARNI USVIT Alaskan Malamute What an impressive male this is with size and substance a plenty. Super tight double coat and great condition. Loved his head and his huge bone supporting a well ribbed body with short couplings. Confident, with his tail carried high and great on the move. I had thought him my overall winner but in the BVIS he chose to deviate from the line and spoilt a great chance, so disappointing. 2ND Ingram TRONJHEIM BELLADONNA FROM JOJAVIK Dobermann Another 8 year old that carries her age so well. Very typical in head and outline. Super legs and feet and could certainly cover the ground with great style. 3rd Trueman/Brownridge CH JEZEVE SHERBET Rottweiler This lovely nine year old has a typical head without any sign of coarseness. Good body condition, well up on her toes and moved out and around really well. 4th Barton/Johns CH & IR CH AULDHELM ABSOLUTELY Portguese Water Dog Compact but sturdy male in great coat and well constructed throughout. Pleasing head and expression. Very impressive on the move, carrying his tail well.

UTILITY 1st Holmes-Leak CH MICHANDY GREAT EXPECTATION BY NAVARRE Miniature Poodle I am sure she does not need more superlatives from me, on the day before her ninth birthday she was on great form with such style and elegance no matter what she was doing. A real credit to her owner. 2nd Fludder CH EBONORTH NEVER ON SUNDAY Schipperke This one had received BV in breed from me just a week before and I think she is just lovely in every respect. She displayed all her attributes well again here.3rd Lock LITTONDALE VALLENTINO Lhasa Apso A lovely moving lhasa with such balance and a great outline. Pleasing in head, good mouth and well sprung in ribbing. Carries himself beautifully. 4th Quest CH CHENREZI KEEPER OF DREAMS Already nine years old but certainly not showing it. Lovely head qualities with nice neck, good front and well ribbed. Carried her tail nicely and moved really typically in both directions.

GUNDOG 1st Fleming SH CH NORSK CH DK INT CH REDRUE CHERRICOLA TO CHA Italian Spinone There are times when you get a selection of exhibits in front of you and you wish to have more than one first place, this was certainly true here. This bitch came into the ring, I saw her and though “she’s lovely” that was before the exhibitor even got in front of me properly, what a great example of the breed. Clearly she has been much admired already, I just loved her. Super in head with soft dark eyes. First class neck and just enough dip to her topline. Well boned and good length and depth of ribbing, in super condition and flowed around and up and down perfectly. She kept this great balance throughout her time in the big ring too. BVIS 2nd Attwood SH CH MOORASH LADY YGRAINE OF LYLOWEN WSS Another that took my eye straight away. Lovely head with good neck, excellent ribbing and well boned. Stands on good legs and feet and moved beautifully. 3rd Sandiford/Lewis SH CH HERNWOOD CALYPSO GODDESS Gordon Setter The ladies ruled here and this was another one in great coat and condition. A pleasure to go over her, beautifully made throughout and proved this on the move, both sound and true in both directions. 4th MacManus LUNEVILLE STRAWBERRY MOON Pointer Certainly belies her age. Smart and showing all the time. Pleasing in head with decent angulation in front and good depth of ribbing. Holds her topline well on the move and looked as if she could do that all day.

Sheila Jakeman     08.10.18