• Show Date: 28/06/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Sheila Jakeman Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Windsor Dog Show Society

Breed: Shar Pei



There were quite a few absentees but with the predicted heat it was hardly a surprise.

PD 4 (1 abs) 1. Morris ASHOWAI READY TO RUMBLE Well grown and quite heavy in the head, clean eyed. he may prove to have more than I like in time,.it will be interesting to watch. Good coloured jacket. Well boned and standing on good tight feet. Good topline and nice depth and spring to ribbing. I prefer to see a higher set tail but he has a great deal going for him. Res CC BP 2. Smithson PONTSHANNON ITSY BITSY Lovely deep red in colour. Liked his head and expression, good topline and nicely boned. His feet need to tighten. Sufficient skin without excess. Has a nice tailset and moved well. 3 Gepp-Cox & Cox BEMOJO GOBLET OF FIRE

J 1 Abs PG 1 Abs LD 5 (2 Abs) Dawson LOUPIE’S PACO RABANNE AT QUINHALO Well balanced and has enough depth to ribbing and good angulation in the forequarters. He was frequently stood too long but he is right when he is allowed to be. Nicely boned and good feet. Darkest of eyes, good pigmentation and excellent ears. Moved the soundest here. 2nd. Grimshaw SHARPUGGLES SPANISH RIDER This one has a tad more width of skull than the winner but does have bigger ears as well. Not quite as nicely made in the front. Topline and tailset are fine, well ribbed, just needs to drop in the body, he is still quite young so may well do so. 3. Poole COATAKINTI DOUBLE TROUBLE

OD 3 (2 Abs) 1 Poole COATAKINTI DOUBLE DARE Good sized all male, strong but not overdone in the head with clean eyes and neat ears. His bottom lip is a bit thick but not immoveable. Well off for neck and has good front angulation, excellent depth and length of ribcage and super tailset. Clean hocks. In hard muscular condition and moved well Pleased to award him the CC. SpB D/B P. ITSY BITSY

PB 5 (1 Abs) 1 Grimshaw HAFFERLAFFEN MOONLIGHT SHADOW AT SHARPUGGLES Lovely balance to this dark red. Excellent unexaggerated headpiece with neat ears, carried on decent length of neck. Super angulation both front and rear and has correct topline and nicely carried tail. Moved well on good tight feet. 2. Morris ASHOWAI READY TO BOOGIE Slightly smaller than one but still nicely balanced. Good depth of body and stands on good legs and feet. Has a well carried tail and moved out nicely. She has a pleasing expression and lovely dark eyes but her thick padding is a bit much for me. 3 Walker PONTSHANNON I DID IT WITH YOU

J 2 Abs PG 1 Abs    LB 5 (1 Abs) 1 Morris & Balmer COATAKINTI DOUBLE DELIGHT WITH ASHOWAI Sister to the DCC winner and has the same quality construction but maybe a tad more skin. Lovely head and expression with clean eyes, tidy ears and pleasing neck. Lovely bone and good feet. Excellent tail and when viewed in profile it is clear angles at rear match those at the front. Good mover. Res CC. 2. Bull & Warren ZARALEE HUSSELL & BUSSELL WITH STARFERRY Very similar to the winner with a good head which might just be a tad heavier than one. Nice size with good neck, nice topline and well carried tail. Nicely angulated fore and aft and moved well. Just lacking her trousers today which spoilt her when viewed from the rear. 3. Lloyd SHARPUGGLES TALK ABOUT LUCK

OB 4 (1 Abs) Sutherland CH. WITCHGAIT SECRET KEEPSAKE What a showgirl this is, on top form and has already appealed to me in the past when I gave her a BPIS Such a well proportioned head with clean eyes of a colour often found in dark reds. Mouth and pigmentation is excellent. Super width of front with tight feet and decent angulation. Balanced with correct fullness of neck and acceptable topline with a tight tail, set well. She has good depth and spring of ribbing and when she moved it was with style, positivity and excellent footfall. CC & BOB I was delighted to see her make the last 8 in the Group and to learn she had won the Ch stakes on the day as well. 2 Morris JOLEROB DARE TO DREAM WITH ASHOWAI Not quite oozing the quality of the winner and somewhat more masculine in the head. She is nicely constructed with good legs and feet and well developed in the body. Nicely set tail. Good on the move. 3. Gepp-Cox, Cox & Cox CALUKY GALAXY BENOJO

Sheila Jakeman