• Show Date: 31/08/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Sheila Jakeman Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

City Of Birmingham Canine Association

Breed: Schipperke

BIRMINGHAM CITY CH SHOW SEPTEMBER 2018 SCHIPPERKES VD 1 1ST Fludder CH. ARADET XTRA EDITION At 7 he is still in his prime and certainly looked it. Can appreciate why he is titled as he has super balance, is well off for bone, stands on excellent feet and is very typical in head with lovely small ears. He moved well both coming and going. PD 2 1st Wearing BLACKSHUCK BLUE SAPPHIRE WITH MIOFREY Well grown for his 8 months. Good pigmentation and perfect mouth. Pleasing eye shape, good neck and well angulated forequarters. Good topline and high set tail. Moved nicely when he settled to the task. Was inclined to stand a bit long at times. BP 2nd Thorne SCHIPDALE REBUS He is a bit more compact but not as good forequarter angulation which was evident on the move. Pleasing head though slightly fuller in eye. Nicely ribbed in both depth and length. Tail set could be higher. Nice hind action. JD 2 1st Wilson CHADBOWER NEVAN HENKI MIT CLYNALWIN Excellent outline with high set tail. Pleasing in head being masculine without being overdone in any way, neat ears, dark eyes and good mouth. Excellent quality jacket. Well sprung in body and moved really well. Res CC. 2nd Greenland CHADBOWER NIALL VALIO AMONG RAJARANI Litter brother to winner. Not quite as well developed in skull as yet. Pleasing neck and topline, nicely boned and good feet. Not as confident as the winner and reluctant on the move but did demonstrate true action. PGD 3 1st Massey RISTINE TWEEDLEDEE Stands foursquare on strongly boned legs and tight feet. Well proportioned head with nicely set ears. Pleasing neck, well ribbed up and with good topline and OK tail. Very good on the move in both directions. 2nd Forknall AVIDORE PUTIN ON THE STYLE Liked his outline and head with neat ears and good eye shape. Slightly lighter made all through than one but has a year on his side so may develop further. Needed to settle down on the move but certainly shows promise. 3rd Holmes DENCAS SCARED OF THE DARK. LD 4 1st Brooks DEAKIE DONNIE DINNIE Had the best angulation and spring of ribbing here. Pleasing head with small ears and well shaped muzzle and correct stop. Good strength in forequarters but feet could be tighter. Correct topline and tail. Showed good action fore and aft and in quality coat. 2nd Collier STONEYBURN BANNA Good head and neck though I felt the chain spoilt the line as it interfered with his mane . Well carried stiff ears. Good legs and feet. Short in body and tail OK but he was rather lazy with it. Nice mover. 3rd Whales ARADET BALLROOM DANCER AT ROSHAANA OD 8 (1 ABS) 1st Moore & Nock CH. CHADBOWER FINLAY FOR BLITZSTAN Quality cream in good jacket with correct depth and length to enhance his outline. Lovely head and expression with dark eyes and toning nose pigmentation. Super spring of rib, short coupled and rounded rump. Well off for bone and nice tight feet. Good on the move. CC & BOB 2nd Mance CH RYMAN ROBIN Not disgraced to stand here in this strong class. Sturdy and masculine with good head, dark eyes and best of ears. Well sprung in body with good length to ribbing. Excellent angulation at both ends and moved in very typical fashion. 3rd Mclachaln SHALOVLIVAJA INGRUSHKA HARISON FORD GCD 1 1ST Jones ROOPEC DINKY DEMON Good head and neat ears. Somewhat short in rib and long in coupling but still presents a compact outline. Nice mover on tidy legs and feet. VB 1 Fludder AM CH. & CH EBONORTH NEVER ON SUNDAY I loved her shape, very typical in head though her ears could be a tad smaller. Good ribbing and topline, nicely rounded at the rear with good hind leg angulation. Moved steadily and whilst she pushed hard in the challenge she failed on reach compared to the youngsters. PB 2 1st Forknall BLACKSHUCK PURPLE AUDACE AT AVIDORE Full of herself and has lovely temperament. Pleasing in head for her age and well ribbed. Stands on good feet and moved out well which allowed her to beat her litter sister 2nd Fellows BLACKSHUCK SCARLET O’HARA This one may well prove to be the more compact when she settles down and comes together. I liked her head and she is nice in forequarters. Nicely angulated at the rear. Her breeding suggests they are sisters but not entire information given by this exhibitor? JB 1 Manners CHADBOWER NEVAEH LAHETTI Excellent in outline with level topline and well carried tail. Nicely proportioned head with neat ears. Well constructed with good legs and tight feet, could maybe have a little more substance but this might well improve with maturity. Moved really well. Third one from what must have been a lovely litter. Res CC LB 1 Whales RISTINE DUCHESS AT ROSHANNA Somewhat large in ear but otherwise very pleasing in head. Nicely put together in front with enough ribbing and well boned. Perhaps her feet could be a bit tighter. Nice on the move and keeping her balanced outline going around. OB 7 (1 Abs) This class contained quite a degree of variation in type and these exhibits would change places depending upon an individual judge’s preferences. 1st McLachaln Nl Ch & Am Ch BEACHVIEW’S TIL DEATH DO US PART At six years old she is in tip-top condition and has the super harsh coat expected of a quality exhibit. Lovely front construction with well boned legs and good feet. Nicely ribbed, short coupled and rounded at the rear. Excellent angulation fore and aft and has a super headpiece with the darkest of eyes and well set ears giving good expression. CC 2nd Donaldson’s CH ZORBALOE THE BLACK ICE Stylish and with good head, not quite the neck of the winner. Good legs and feet and nice topline with well curled tail. Sufficient angulation and a nice mover. 3. Millar ABYLITY NINA’S CELTIC QUEEN OF TURNLAW Sheila L. Jakeman