• Show Date: 25/05/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Sheila Jakeman Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Bath Canine Society

Breed: Keeshond

cvThis was not the biggest of entries but one can still get a feel for the way the breed is overall and I felt concern that maybe the bitches are getting too petite. By this I mean that some are not only small but they are also very slightly built – surely not quite how a Keeshond should be?

The one consistent fault I noted was that rear action, whilst sound and true, the majority of the exhibits are moving too close. Presentation and handling was excellent throughout.

PD 1 st Lush EDNAARON MOONLIGHT This 8 months boy is well up to size and has a very good coat both for colour and quantity. Good masculine head with dark eyes and good mouth. Nice length of neck leading into well shaped shoulders and decent width of front. His ribs are a bit disappointing but his topline is level and he has a wonderful plume to his tail; OK rear angulation. Moved nicely in front.

PGD (2) 1st Tew BARGEWAY VIKING WARRIOR Good size with masculine head. Darkest of eyes and well set ears of correct shape. Decent neck, well developed in front and well up on his pasterns with tight feet. Nicely ribbed and has a tight tail. Moved satisfactory in both directions. 2nd Hope BYQUY BET YOUR BOOTS Prettier, not quite the masculinity of one. Good mouth, dark eyes and well coated of correct colour. Carrying rather a lot of weight which might have been the reason for his slack pasterns. Lacking his trousers today which did not enhance his rear either standing or on the move.

LD 1st Matthews & Ransley SZARYK DUTCH BARGEMASTER WITH VALINDALE Very well balanced in every way with decent length of leg and head in proportion with the rest of him.

I would have liked him to have darker eyes but his small ears, good skull and wedge with clear markings gave him a decent head. He has a good neck and is well ribbed back with decent spring. High tail set. Pleasing angulation at both ends and moved particularly well in front, if his muscle could be built up at the rear it could improve him there. CC & BOB.

OD(5) 1sr Matthews & Peck BYQUY WORKIN BOOTS Just about the best mover in the class. Pleasing in head with dark eyes and good skull with well placed ears. Good bite but do think his teeth need some attention, he is very young for them to look as they do. Well balanced in outline. Ok for ribbing and strong at the rear. Decent jacket. Res CC. 2nd Baker & Baker Ch. Neradmik Boy Next Door. Carrying a huge coat which is spoiling his overall balance. Nicely made all through. Well boned and up on his toes. Excellent double curled tail. Decent on the move. 3rd

Harris Ch Neradmik All About the Boy for Watchkees.

MPB 1st Marshall & Atkinson WINKLESTAR SERENDIPITY WITH DEVONIA At 8 months this little lady is very petite in all respects. Sweet head and expression, small ears and dark eyes. Nicely balanced in outline and has tidy legs and feet but very fine bone. She moved really well.

PB 2 1st Schulz NERADMIK POCKETFUL OF MIRACLES TO SKYDUST At 9.5 months this one is well up to size and a super colour. She has a well developed head for her age with good width and correct wedge to muzzle, neat ears which she used to advantage. Construction is very good and she has good level topline and a tightly curled tail. She moved very nicely but did sometimes stand a little wide at the rear. Res CC 2nd Tew BARGEWAY WITH GRACE I liked this one a lot but her colour let her down, particularly on her legs. Good skull and ears, nice neck and well ribbed with good tailset. Correct in outline. Moved rather well.

JB 2 1st Newman & Newman LEAZEHOND PRAIRIE FLOWER Clearly marked and more than sufficient good coloured coat. Nice in the head though I wonder if her muzzle is just a tad long. Good legs and feet, well sprung in body and can move nicely. High set tail. 2nd Saunders

LIEFKEES ADINA Everything about this one appealed except her front I hope it will broaden. Good head type with tidy bite and dark eyes. Quality coat, stands on good legs and tight feet.

Moved reasonably well.

PGB 2 (1 abs) 1st Newman WOLFSWINKEL MARIA OGREN AT LEAZEHOND At 14 months this one is well schooled. Very compact and typy. Nice balance to head and perfect bite. Good topline and ribbing with well set curled tail. Pleasing front action.

LB 5 (2 abs) 1st Skillett & Handley LEAZEHOND PICOTEE PINK Same way bred as JB winner. Good for colour and coat condition. Pleasing in head with muzzle in proportion to skull, dark eyes and excellent bite. Stands well with good front construction, spring and good length to ribcage with well carried tail. Moved particularly well in front. When in the unbeaten line-up her overall length of leg and body depth had the most appeal for me though I do appreciate some might find her just a tad long overall. BCC 2nd White NERADMIK VANILLA ICE MORVANIA Very feminine, well marked and jacket of good colour. Well ribbed and good topline. Compact in body and moved reasonably well. 3rd Marshall TORIKEES MADE IN HEAVEN AT DEVONIA

OB 3 1st Hickson & Hickson CH. KICHIGAI MAGIC DANCER Very typical with lovely head, well marked, dark eyes, well placed ears. Nicely boned and well ribbed. Front could be better. Tail carried nicely and moved out fairly well in both directions. Just appeared somewhat short on the leg, which is more due to her huge coat than construction. 2nd Clark BYQUY PEBBLES AT KWAJONGEN Not quite as confident as the winner today. Liked her type and is quality to go over. Dark eyed and has neat ears though tended to hold them up close. Very good feet, nice and tight. Moved reasonably well. 3rd. Gregory CH. AMIKIRS FABULICIOUS TIME.

Sheila L. Jakeman