• Show Date: 05/08/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Sheila Appleby Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

National Gundog Association

Breed: Spaniel (Sussex)

National Gundog Association Championship Show

5 August 2018

Spaniels (Sussex)

Thank you to the Officers, Committee and team for their hospitality at this well run Show. Many thanks to Jeanne and her co steward for their efficiency on the day and indeed many thanks to the exhibitors for their support.

VD (2) 1 Smith & Murray’s Norriss Northern Torpedo, 10 year old who looked as good today as when I judged before. Strong head with good width of skull, good length of neck, frowning brows. Hazel eyes with kindly expression. Deep muzzle, well developed nostrils. Straight front, well bodied up with good depth of chest and ribs carried well back, good width of thigh, large strong hocks. Well muscled with good bone throughout. In very good coat. Moves well carrying level tail. RDCC. 2 Wakefield’s ShCh/BEL/INT Sh Ch Julius of Tonispada At Norriss (IMP BEL), Handsome 8 year old, with leaner head than 1. Good stop, kindly eye, long well feathered ears. Straight front, shoulders well laid into good length of body with deep ribs. Good bend of stifle. Moves very well. In good full coat.       

JD (2,1a) 1 Way’s Eald Village Poacher For Shuvick, 13 month dog with good shape to head, eyes to darken, long neck, straight front, well padded feet, enough bone for age, good depth to chest. Strong rear quarters. In good coat. Moved a tad close behind.

SBD (2) 1 Bradbury’s Jessemyns Wilcot at Harasteorra, 3 year old, who has matured well, good head shape and depth to flews, correct eye. Straight front and although a little high on the leg has good balance with well developed body, ribs carried well back. Not over angulated rear quarters. Very good coat. Carried his tail a little high, but was more settled later. Moves okay. Best SB. 2 Hetherington’s Serendel Sussex Escapade, handsome dog in smaller frame than 1. Lovely head shape, good stop, deep muzzle, eyes to darken. Shoulders well laid back, good depth to chest, level topline, moderate bend of stifle. Has lovely coat. Moves okay though a little close behind.

GD (4) 1 Swietalski’s Sovaroma Relatively Frank with Bowswizzler, well balanced masculine dog, stood out in class with lovely golden liver coat. Head with wide skull, good stop, correct ear and eye set, strong jaws, large nostrils. Deep chest and ribs carried well back. Strong rear quarters. Coat in excellent condition with good feathering. Well muscled overall. Moved well, carrying level topline and correct tail carriage. 2 Bradbury’s Jessemyns Wilcot at Harasteorra, 3 Way’s Eald Village Poacher For Shuvick.

PGD (2) 1 Bradbury’s Jessemyns Wilcot at Harasteorra, 2 Hetherington’s Serendel Sussex Escapade

LD (3) 1 Goodwin’s Serendel Sussex Endeavour, not yet 2 years but quite mature, lovely head with good width of skull, moderate curve ear to ear, good stop. Correct eyes. Good length of neck into a strong well developed body with deep chest and good spring of rib, ribs carried well back, into well developed loin. Strong short legs. Good bend of stifle not overdone, short strong hocks. Well muscled overall. In quality short coat and well feathered fore and aft. Positive movement covering the ground well. 2 Evans’ Yorkham Rocking Rudolph, Masculine head with good frown, correct eye, lobular ears set low, well boned forelegs, shoulders well laid back, good length of rib. Body not as developed as 1 and find him a tad long. Strong rear quarters, well boned short legs. Coat in good condition and of good colour. Moves very well. 3 Way’s Norriss Northern Coleridge For Shuvick

OD (3) 1 Hughes’ ShCh Ivcar Anything Goes, striking masculine dog with well balanced head which I preferred in the class. Hazel eyes, good depth to muzzle, well developed nostrils. Long, strong neck, short well boned forelegs. Shoulders well laid back. Strong wide back, deep chest, ribs well sprung carried well back, well developed loin. Good width of thigh, well muscled, stifles well bent, short strong hocks. Good bone overall. Moves with forward reach and rear drive carrying a level topline and correct tail carriage. Quality coat of rich golden liver. Very well presented. DCC & BOB.  2 Bowe’s ShCh Tawnyka Its’a Puzzle for Belcam JW ShCM, 4 year old dog with wide head, deep stop, short muzzle, hazel eyes, soft expression, short neck, short strong forelegs, shoulders well laid back. Strong level body, good width of thigh, moderate bend of stifle. Short strong hocks. Well off for bone. Good coat though not the colour of 1. Moves quite well. 3 Hipgrave’s Bethryn Night On The Town.

VB (2) 1Wakefield’s ShCh/BEL/NED CH Norriss Northern Cassandra, feminine bitch of 8 years, a worthy champion. Classic head with correct proportions. Kind expressive eyes. Straight forelegs with sufficient bone, deep chest, strong body and well developed loin. Good bend of stifle, short strong hocks. Lovely coat. Moves very well.      

2 Swietalski’s Quintic Vogue Of Bowswizzler. 8 years old with balanced head, good stop, expressive hazel eyes. Long, well clothed ears. Deep muzzle, large nostrils. Strong overall with good bone. A little high on the leg. Lovely golden liver coat. Moves well with reach and drive.    

PB (2) 1 Hughes’ Ivcar Matilda, sweet puppy with balanced head and hazel eyes, well boned short forelegs, good lay of shoulders, strong body and loin. Strong rear with good bend of stifle. Plenty of bone for her age. Has correct golden liver coat, gleaming in the sunlight. Well muscled overall. Moves really well, good to see, BP.

2 Gasher’s Marquell Torshca Bang On, Lovely puppy with sweet expression, darker in coat than 1 but this should lighten up with age. Looking a little rangy at the moment, but will body up as she grows, they change so much. She stood very well for her handler. Good little mover.

JB (5,2a) 3 quite different juniors, who will change places many times.

1 Mercer & Thomas’ Stormacre Unlikely Angel, looking a tad raw at the moment. Has the prettiest of feminine heads which is nicely balanced. Long neck into well laid shoulders, body to develop, good bend of stifle. Well muscled overall. Sealskin coat with good colour. Liked her free flowing movement showing reach and drive. 2 Davey’s Eald Village Scandal, balanced feminine head with lovely sweet expression. Strong forelegs, into well laid shoulders and strong body, level topline, well muscled thighs. Good bone overall. Coat of good colour. Moves okay. 3 Moon’s Deanway Sugar Plum Fairy

SBB (1) Serendel Sussex Euphoria At Harasteorra, smallish framed bitch with balanced head, hazel eyes. Well boned forelegs, large well padded feet. Shoulders well laid back. Strong body and loin. Good width of thigh, short strong hocks. Good coat could be lighter. Moves okay.

GB (4,1a) Bennett’s Sovaroma Winter Gem RBCC, Stood out in this class for striking golden liver coat. Feminine bitch with balanced head of good proportions, strong muzzle, soft expression, good eye and ear set. Good front assembly, into well laid shoulders, deep chest, well sprung ribs, strong well developed loin. Strong rear quarters. Well muscled throughout with good bone. Quality coat, sealskin, with good feathering. Well presented. Moves well.

2 Bradbury’s Serendel Sussex Euphoria At Harasteorra,

3 Moon’s Deanway Sugar Plum Fairy

PGB (2) Bennett’s Sovaroma Winter Gem RBCC, 2 Bradbury’s Serendel Sussex Euphoria At Harasteorra

LB (5,1a) 1 Alderson’s Meggamooch Tango BCC, This pretty bitch also stood out for her excellent coat and colour. Feminine head, good stop, kindly expression, correct ear and eye set. Strong neck slightly arched, good front assembly, well padded feet, shoulders free and return of upper arm. Although still young has strong well developed body and loin. Good width of thighs, muscular, correct tail set. True golden liver colour coat. In spite of the heat, moved with good reach, drive and enthusiasm, wagging tail all the way. Most impressed. BCC. 2 Smith & Murray’s Saxonbejayz Bombshell, larger framed bitch, quite elegant and very feminine. Classic head, well balanced, good eye. Strong fore and rear quarters. Deep chest and well developed loin. Moves well but not as positive as 1. 3 Davey’s Eald Village Gossip, 4 Moon’s Deanway Storm In A Teacup

OB (4,1a) 1 Cadwell’s Jubilwell Bal Maiden, I did like this mature bitch very much, strong but well balanced head with good eye, strong jaws, depth of muzzle, large nostrils. Correct angles fore and aft, strong well developed body with no waist. Muscular throughout. Coat of good quality. Movement okay but not quite so positive on the day.

2 Ashcroft’s Xclamation Mark After Torshca, very sweet feminine bitch with a lovely balanced head of good proportions. Alert and kind expression. A lighter frame than 1, but is strong in body and good angles fore and aft. Muscular overall. Coat in good condition with lovely correct colour. Moves okay carrying level topline. 3 Churchill’s Pindani Bluebell

Sheila Appleby (Judge)