• Show Date: 16/06/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Sheena Booth Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Border Union Agricultural Society

Breed: Great Dane

Border Union 2018

Great Danes     Judge Mrs Sheena Booth (Roucandane)

I would like, first of all, to say thank you to my two extremely efficient stewards, who kept everything in order and supplied me with a steady stream of coffee!

Thanks must also go to the exhibitors for giving me such a lovely entry, and for braving the constant drizzle rather than using the small wet weather rings.

Though over recent years the number of Danes being shown has fallen quite dramatically, we still have one or two dedicated breeders, who produce quality Danes, and I am sure, looking at some of the puppies and youngsters, we will see an upturn in the future.

Some classes were very close, and dogs I liked very much had to stand behind dogs I liked better, in this critique I shall try to explain why I placed one dog over the next.

Minor Puppy Dog 

1st Hooker & Lockey’s   Ganteus Gabriel Garsak

Very exciting puppy with a beautiful clean head, correct planes, narrow back skull, dark expressive eye, long strong crested neck in to well-placed shoulders, sternum a little pronounced at this stage. Ok spring of rib for his age, firm top line, correct rear angulation, plenty of flat bone into tight feet. Moved out well. Everything about this young male made me smile. 

2nd Miss T C Mitchell    Oldcharm Marcus at Elsimba

Another lovely boy, beautiful head, correct planes, narrow skull, dark eyes. Correct length of neck, in to moderate shoulder, plenty of bone and substance, a very promising puppy who on the day, was just a little bum high, and had his naughty head on!, but one who I will watch with interest. 

3rd Mrs P Allan Dramadanes Lord Oliver 

A chunky boy, with massive bone and substance, needing time to develop, Head a little fleshy, but he was a good overall shape, and moved well 


Puppy Dog

1st Morgan-Evans & Webb    Vanmore Nosey Parker

Well grown young male, with masses of good flat bone. Lovely typical head, level planes, narrow skull, and dark eye. Long crested neck, in to good shoulder, firm level top line and well angulated at the rear. Tight, cat-like feet, good spring of rib. Moved well. BPIB

2nd Mrs P Allan   Dramadanes George Clooney

Good size boy, with ample bone, ok neck length, Head a little lippy, but his back skull was ok, moved very well 

3rd Mrs A McLellan & Mr M Skinner     Socar the Saracen

Fawn, with an attractive head, good planes and a dark eye. Moderate neck length in to slightly up right shoulders. Strong top line, dropping off slightly in croup. Flipped around a bit in front, but otherwise moved well.

Junior Dog

1st Mrs T Bailey   Primus The Great Gatsby

Well, what can I say! What a lovely boy. He has a fantastic head, long wide strong muzzle, and narrow back skull, the darkest eyes, correct quizzical expression and correct ear set. Long, strong crested neck, into well laid shoulders, strong level top line, and correct croup. His angles behind are good, and he uses his quarters well on the move.  He so very narrowly missed out on the ticket, because he lost all his concentration in the unbeaten line up, and he was up against a top quality dog who was showing well. I am sure, and I sincerely hope, this quality young male will make his title. RCC 

2nd Mr& Mrs Griffin & Grierson    Griffindane Athos

Big fawn boy, with a strong head, a tad too much lip , but a dark eye, and ok length of foreface. Firm top line, plenty of bone, and tight feet, I would have liked a little more length of leg to balance out his body.

3rd Mesdames Bishton & Marriott    Griffindane Tigris

Strong headed Brindle lad, with a dark eye, kind expression, moderate neck length, ok top line, and steady movement.

Post Graduate 

1st Mr & Mrs Bollons    Bandwar Aces High

Black, with a pleasing head, long enough foreface, and narrow back skull, good neck length, strong top line, and correct croup. Not the biggest, but well balanced and unexaggerated.  Moved out freely, and soundly, handled well. 

2nd Mr J Hugill    Shalrace the Maestro

Harli. Well marked , with a good head type, eye a little loose, ear set and size good, correct top line, but falls off in croup. Ok spring of rib, and plenty of flat bone. Moved well


Mr L Morgan-Evans   Tantallon Big Apple at Vanmore AI

Fawn male, whose head was long in foreface, broad in muzzle and had a good clean narrow back skull, he did however, have a bit too much lip. His neck is long strong and well arched, his top line was correct, and his croup ok. He was a bit out of coat, but that didn’t detract too much from his overall quality.  He had good rear angles and moved well. Handled beautifully.  

2nd Young Cunningham and Robertson’s   Gretadane I’m in Bother with Iloveadane.

A good honest Dane, head is correct, with good length, and a dark eye. Moderate neck length, in to a strong firm top line, ok croup. Plenty of bone, tight feet, and moved with drive, would have liked a bit tidier front movement.

3rd. Mr & Mrs Martin Thebyreblue True Valour at Keishant

Big blue boy with a lovely head, very correct, with a long foreface, and narrow skull, good ear size and set. Great neck length, strong level top line and correct croup. Standing a little 10 to 2 today, and he was a down on his pasterns; that said, there is such a lot to like about this boy. Moved with reach and drive, a really lovely male.

Open dog 

1st Mr& Mrs Brady    Garsak Sir Bradley Wiggins for Zudane.

A classic Dane viewed from any angle, so square, and balanced, Beautiful head with no exaggerations what so ever, clean, long strong muzzle, and narrow back skull, dark expressive eye, with that all important “melting” look, correct amount of square drop of lip, and good ear set.

Long, strong, arched neck in to a well laid shoulder, level top line, good spring of rib. Croup set could have been better, but there are no perfect dogs! Plenty of flat straight bone, in to the tightest of feet. He powered round the ring, with reach and drive. Handled to perfection, I was very pleased to hand him his first CC on the day. I have since discovered he is an Irish Champion already.

2nd Mrs S Bishton   CH Jaydania BjornBorg

Lovely Fawn boy, with a strong male head, a moderate neck, good shoulder lay, level top line, and correct croup. Good spring of rib, and good depth of second thigh. Would have liked a little more leg length to balance him, but a worthy champion in anyone’s book .

3rd Mrs L, Mr A & Miss J Chappell and Williams'    Selmalda The Journey JW 

Big impressive fawn male, Strong head, dark eye and correct drop of lip, I would like a little narrower back skull. Good neck length, and strong firm top line, good spring of rib, plenty of bone, and tight feet. He moved well, if a little close behind, another worthy Champion with a lot to like. Handled beautifully. 

Minor puppy bitch

1st Mr & Mrs Hyde    Valkyriedanes Sweet Amber at Dorneywood

Substantial fawn girl, with a beautiful head, long foreface, narrow skull, and lovely expressive eye. Good length of neck in to a correct lay of shoulder, level top line, she kept on the move. Plenty of bone good spring to her rib, and she moved out steadily , very promising young lady .

2nd Mrs J White    Jutlanders are you ready (imp Den)

Another very promising puppy, nice head, good neck length, strong top line, and moved well, preferred the shoulder lay of one

3rs Mr G Hooker   Diplomatic’s Virginia Wolf (imp Swe)

Lovely baby fawn girl, beautiful head, long crested neck, good top line and moved steady for her age. These 3 girls are an indication the breed is on the up

Puppy Bitch

1st Mr & Miss Hooker and Armour    Diplomatics Valeria Cavalli Garsak

This baby fawn was giving so much away in age in this class, but her sheer quality took her to the top spot. Beautiful head, so well balanced and correct, dark eye with a melting expression, long arched neck good top line, correct angles and moved very well.

2nd, Mrs A Burgoyne   Lambrini Before the Dawn

Well grown mantle bitch with a pleasing head, enough bone and tight feet, moved out very well, slightly roaching her top line on the move at the moment, hopefully this will settle as she drops in to her angles.

3rd Mr C and Mrs L Staniford    Socar Agatha Christie for Stephandon

Tall fawn girl, with a good neck length, and level top line, would like a little more substance all through, and more length of upper arm. Pedalled around in front on the move.

Junior Bitch

 1st Ms N Pendleton-Watkins   Zefathers What It Takes

Fawn bitch with a lovely head, good neck length and strong level top line, correct angles front and rear, plenty of good flat bone, and tight feet. Moved well when settled.

2nd, Miss J Middleton's    Taysca Must Be Cartier

Black bitch of quality, beautiful correct head, good neck, correct angles, and strong top line. A little unsettled all round, and it cost her the class, but one I hope will do well when she settles.

3rd Mr & Mrs L Taylor    Tayhamblue Whole Lotta Rosie

Elegant blue girl, with pleasing head, long arched neck, and moderate angles, she just slightly lifts her top line on the move, which I hope will settle as she matures.

Novice Bitch

1st Mr & Mrs Liddell   Gretadane Honey Bee

Well, this was a find in novice! Beautiful fawn girl, cracking head, set on a long strong arched neck, ok shoulders, good spring of rib, firm top line, and well angled at the rear, she moved very well, and showed her socks off to beat a lovely bitch I had already given a class to. I looked long and hard at her in my unbeaten line up, she was up against two lovely bitches who just tipped it their way on the day, but one who is well worthy of CC’s in my opinion.

2nd Zefather’s What It Takes

3rd Miss J H Middleton   Rayjen Campaign

Another lovely Black bitch, lovely typical head, good neck length, firm top line, and correct angles.

Post Graduate Bitch

1st Mrs H & Mr P Allison   Gretadane Honey Suckle

Litter sister to my lovely Novice winner, and similar comments apply, beautiful head, long neck in to a strong level top line, moved well. Another girl who should take CC’s.

2nd Mrs C E Morgan   Samdice In Your Honor

Quality Fawn bitch, with a pleasing head and expression, good top line, and croup, great spring of rib, and correct rear angles, just preferred the front movement of one.

3rd Mr & Mrs Liddell   Gretadane Mel Bee JW

Beautiful headed bitch with a lovely melting expression, a long arched neck, shoulders a little wide at the withers, causing her to slump in to them a bit, great spring of rib, good rear angles, and she moved very well.

Limit Bitch

Mr & Mrs McGuinness   Garsak Knowing Dinahtron

Fawn girl I have only seen maybe once or twice, but everything to like about her, she excels in head, having the darkest of eyes, long broad muzzle with strong under jaw, enough lip, without being excessive, clean cheeks, and narrow back skull. Her neck is long strong and arched, flowing in to well laid shoulders, her top line is strong, she holds it well, rear angles are correct, and she uses them well on the move, driving her around the ring effortlessly.

She has plenty of flat bone, a great spring of rib and depth of chest. Perfection? I would like her an inch or two shorted coupled, but as I said, there are no perfect dogs Bitch CC and best of breed. Sadly, a family matter meant they couldn’t stay for the group.

2nd Miss I E M Cooke   Tantallon New Approach

Fawn girl of a much finer type than 1, feminine head, with long foreface, and narrow skull, good overall shape, and moved very well.

3rd Mrs J White   Smalltall’s Fairytail (Imp Nor)

Fawn girl of good type, classic head, ok shoulder placement, firm top line, and correct croup, moved well

Open Bitch

Mr Hooker, Lockey & Miss Armour   Ch Garsak Adaption

Substantial fawn of outstanding quality, beautiful head with a dark expressive eye, good width of muzzle, and clean narrow back skull, long neck, in to a great top line, good croup, and correct angles. Plenty of bone, and tight feet. Moved freely and with reach and drive. Split hairs between her and my limit bitch, and she had to settle for the RCC today, but I loved her.

2nd Mrs & Mr Ellis Khanna   Ch Ravendane Malficent for Harvaxe

Lovely harli girl with a great head, correct length and strength of muzzle and narrow back skull, good neck length, and strong top line, correct angles at the rear, and she used her quarters to power her around the ring, just preferred the upper arm length, and croup on one.

3rd. Mrs S Tempest   Adoreadane Just the Ticket.

Well marked Harli Girl with lots to like about her, she has a classic head, with good length and strength of muzzle, long muscular arched neck in to a firm top line, ok angles at the back, and plenty of bone and substance, nice tight feet, preferred the movement and rear construction of one and two, but a quality girl I hope will finish with her title.