• Show Date: 07/07/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Serena Parker Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Basset Hound Club

Breed: Basset Hound



Report on Dog judging

It was an honour to be invited to judge this show, hounds were shown inside due to the ongoing heat wave. Presentation on the whole was very good & the breed must be congratulated on their achievement on being removed from the KC breed watch category 3.

Veteran Dog (1,0)

1st. Ellrich’s – Ch. Malrich Sir Ruff Diamond. There is no surprise that I love this dog having given him veteran group 3 only a few months ago. R/W boy with a stunning masculine head, super eye & expression, the very best of fronts with clean arched neck & good layback of shoulder. He has a firm topline, good tailset & well muscled quarters. He is sound & true & carries his 8½ years lightly. Delighted to award him the RCC & that my co-judge agreed to award him RBIS & BVIS.

Puppy Dog (2,0)

1st. Melbourne & Murray’s – Diheath Baldrick. Pleasing head & eye on this 11 month old R/W boy. Super neck & shoulder, good keel, ok front & feet. Lovely topline & hindquarters, he has good depth & spring of rib. He moved soundly with a good stride but carried his tail a little too proudly for my preference. BPD.

2nd. McDowell’s – Malrich Red Grant. Lovely head, eye & expression on this red blanket birthday boy. Pleasing forehand & topline, good depth of chest & set on of stern. His well made quarters allowed him to move out well & he was shown in gleaming coat & good condition.

Junior Dog (4,1)

1st. Newman’s - Woferlow Han Solo. Tri boy of 15 months, he has a beautiful head, eye & expression, super neck & shoulder, good front & neat feet. He has a level topline, good underline & well made quarters with well let down hocks. Good length & set of stern, he moved soundly with drive.

2nd. Jones’ - Qubo Avaleur du Sabre met Clanwillow (Imp Bel). R/W boy with a pleasing head & eye. Good forehand, level topline, good bone & substance & he has good depth & spring of rib. He moved out well with a good stride.

3rd. Malrich Red Grant.

Novice Dog (1,0)

1st. Johnston’s - Burnvale Xplorer. R/W boy with a pleasing head & expression, reachy neck into good topline & quarters. Ok front & feet, good set on of stern, he wasn’t co-operating with his handler on the move.

Post Graduate Dog (4,0)

1st. Allchorne’s - Nelgus Thyme Bomb JW. Tri dog with a beautiful head shape, kind eye & expression & lovely leathers. Good reach of neck into well laid shoulder, pleasing front, good depth of chest & spring of rib. Excellent topline & underline, his quarters are well made & muscled. He moved soundly with drive & was shown in excellent jacket & musculature.

2nd. Melbourne & Murray’s - Diheath Wreckless Eric. Heavier type boy with a pleasing head & expression, good front & feet, good depth of chest & he is well ribbed back. Level topline & good underline, he has well made quarters which allowed him to move out well.

3rd. Johnston’s - Burnvale George Gently. Finer boy with a pleasing head, ok forehand, good topline & quarters. Moved out well but didn’t use his stern.

Limit Dog (1,0)

1st. Newman & Titley’s - Buckadoe Tom Collins. Attractively marked tri mottle boy with a pleasing head & expression although I would prefer a darker eye. Good neck, shoulder, front & feet. Excellent topline, good underline, well set on stern & lovely quarters with a good turn of stifle. He has good depth & spring of rib & he moved out soundly all ways.

Open Dog (4,1)

1st Freer’s- Ch/ItCh. Switherland Smart Image. R/W boy with an exquisite head & expression. Superb neck & shoulder, good front & feet, level topline & he is well ribbed back to strong loin. Good tailset & carriage of stern, his quarters were so well made & well muscled with a good turn of stifle & well let down hocks. He presented a beautiful picture on the stack & moved soundly out & back with excellent footfall in profile. His coat & conditioning was 1st class & he demanded the CC, I was delighted the referee agreed with me to award him BIS.

2nd. Meier’s - Ch. Timpetoes Lewis. Tri boy with a pleasing head & eye, good front & feet, not the neck of my winner. He has an excellent topline, tailset & quarters. Moved out well.

3rd. Williams’ - Bromp Brian Smart. R/W boy with a good head & eye. He has a good front, feet, neck, shoulder & topline. Well-made quarters he moved well but not with the verve of my winners.

Breeders Dog (1,0)

1st Armstrong’s - Ch. Lauralee Code Red. Blanket tri boy with a lovely head, eye & leathers giving a kind expression. Super neck, shoulder & topline, his tailset was spot on & his quarters were so well made & muscled. He is so sound out & back, moves with great style & footfall in profile. Shown in gleaming coat & hard condition.

Progeny (1,0) – Judged jointly with Jacqueline Beare.

1st Ch. Malrich Sir Ruff Diamond. This lad certainly stamps his mark on his progeny, very typey line up.