• Show Date: 14/09/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Scott Wright Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Darlington Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Dobermann
Darlington Championship Show 16/09/18 - Dobermann Critique. Many thanks to Darlington for the invitation, and thanks to all exhibitors for a lovely entry. I was delighted with my best dog and best bitch, both of whom I have judged and liked before. My best of breed Ch. Jojavik Penelope Pitstop is just class from nose to tail, I gave her BIS when she was aged only 16 months at a Club open show, she is now fully matured and looking as good as ever. Veteran Dog or Bitch (1 entry) 1st. Ingram's Ch. Tronjhelm Belladonna from Jojavik JW sh.CM. 7 year old black/rust bitch in excellent condition, looking half her age. Excellent long strong head with alert expression, flat skull with correct slight stop and muzzle line parallel to top of skull. Very good reach of neck, forechest and depth of chest. Strong level topline and she moved very well. Has passed on her many qualities to her progeny. Puppy Dog (2 entries, 1 absent) 1st. Todd's Holyhells Hary's Boy. 6 month old black/rust boy. Well grown, and very friendly nature, he was intent on having fun today and at that age who can blame him. Very good long strong masculine head with lovely expression. Correct reach of neck set well into well angulated shoulders. Promise of good forechest to come. Well boned with nice tight feet, strong topline. His movement was impossible to assess as he didn't settle at all in class, but very promising. Just needs time and patience. Junior Dog (3 entries). A lovely class with 3 promising young dogs. 1st. Mycroft & Brown's Supetas Backstabber. 14 month black/rust male. Standard sized very masculine, compact young dog. Long strong all male head without being coarse. Excellent expression. Very good bone and feet. Great depth of chest, strong topline, well angulated both ends and moved with a powerful and accurate gait. Very close up for res. Best Dog, just a bit raw at the moment. 2nd. Jones' Korifey Dark Knight. One year old black/rust male, very close up to winner. Very stylish young dog and more elegant in outline than 1st. Again very good head and expression, well angulated both ends with correct topline. Just not as collected on the move as the winner. 3rd. Todd's Holyhell's Serbian Night Fever at Toffarbach. Post Graduate Dog (1 entry) 1st. Childs Jojavik Bullet Train. 2 year old black/rust dog. Friendly lad, Not keen on standing still or moving and needs more training, however he did settle more in the next class. Nice head and expression, balanced angulation both ends, strong topline but not enough tuck up to underline. Limit Dog (6 entries (1 seen dog), 3 absent). 1st. Feeney's Via Felicium Vettel. 22 month Black/rust male. Very masculine young dog displaying a compact outline. Excellent typical expression, lovely eye shape and colour and long strong well shaped head. A bit heavy in neck, and slightly straight in shoulder. Super bone and substance, with tight feet. Strong slightly sloping topline and a very accurate mover. 2nd. Hemming & Radford's Luftez Astronomy. 2 year old black/rust male. Masculine head but not quite the classic shape of 1st. Again a bit heavy in neck, but a well angulated boy with good forechest who moved out well. 3rd. Childs Jojavik Bullet Train. Open Dog (4 entries, 1 absent). Very good class, all 3 typical Dobermanns. 1st. Todd's Ch. Stormhold Elite Warlord for Toffarbach JW. 4.5 year old brown rust male. Tall masculine dog I have liked before. Excellent masculine head of correct shape, super expression. Strong bone, great forechest, well angulated both ends with a strong topline both standing and on the move. Powerful accurate mover, looking better than ever. Best Dog. 2nd. Dunn, Bradley & Ingram's Ch. Jojavik Super Chief JW sh.CM. Two year old black/rust male, another worthy champion. Medium sized compact male who was in terrific condition. His head is a bit too broad all through for me. Good reach of neck flowing into well angulated shoulders. Good bone and tight feet. Strong topline, short loin, well angulated hindquarters and moved out well. Res. Best Dog. 3rd. Rodgers Lux Ch. Aritaur Jamaica Me Crazy at Nolatari A D JW sh.CM. Puppy Bitch (5 entries, 1 absent). 1st. Ingram's Jojavik Devil's Ivy. 6 month old black/rust bitch. Very feminine get still with enough strength and substance. Very well shaped head, correct shape and colour of eye giving typical expression. Good forechest and depth of chest, well boned with lovely tight feet. Classic outline with strong topline, and moved very accurately both up &I down and in profile. Best Puppy. 2nd. Mycroft's Sant Kreal Jewel for Supeta. 8 month old brown/rust bitch. Another excellent puppy, but although older than 1st seemed less together at this stage. Long well shaped head, good reach of neck. Strong topline which she held on the move. Very compact outline and good profile movement. 3rd. Murray & McCalls Diego's Feeling Funky. Junior Bitch. (4 entries, 1 absent) Excellent class. 1st. Richardson's Jasprico Flower Bomb. 14 month Black/rust bitch. Strongly made compact bitch with an excellent outline. Long strong head, but head plains not parallel. she has a well shaped dark eye. Long clean neck well set into well angulated shoulders. Good forechest. Very good bone and tight feet. Balanced angulation both ends and correct strong slightly sloping topline. Moved out very well. 2nd.Fisher's Jojavik Modesty Blaise. 14 month black/rust bitch. Very classy young bitch who didn't seem entirely happy today. Very good head, well shaped eye giving typical expression. Correct angulation fore and aft, moved very well in profile but not as settled up & down. 3rd. Tousent's Jojavik Camorra. Post Graduate Bitch (7 entries, 3 absent). 1st. Richardson's Jasprico Flower Bomb 2nd. Rimmer's Amazon Touch The Breeze at Millwood. 14 month old black/rust bitch of lovely type. More typical in head than winner, with lovely shaped feminine head and correct almond shaped eye giving the expression I was looking for. Good compact shape and well angulated both ends, but pipped on movement by the winner. 3rd. Shaw's Gracelands Chocolate Drop. Limit Bitch.(6 entries) very good class. 1st. Downie's Knecht Marika. 3 year old black/ rust. Gorgeous bitch with the best head of the day. Long strong yet feminine head with level plains, well shaped dark eye giving superb expression. Strong clean bone with good feet, strong topline and balanced angulation. Unfortunately she doesn't move as her build would suggest - while sound, she lacks reach and drive. But her other qualities made her a close contender for res. Best bitch. 2nd. Evans, Pittendrigh & Bloores Amazon Let Me Love You JW. 3 year old black/rust bitch, very close up to winner. Good outline, and lovely head and expression though not quite as good as the winners. Very good forechest , super angulation and moved out well. 3rd. Massey's Jojavik Kissy Suzuki sh.CM. Open Bitch (5 entries, 2 absent). Excellent class, 3 lovely bitches 1st. Ingram's Ch. Jojavik Penelope Pitstop JW sh.CM. 3.5 year old black/rust bitch. Beautiful feminine yet strong bitch. Lovely well shaped head, slight stop, and excellent expression. Long clean neck which blends smoothly into her well angulated shoulders. Very good forechest and depth. Strong bone and tight feet. Strong topline which she held on the move. Movement was strong and accurate and she has a classic outline. I loved her. Best Of Breed. 2nd. Jones Korifey Treasure JW sh.CM. Just under two, a very striking brown/rust bitch who is beautifully conditioned and schooled. Long strong head, good angulation both ends, strong topline and moved very well. Just couldn't match the classic head shape and outline of the winner but an excellent bitch. 3rd. Ingram's Jojavik Hermione. Judge: Scott Wright (Elsco).