• Show Date: 17/08/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: sarah Corbett Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Welsh Kennel Club

Breed: Spaniel (English Springer)

Welsh Kennel Club 2018 

English Springer Spaniels 

Firstly I would like to thank the committee and officers of the Welsh Kennel Club for giving me this opportunity to award my first set off cc’s in the breed I love and admire. Although my entry was not numerically high it was of a very high standard and I thank the exhibitors who entered their dogs under me for my consideration and for taking my decisions gracefully.   

Class 2238 Veteran Dog 

1st Ms F Glendinning’ s Sh Ch Plaiglen Hustle 

This was a pleasing 7 ½ yrs old male of high standard. Even though a veteran today he did not show that today. He moved round the ring with ease showing he could still hold his own against the younger males of today. He had a lovely head with a kind but masculine expression. His b/w jacket was in  superb condition today and his presentation shone. He oozes breed type and is a lovely example of the breed. 

2nd Mr & Mrs D & P Wallis & Miss S Levine’s Torbeck Penrhyn Bay 

This 7 yr old L/W male shows some of the same components as number 1 but the first outshone him on the move today. He has a lovely head and again a nice expression. He was presented in lovely hard condition and superb coat. He would hold his own and these 2 could swap positions on another day. 

Class 2239 Minor Puppy dog  

No Entries 

Class 2240 Puppy Dog 

 No Entries 

Class 2241 Junior Dog (1 abs) 

1st Mr D & Miss G Thomas’s Tiger Rock Super Ted 

A 14 month old Male which was a little nervous today. He moved nicely when settled but this took a little time. Nice head which went into nice lay of shoulder. Her was in lovely coat which shone today. He had a level topline with a nice meaty backend. Good turn of stifle. Promising little boy. 

Class 2242 Novice Dog 

No Entries 

Class 2243 Post Graduate dog  

1st Mrs T E Topliss’s Beresford Night Train 

I have watched this boy with interest from the ringside for some time and he did not disappoint me when I finally got the chance to lay my hands on him. He is lovely to go over. Loved his head and expression gentle when he looked at me but yet so masculine. he had lovely front construction standing firm with ample bone and on lovely tight feet. he had a lovely level top line which he held firmly on the move. Lovely backend with good turn of stifle and nice length of hock. He moved with ease and style getting his tail up. Pleased to award him the Rcc and really considered for the cc and he will definitely get his title I am sure.  

2nd Mrs K Jenkinson’s Eastriding Declaration 

Lovely B/W Dog with a gorgeous head and expression. Correct front assemble with a lovely level topline. He stood on good hind legs which were well let down. Muscular thighs with a moderate bend of stifle. Lovely feet and ample bone. Moved soundly. Presented in glorious coat and condition which you would expect from this kennel. Still a young dog with more to come. Shame he came against the 1st today.   

Class 2244 Limit Dog  

1st Mr DM Lewis & Mr JE Bullock’s Trixhund Talking Obsession Jw Sh CM 

This is a lovely l/w male. He has lovely bone and feet. A nice head and expression, with a lovely flowing neck into well placed shoulders. Stands true and looks lovely stood. Very well presented in top condition. Moves at one with his handler round the ring taking it all in with ease. 

2nd Mr & Mrs P W Barnett’s Glenbrows Had to Be  

Another nice male of nice type. He was giving his handler a bit of trouble today and let himself down a little but seemed to be enjoying himself. He has a nice head but his eye needs to darken a shade. he stood well with lovely bone and feet. nice shape when stood with the right angles.  

Class 2245 Open dog  

What a lovely class with 2 superb dogs and today it came to the attitude of the dogs on the day. 

1st Mr R P Bott & Mrs C Savell’s Sh Ch Art-wave’s Standing Ovation for Allenie (imp)  

I have come against this boy many times and he has never disappointed when watching him but today I finally got the chance to get my hands on him and appreciate his many attributes. He is a very stylish dog and comes alive on the move. He went around the ring with attitude and showed that he deserved to be there. He has a lovely head and expression although his eye does need to darken a little bit but it is not a major point. His neck flowed into lovely set shoulders. He had a nice spring of rib and a lovely bum. He has the angles in all the right places. He owned the ring to win the cc and owned it against his kennel mate to be awarded BOB. 

2nd Mr R J Smith’s Melverly Top Geezer 

Another stunning male of a different kind which made my job in the middle of the ring a difficult one. But today the 1st out moved this boy. He is a lovely masculine dog with a stunning head and expression. Stands true fore and aft with not a lot wrong with him. Moved nicely but a bit unsure of himself today. He is of fantastic type which you get from this kennel and he is was in super condition. I will watch his show career as he goes from strength to strength. 

Class 2246 Veteran Bitch (1 abs) 

Class 2247 Minor Puppy Bitch (1 abs) 

Class 2248 Puppy Bitch (2 abs) 

Class 2249 Junior Bitch  

1st Miss L Ainsley & Mr L Nicklin’s Daenereys Wind of Winter TAF 

This is a lovely bitch and I have put she could easily fit in my own kennel. She is a super made bitch with a beautiful head and expression. Standing there she makes a lovely shape flowing from nose to tip of tail. Moved round the ring with ease and didn’t put a foot wrong. She is tsill young and a lot more to come from her so will watch with much interest. She was highly considered for top honors. 

2nd Miss L & Miss J Adoo’s Reulemill Annie Power 

Another lovely bitch of quality. She is a different stamp to one and could easily swap places with her on another day. She has lovely look and a nice expression. Lovely shoulders flowing into a gorgeous bum and that ever wagging tail completes her picture. She moves with purpose and drive. Just today I preferred the overall type of one. 

Class 2250 Novice Bitch 

1st Mr DM Lewis & Mr JE Bullock’s Trixhund Pick Pocket 

This l/w/t as come on in leaps and bounds since I saw her last. She has grown up and is starting to come together very nicely. Could do with a little more meat on her but she is going from puppy to adulthood so this will come. She has lovely should placement and stands true. Overall she is a nice young lady. 

Class 2251 Post Graduate Bitch (1 abs) 

What a class I have liked these bitches while watching them from the ringside and they showed me why today they could all change places on another day but today they stood as followed. 

1st Mr A C Allen & Mr G T Allen’s Plaiglen Dazzled by Allenie NAF 

Well what can I say. She really came out to show us what she is made of today. She showed her socks off and moved around that ring with such drive and purpose like she knew she really had to pull out all the stops today. She shouted look at me and took the class with ease today. When I looked at her head, she drew me in with her kind eye and expression. A lovely flowing neck into well placed shoulders. Lovely depth of chest and spring of rib. Into lovely hind quarters. She really gave her handler the green light today and I was pleased to award her the CC her first and will await the other 2 she deserves.  

2nd Mr & Mrs M & N Calvert’s Calvdale Heritage of Folly Jw 

I have to admit this bitch is lovely and shame she came against one on such form today. She has a stunning head and gentle expression. Such a sweetie when she looked at me. She has all the right things in the right places. Lovely neck and shoulder. Lovely body and bone and a delightful bum. She moved round the ring with ease and just didn’t have the attitude of the first today unfortunately. She was in super coat and condition which is know of this kennel. She was superbly handled and just had to come down to the finer points in the end. 

3rd Mrs T E Topliss’s Beresford Night Class 


Class 2252 Limit Bitch (1 abs) 

1st Mrs K Jenkinson’s Hollivera’s Verona With Eastriding (Swed imp) 

L/W/T female of a lovely type. I have admired her for a while to be honest. She is my type of girl. What a head and expression one of purpose and meaning. Nice shoulders into a lovely short body and a great rear end. She moved with style and could not deny her the class. She was in super coat and condition and shown to perfection. What a girl did consider her for top honors. 

2nd Mr P Richardson & Mrs Y Terry- Richardson’s Cherisym Chara 

Another one of lovely type. She is a little finer all together to one and a little longer cast so a different stamp altogether. She lost out to overall style as I preferred 1’s. she s still a super bitch and deserves all she has won and will win in the future. Lovely feminine head and expression. Lovely stood and shown to perfection.  

3rd Mrs L Hipgrave’s Ternspringer Jazz Singer 

Class 2253 Open Bitch (1 abs) 

Another very difficult class full of bitches I have admired for some time. 

1st Mr M & Mrs N Calvert’s Calvadale Beautiful Romance 

Beautiful by name and beautiful by nature. It is no secret I have admired this bitch from the ring side. Always presented in amazing coat and condition. She is a lovely made bitch who owned this ring in the class. She has an impressive outline when stood there and did not disappoint when I went over her. Lovely head and expression. Outstanding neck and shoulders. Lovely front assembly and a lovely rear end with stunning back construction. She used these attributes to get her round the ring with ease and attitude. She just seemed to give up to the pgb in the challenge so had to settle for the rcc on this occasion but would definitely take her place on another day.  

2nd Mrs T E Topliss’s Lordsett Uptown Girl at Beresford (imp) 

Another bitch I have been known to like when watching her from the ringside. What a lady of different stamp to 1. She is beautifully made with super coat and in a hard condition. She could easily take her place at the top on another day she just wasn’t as happy as 1 on the move today. She moved lovely around the ring just didn’t have the attitude today. This bitch is one I would take home. She has amazing bone and substance. She has a lovely kind expression with a super eye shape. Nice neck and shoulders onto a lovely body and  a super bum. I just love her.  

3rd Mr G Lawler & Ms S Watson’s Bordacity Honey Ryder