• Show Date: 01/06/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Sara Nixon Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Southern Counties Canine Association

Breed: Parson Russell Terrier



My thanks for the invitation to Judge at this popular and well organized show and to my very able Stewards who kept the ring running so smoothly for me.   

A pleasing entry and so nice to see some very promising youngsters coming up through the ranks. Most exhibits were easily spanned, one or two had rather flat feet, possibly due to longer than desirable nails – this breed needs good tight well cushioned feet to be fit for purpose. Bites good on the whole. 

Some very good dogs lost out today as they were obviously feeling the heat and just not showing that important spark that characterises this breed.   

I must also congratulate the terriers who were on the table when the shout went out next door … not at all fazed … well done! 

DCC Mindlen Magnum At Ratscallion (Mr J G & Dr S H Broadberry)

RDCC Heythrop Trick Shot For Alncroft (Mr M A, Mrs K A & Mrs M L Smith & Moon)

BCC Ch Alncroft Tussle (Mr M A, Mrs K A & Mrs M L Smith & Moon)

RBCC Hoolmark Bewitched (Mr S & Mrs H Tagg)

BOB Mindlen Magnum At Ratscallion (Mr J G & Dr S H Broadberry)

BP Heythrop Trick Shot For Alncroft (Mr M A, Mrs K A & Mrs M L Smith & Moon)

BV Boughton Bliss For Coclestane (Ms AL Meyer)

PD (4,0)

1 Tinegate’s Milvinae All Black

11 month Tri col with dense harsh jacket. Pleasing head shape and dark eye. Good construction  moved out truly and with purpose. Good for bone and set on. Showed well for his handler.    

2 Bigland’s Heythrop Toddhunter

8 month T/W pleasing outline, balance and movement. Lovely easy coat. Good for bone but needed to settle on the move and just lost out to 1 on maturity  

3 Hance’s Riosset Right To Roam

Sound moving youngster. Shows promise

JD (6,0)

1 Smith & Moon’s Heythrop Trick Shot For Alncroft

11mth T/W Stunning young dog with great outline, size, expression and attitude. Bang on standard.  Excellent presentation and handling. I’m certain he will gain his title very soon. RDCC & BP 

2 Hooley’s Hoolmark Johnny Guitar

Different type to 1 and slightly more on the leg. Liked his head and expression. Good jacket. Can see this one being crowned soon  

3 Jones’ Pacolito American Express To Neelan

Very promising young male. Lot to like about him … needs to tighten on the move.

PGD (2,0)

1 Bigland’s Heythrop Taggert

T/W Smooth coated dog. Pleasing head and expression. Great for size and outline when stacked;   I was willing him to put in more effort for his sympathetic handler on the move.  

2 King’s Bramarno Prince Of Bohemia For Riosset

T/W more leggy than 1. Nice type just preferred the balance of 1

LD (2,1)

1 Hughes’ Beauforts Charles James Taf

T/W Good strong head, nice earset and pleasing outline. Good bone. Dense jacket and thick pelt.

OD (4,0)

A pleasing class of males who could on another occasion change places. Heartening to see some depth of quality in this class.

1 Broadberry’s Mindlen Magnum At Ratscallion

Tri broken coat. Just over a year. I liked him as a puppy and he has matured into a very nice young adult.  Lovely outline, masculine head. Good pelt and nice reach of neck. Showed his socks off for his handler.  Very pleased to have the opportunity of going over him and awarding him his title as an adult.  Well deserved DCC & BOB 

2 JP Wood’s Ardencote Taber

T/W broken coated male. Like him a lot. So smart and good for the standard, great outline and set on. He was a little unsure on the move today with a different handler.   

3 Bigland’s Ardencote Tutor With Heythrop

T/W smooth coated. Good angulation front and rear, pleasing head and nice expression but feeling the heat today on the move  

VD/B (3,1)

1 Meyer’s Boughton Bliss For Coclestane

T/W bitch. Dense coat and good pelt. Neat head and ear set. Good outline on the move and stacked. Looking good for her years BV 

2 Hall’s Frithgarth Jack Frost

T/W dog. Showing his age a little, perhaps the heat was affecting him today. Still in good shape and with a pleasing outline. 

PB (5,1)

1 Smith & Moon’s Alncroft In A Spin

T/W Very pretty, promising 6 mth old puppy. Great character and thoroughly enjoying her time in the ring.   Once she settled she moved out truly and with purpose. I think this one has a glittering future ahead.  

2 Bigland’s Heythrop Tangle

T/W Smooth. Another promising baby of great type but just not cooperating with her patient handler today which made it difficult to assess her movement.   

3 V Wood’s Ardencote Tarka

T/W Yet another very nice youngster who I’m sure on another day will get her just reward. Not giving of  her best today sadly 

JB (2,1)

1 Tagg’s Hoolmark Bewitched

Very smart T/W broken coated bitch. Lovely dense harsh jacket, good expression, ear set, and outline. Never put a foot wrong. If I was being ultra picky perhaps set on is a little high. None the less produced and handled to perfection. I can see this one going far. RBCC  

PGB (3,1)

1 King’s Bramarno Woodvylle Wytch Of Riosset

T/W bitch. Nice outline, good skull and ear set. Good for balance and neat feet. Good pelt and jacket. Preferred her movement to 2. 

2 Steele’s Digaden Get Up And Go

A more compact bitch. Good coat and pelt.

LB (10,1)

A nice class with plenty to pick from

1 V Wood’s Ardencote Triintimes

T/W feminine smooth coated bitch with lovely head shape and correct expression, harsh coat . Good for angulation front and rear, nice tail set.  

2 Hall’s Frithgarth Sky Lantern

T/W stronger headed female with good outline, dense coarse jacket, correct rise over the loin showed well

3 Collin’s Ammanday Matsstars Moonshine

White female, with good outline, moved out well

OB (7,3)

1 Smith & Moon’s Ch Alncroft Tussle

Liked everything about this girl. Fits the standard so well. Well muscled giving good drive on the move . Expertly presented and handled BCC  

2 Tinegate’s Milvinae All Aboard

Tri with good broken coat and thick pelt. Pleasing head shape, dark eye. Good for  size and angulation. Moved out precisely   

3 Fielding’s Matsstars Lady's Mantle At Starfield

Tri with broken coat. Nice outline and moved well for her handler

Sara Nixon (Judge)